Team Kick Ass | My Athletic- & Fitnesscoach Moh | English Subs |4K

Team Kick Ass | My Athletic- & Fitnesscoach Moh | English Subs |4K

I’m Mo from team Kick-Ass of Laura Philipp and
we do the conditioning program. I support her with a focus on strength
and that’s where we closely work together. I became a coach with team Kick-Ass
because Laura and Philipp inspired me and included me.
That’s how it started. By now it’s been probably one and a half years. I’ve grown up in Heidelberg.
Moved here when I was two years and
have always been doing sports, different disciplines. Soccer, rugby, handball, I’ve really gone through a lot
and tried a lot. In the end I decided to always be involved in sports, also in my job. I’ve made good progress, I’ve done an apprenticeship
then some specific courses. I realized that is exactly what I want:
Help people, especially athletes
because that’s another level. And that developed that
I’ve been able to open my own fitness studio
and can work with good athletes. Look at the “k”
stay focused, tell me when it becomes fuzzy
I’ll still get closer. Hold the focus. Focus. Very good.
Once more.
You’re still okay, right? You’re pushing back, good!
One more time. I try to help her that we coordinate and plan her strength program. Philipp manages the whole and looks
how we can incorporate my ideas. [Laura:] I moved away?
[Mo:]Yes, right hand side is good, as before. It’s now obvious that the left eye has to work a bit harder.
Do you notice that as well? [Laura:] Yes, it’s getting harder.
[Mo:] The right eye can keep up, the left wants to wander off. You’re working against it, but you can tell the distance between the eyes. Why is it important to work on it?
You’re swimming and have a rhythmic motion in your disciplines
and there’s the focus on distance or the lane you’re swimming And if the eye is not there and you’re just work by feel
it’s possible that the eye loses the focus
and weaknesses may sneak in. So your imbalances may get stronger, exactly,
because you lose the focus. There’s a connection between the mind and the body parts
and when there’s a disturbance because the function decreases over time because you’re no longer actively using your eye and just work by feel,
you may develop misinformation that get ingrained. And these misinformatione mean that you can’t fully perform to your potential
or maybe even that you’re getting problems .. in theory. We want you to be able to use everything you have,
so we want to hold the balance, no imbalances. Especially when working on eye strength, to have everything working well. What we’ve noticed, especially at the start
that there we slight imbalances. Some left-right weaknesses oder dissimilarities that we could eliminate.
Feedback was always good,
she was equally strong on both sides
that was quite important. And that’s something that helps her improve even in an endurance sport. We’ve chosen this excercise
because we try to address different brain areas
especially those that work acyclically. You’re always working very cyclic
so we need to activate those nerves
so your systems gets used to working that way. And that no misinformation is created
you need to work on that so you keep that ability. And then we’ll see how much it improves, from a balance viewpoint. [Laura:] When I move my hand that I suddenly get more stable. Yes, exactly.
That’s how we notice that it jumpstarts,
that it presses some button. Something that helps and add more stability.
If we practice that so the body does that movement
we’ve learned something new. Something that distinguishes her is her ambition,
she always wants to work
and do the best she can. She sets goals that are not standard,
what she expects from herself and wants to achieve. I wish Laura for her future
that she can hold on to the energy she has
or maybe even increase. I think that’s what pushes her forward
and I wish that she’s going to be able
to reach all the goals she sets for herself. Whether that’s goals for her sport,
Hawaii is coming up soon. I hope that she’s going to rock that and achieves her best
and maybe even more in the next years! She is able to break records,
she’s already proven that
and I believe she can achieve even more.
This is just the start. I think that it should be an inherent part.
Unfortunately, many neglect it. Hobby athletes don’t have to do it, if they feel okay then that’s fine. But performance-focused athletes need – that’s an ongoing trend
have to do specific strength training. I think the “sport community”
has become aware of how important it is
to reach the next level. And also to compensate
the ongoing stress you have from the sport. On the other hand, you have a stress
a continuous movement
but some muscles that are not stressed are neglected. And that pushes you into imbalances which can lead to bad consequences. That’s why it should always be done in a sport-specific way,
part of training but also performance-improving.


  1. Richtig cool, dass nach und nach das ganze Team vorgestellt wird! Diese ganze Video Reihe ist wirklich sehr interessant zu sehen, auch für eine Nicht-Triathletin wie mich.

    Danke für eure Mühe!

  2. Ziemlich smarter Typ! Respekt dafür, dass er (zumindest bei dem gezeigten) immer erklärt hat WARUM sie das machen soll. Würde mich freuen wenn ihr nochmal ein Video macht wenn Laura komplett durch ist mit ihrem Fuß und es zum Kraftaufbau geht.

  3. Ah! Danke für die Aufklärung mit der Augenübung! Coach Moh scheint ein sehr reflektierter Typ zu sein. Äußerst bemerkenswert fand ich die Hinweise auf die möglichen Dysbalancen und den nötigen Ausgleich zur Beanspruchung durch die Ausdauerleistung.

  4. Hey! Ich kenne Coach Moh auch „persönlich“, da ich in seinem Studio trainiere. Cooler Typ und richtig nices Studio. Weiter so!
    LG Daniel😉👍

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