TenCozy are back even going into the second half of the league! #njwtl

TenCozy are back even going into the second half of the league! #njwtl

Another win. Today’s league match…
Yano and Cabana… You can never guess what they’ll do.
You can’t tell what’s going on in their heads. Although we’ve seen them teasing their opponents, But both Yano and Cabana have real skill. So, even though they may seem like they rely
on tricks, they also have true ability. But it’s unacceptable for us to lose
to a thrown-together team. We can’t afford to lose anymore.
Today, Koji broke up their rhythm. I’m glad we found a way to win. Now we’re 4 and 4? Back at 500.
But we’re just starting the second half. Koji, Thank you. You got a win for us.
Although they toyed around with us, Koji finished them, impressively. Now we’re 4 and 4.
Let’s keep fighting hard. Thank you. What else should I do? There’s nothing else,
because wrestling is so much damn fun. It’s not just because we won, but it’s fun
just to wrestle so many different guys. And in front of so many people.
I can’t help but enjoy wrestling. What’s going on with me?
Is Satoshi in trouble? It even freaks me out,
how I can keep having this much fun. But if we get the victory, it’ll be 100 times,
200 times, 500 times, 1,000 times more fun. So, I need my partner, Tenzan, and many more
enthusiastic fans, like those who came out today. So I can just focus on
showing TenCozy’s wrestling.


  1. There are three pairs of people I love more than anyone:

    1) Dean and Sam Winchester
    2) Kane and The Undertaker
    3) Ten-Cozy

  2. サムネでテンコジ勝利したの確信した。


  3. Again, I respect TenCozy so much. Win or Lose, they'll stand tall to the honor of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
    TENZAN & KOJIMA = 4: 4: 8
    CABANA & YANO = 4: 3: 8

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