The Best Timed Counters in MMA

The Best Timed Counters in MMA

the cell protected at all times when I say stop you stop our South paws they keep on the outside nut nice left hand had been nursing a foot injury leading up to this fight [Applause] he came forward with a kick it feels get the job right off of the kick huge um I mean it could've landed any better tonight UFC 130 [Applause] that is maturity beep earlier his brown get checked and that streak those shots just having a hard time finding a chant it's true one of the things I noticed is every time we would separate he try to come in with one of those knees and and you know probably about two two combinations before I actually landed I was thinking about it and then I heard my corner yelling you know the rest is history [Applause] good luck [Applause] set the three frets hang down there think that's the one relaxes you can sing very good with the kicking game very snappy kicks we've seen some earlier days here here we're going to see a big overhand right that cracks Backstrom is here as he steps in like that I mean let's see if Chris has that same sensible [Applause] six what took cert three MMA wins [Applause] continuing its as he connects he knew give this mic connects season fall and goes yep that's some confidence in his power right there I mean look at the jaw of toqger spins around [Applause] why [Applause] [Applause] from whitening look big shop ammonia see right the girl check yourself at all times [Applause] and a much more set we see here although makes the right comes at the left and he throws the left two times lands at once hurts Maxton comes at the right and another does that a lot to other fighters their beautiful left he keeps the range so nice and as a one to pull one to basics you wait for Aldo to counter and then you fire again one two he waited for the counter hook came back with another one two [Applause] [Applause] incredible [Applause] [Applause] huh Chris sent me it's hugely devastating shot in the capital of the UK it believes working on his striking does the one thing I mean the fight against Isis jab he drops his hand down Koscheck looking to start with the Japs Pacific well great wrestler who is becoming a good mix Marshall coming from what we saw season by Diego Sanchez not even a Pulgar to get this place [Applause] think Paulo Thiago of punching and look at this Josh Koscheck just walked right into an uppercut back into his head look at him when he's down uppercut left hook down now look at this I'm sorry that's that fights over and when I was watching Luke you know we watched a bit of tape and everything every time he does something he drops his right video and Instagram was doing this thing and it's his right hand drops you drop me right hand all the time buddy so I was lying left hook left on all day long big deal if I turn a headline non-evidence Pelham Ultimate Fighter winner [Applause] Rocko Joe pointed out the Rockville and that chin up early goes body and then over the top with the left you


  1. This was a really, really good video. You know those fat douchebags who love to go on about who's the heaviest hitter or the best 'knockout artist' in the game? They should watch this video so they figure out just how much of MMA is actually dependent on strategy and timing.

  2. Perez should have used that lead hand raise as a bait and should have expected how aldo counters that jab and he should have counter that counter.But aldo is on a different level.

  3. Fight IQ's are so high nowadays that doing the same combo or move more than twice will result in an automatic loss due to the other fighter picking up on the lil details so quickly

  4. I reckon this is the best mma channel on YouTube. The hell with list videos on all the other channels. This is pure, technical, mma analysis beautifully well done. Thank God this man exists to create these videos for us.

  5. I wish there would be good defensive fighters. All these guys are offense intensive. That's why there are so many knock outs. Learn to defend yourself. Even the counter heavy guys do more offense than anything. Which is why Boxing is so much more artistic. And yes, I've done both.

  6. Thank you for the breakdowns and replays; so many videos show split-second events with no warnings or replay (like idiots), so in my eyes this is easily one of the best compilations on youtube.

  7. Bisping is a fuckin savage dude. He looked through that guys soul and took his manhood in a fuckin epic hook.

  8. Once saw Bisping at a wrestling tournament trying to get a coffee at a snack bar, didnt realize till later and died

  9. who tf does the same move before doing the same attack. It would be like in anime yelling out "fire strike attack" If I heard that I'd avoid or counter it. You can do it twice and the third be a faint. Gotta mix it up every time so your opponent is always guessing bc some will just attack the second time.

  10. The ref in that Munoz fight needs to wake up. Blood splattering at least 3 or 4 good shots before he stopped it

  11. Damn the ref on the weidman and munoz fight should've been fired lmao. It's clear that munoz is out after a couple of punches at the groudn but the ref instead let weidman hit munoz like 20 more times lmao.

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