Tetsuya Naito – WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 Promo [English subs]

Tetsuya Naito – WRESTLE KINGDOM 12 Promo [English subs]

I’m look forward to fighting Okada
for many years to come. He’s on another level, bastard! I will never give up on chasing my dream. The Tokyo Dome main event was taken from them. The Rainmaker shatters Naito’s dream. They’re booing him! It doesn’t matter if I think I’m the star
if they don’t accept it. He’s a professor of being ungovernable. The fans are dreaming for Naito,
because he doesn’t share them anymore. Assennayo. The people have placed their hopes
on the winds of change. The main star of New Japan is… me. Tetsuyo Naito is finally reaching his destiny. Let’s watch pro-wrestling. 1.4.


  1. This match is going to be insane, expecting them to go 40 minutes minimum, this will be the first 5+ star match of 2018 without a doubt.

  2. https://youtu.be/i7q-zQJDuNo
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  3. NJPW, learn from Showbuckle how to do a Destino finisher shot.

    P/s: Well, Jericho and Omega already has a "special interview", when we will see Naito and Okada?

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