The Buy In: AEW’s “Fight for the Fallen” Preshow

The Buy In: AEW’s “Fight for the Fallen” Preshow


  1. AEW👍👍👍👍
    Already have the ppv on FITE (like 12 dollars) here in mexico SUPPORTING THE LEGAL STREAM

  2. I love Aew All the way from Double or Nothing. I love it still. Aew is awesome. I can't wait for it to be on Tv.

  3. This is wack ! I get it there the new promotion in town but I watch Slamversary which is Impact wrestling ppv is way dope top to bottom.🤔

  4. Honestly the match was really amazing I haven’t seen the wwe women division pull out a match like that in years

  5. AEW AWESOME ENTERTAINMENT WRESTLING…………. PRO wrestling fan from தமிழன் Tamil Nadu cheers……. I'm waiting for ALL-OUT pershow ….u👍

  6. Nakajima Shoko is one of my favorite Joshi on the current TJP roster, good on AEW for bringing her in.

  7. Great women's tag match, much better than the first singles match which sucked. Too bad Britt Baker hit her head early on. She was clearly feeling the effects of it and not pulling a kayfabe. If you watch the way the referee kept checking on her, as well as the way they took her out at the end, it was clear that she needed medical attention. I have to give her credit for finishing out the match even though she got confused and made a couple of botches. The other women performers did a solid job. Women's wrestling overall has gotten much better than in years past.

  8. Sonny kiss is a darn good wrestler(2nd match ive seen from kiss, first one was the battle royale which im sure are hard af to do) after some ugly early exchanges. I was glad to see sonny beat that wannabe librarian. What a bad gimmick lol. (Only 1 match in so far)

  9. Pretty sure it takes time for any wrestling company to get there feet wet. JR should be able to speed it up. I think theirs gonna be a lot of additions and subtractions before they figure it out with mainstream audiences.. But i wouldnt even be giving this a try if it wasn't gonna be on a major network. That was the most wrestling ive seen in months and it's at least neeeew. The chemistry wasnt great on the preshow but could of been worse and the production is always great so far. Cant wait to see who these guys find that want to be on TNT. Now that there will be a second player in wrestling. Hell WWE will think twice before releasing someone maybe someday soon..

  10. Bea is looking totally different. She is looking like China of WWE. But anyway she is a great talent. Will Ospreay is also not going anywhere oh god his gf signed with AEW and he will also sign with AEW in future after once NJPW contact expires.

    AEW should sign Lizzy Styles please…

  11. Loved it other than closed captions turning on on AEWs end. Please release a version of this match without the closed captions. ruined the ending for me. otherwise 9/10.

  12. Bea Priestley is a Star, Brit Baker not even close on a Level to be a TopDraw on the Womens Divison.
    But the Fact, that AEW still have much problems with The Kickoff is bad and TNT doesent cut it out.

  13. I haven’t watched wrestling since the early 2000s thought I would never watch it again. I can’t wait for October. I’m all in on AEW

  14. Sad that Britt got hurt early in the match. Turned the whole match into a cringe fest. Great that Riho and Nakajima saved it.

  15. I'm loving AEW. Since Double Or Nothing I've definitely gotten back into wrestling. And I've also become a fan of almost every Wrestler I've seen that I didn't know about before. Specifically Luchasauras and Jungle Boy! I hope THEY win the Tag Team tournament.

    And a crazy thought I had last night. Commentary needs work. I think J.R. still has to find his groove again. But I think they should get rid of Alex Marvez. So, instead of CM Punk coming back as a wrestler, how about on commentary? He's so good on the mic I believe he'd be great with J.R. and Excalibur.

  16. AEW will not draw more than the wrestling marks. Going for it’s a sport theme with no storylines will not draw the casual viewers. It’s fake fighting a tv show and no storyline is epic fail.

  17. Sonny Kiss was so cool making his entrance dancing with cheerleaders all the way to the ring! instantly wins over the crowd… reading sucks

  18. Less and less excited for aew every time I see it. Was hoping for a serious product, not gimmicks and superkicks every 10 seconds.

  19. So why exactly is Cody going up against the young bucks? I thought they were friends, and now they have a match against each other out of nowhere.

  20. Thank you TNT and AEW for saving professional wrestling! Tired of that children's show over on USA. Ready for some wrestling geared toward the 18-34 year old crowd.

  21. What a match these 4 ladies put on, amazing transitions. 👍👍👍 they are all in the right place in AEW. Thank You!

  22. I feel bad for Brit Baker she easily had a concussion and shouldnt have finished the match but props to her for being one tough woman

  23. Bea pristley vs Britt Baker for the world title… they have the 'it' factor. These 2 should be the top female wrestlers in the comoany….

  24. and people said Britt should be the first AEW Women's champ LOL.
    Nah, lemme get Shida HIkaru vs Bea Priestley for that match, please.

  25. For anyone concerned, according to Britt's boyfriend, Adam Cole (Bay!Bay!), she's recovering faster than expected from the concussion.

  26. Did Kenny Omega Train Riho to do a Knee Strike that way? Cuz thats so similar on how Kenny Do it. (knee strike to the back when opponent hangs on mid rope, chasing a rebounding opponent with a knee strike)


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