Team Ingebrigtsen – Episode 2 Season 3 (English Subtitles) HD

Team Ingebrigtsen – Episode 2 Season 3 (English Subtitles) HD

Team Ingebrigtsen has left behind
an enriching 2018 season. Philip has won the senior European cross country race,
as the first Norwegian in history. And Jacob takes his third gold
a year in junior class. Henrik may once again combine.
maternity time with elite commitment. Henry down at 25.
35 seconds behind the brother While he wants to bring in the brothers
progressed after a long break. If I can continue to bet,
I have to bet a hundred percent. The year has hit 2019. Team Inbred Coaches
targeted the October World Cup. But in three months it is the European Championship
indoors, where the brothers can again – – prove that they are among Europe
fastest middle distance runners. The hope is
that all three can stand in the championship. Then the goal is medal. In Sandnes, the family is preparing
to tomorrow’s sports bug, – for the first time
is organized in the hometown After last year’s outstanding achievements
Jacob can win four awards Henrik was to take the mustache tomorrow. -William, don’t scream that much.
– And make sure she doesn’t drink the water. Gert is nominated
for the coach of the year for the third time. But he has never won the prize Don’t be surprised if you don’t get it,
but do not see how they can avoid it. Some people think I stand for a coach-
philosophy that does not benefit children and young people. -That’s a bit like that …
-But you have to look at the result. I don’t know what the criteria is
for “Coach of the Year” is, but I think – – that it basically is
results it goes into. Shouldn’t you have it
a long time ago, then? That Gjert is nominated is in its place.
He should have won a long time ago. Not many coaches
have done the same – – with so many different practitioners. Admittedly, they are brothers,
but they are different. So I sincerely hope he wins this year. -Ok, who’s taking the time?
– I’ll take the time. Ready, done, go! I would like to thank … beep … that leaves me
Take part in their goals and dreams. I want to thank my wonderful wife …
which lets me get cheap at home – – and put me in place when needed. We hope to have the faith of children and young people
that targeted efforts produce results, – – also in sports we did not believe
we could argue. We are no longer a cross country nation,
but a sports nation. -55!
– Hi, hi, hi! You can’t say cross country. Then you hurt people.
That’s the stupidest thing you can do. We are no longer just a cross country
nation. We are a sports nation. You say cross country is shit. I’m not saying cross-country skiing is crap, – but we must have faith in that
that we can’t just ski. It is okay. But you can’t say
that we are not a cross country nation. -We are not just a cross-country nation.
-You said no more You’re not listening. We are not
a cross country nation anymore. -We are no longer …
– Just a cross country nation. -We haven’t been anything else.
-I know. But you can’t say that! Yes, of course I can.
I’m not going down on anyone. If someone feels supportive, it’s your fault,
and it has gone out on all of us. I can say whatever I want.
We can win anything, – – not just what we were born with on our feet. -But no ground interval tomorrow.
-Don’t you have a chance to take a hill interval? Don’t you? I’ve been screaming
on you every once a week! This goes to hell,
to hell, to hell! You run faster than you recover.
And don’t hear the fuck! I have pusha and pusha
each increased my entire life. And now I’ll start
Doing something else? You have to drive a little quieter
because of your life situation. The total load is too high.
Mother, father and child, the whole damn package. While the others can
lie like that all day. But you mean
that I will suddenly do something else! Running slower. Are Philip and Jacob in training,
I do everything possible to keep track. That is why I have become good. Clearly you should not run the ground
if you are not able to. So just take it easy tomorrow. Henrik puts on exercise because the alternative
is sitting at home thinking: “It could have gone well.” It works
he didn’t. He doesn’t survive it. Henrik! Henrik! Hello! Filip!
Henrik should not go anymore. -He has three left.
-He shouldn’t go anymore. It holds, it. It is an internal justice of the small group
which is pretty awesome. Are you not contributing,
make you go home. Ever since 2016, Henrik has struggled.
with injuries and had two surgeries getting back to the top is
a hairy balance exercise. – between hard workouts
and ability to recover. Filip went a little too fast. The last three years have Philip and Jacob
gradually improved, had a steady development. I’m going to try the same thing for six months.
Then the curve gets a lot steeper. What happened next?
What happened next? – Hey, Jacob? What happened next?
-35. – Are you done, Henrik?
-34.5 I had. If he doesn’t understand how to take in too much
training has a consequence … You are completely destroyed. He must
understand ¥. And he has to pay a little for that. The worst thing that can happen now …
After all, injuries are always a risk. But overtraining is
a bigger risk for me. When I try to rush into shape
instead of taking the time I need – – to get to the next level,
until I’m up and past Philip and them. The worst day
I’ve ever had. So I hope things resolve a bit
when we reach the height. Early in the morning the brothers travel
to South Africa at training camp. But first, another training session
and the sports gala of the year It’s a bit down, and that’s about it
To relax and rest until the next session. And sports gala later today. -Not a joke to thank so many.
– Don’t mind anyone. Thank you. Smile! – Should I put it on the table?
-Yes. A week and a half ago
became Liva and Henrik – parents for the second time
to little Charlotte. And as he was the last father, so will Henrik.
leave the baby for a whole month – – To be in training camp. It’s almost the same
like after Olivia was born. -You were home for four days.
-And now it’s ten? How do you think it is going
To be home with two kids? I have no idea. I dread. You’re a little lucky
who gets to stay home with them. But I think it will be tiring
To be delivered in kindergarten. Have to try to kneel a little earlier,
so it doesn’t become stress. Yes. I can lie down
when Olivia lays down. -Have you considered packing soon, Henrik?
-No. -When did you think to do it?
-I can start packing now. -How many shorts do I need?
– You should know. Where are the name tags
it said “Olivia” on? I have to write the name in the shorts,
for Philip had the husband. He meant
I had stolen his in Flagstaff. I had it.
But I refused. There is a lot of traveling
and a lot of time away from the family. When you come back, she is
maybe become such a fat baby. I manage to jump fast and still care
the family, so everyone is happy, it goes well. But I would love to
had a little different. Don’t take her! So ¥ nn. I have a lot of room. So ¥ nn. Henrik. Post it on Instastory.
“Training camp packages.” No practical outfit
when we have bad time. Would love to have a picture of you two. -Do you like running red?
-Yes. It’s a first time for everything. Not great expectations,
but it is big to be nominated. Hopefully there will be a price back home. So nice bug dress you have.
You’ve been decorating so well. I’ve been nominated twice before
and hope the third applies. But I’ve learned to accept the disappointment. I’ll do that for years too,
if there is no price. – Do you have the speech ready?
– I’ve thought through it. And the winner is … Gjert Ingebrigtsen! Almost unable to believe what Ingebrigtsen
got in with the sons and family. He has trained three European champions
Who knows if there can be more. Thank you! I want to thank my children who give me
allowed to share their goals and dreams. I want to thank my wonderful wife,
with whom I have been married for 30 years. We like to say that we were born with skis on our feet,
but maybe in 20 years it might be sneakers? And the winner is … Jakob Ingebrigtsen. First of all, I want to thank my mom and dad
for everything they have to offer. I would also like to thank you
my girlfriend, Elisabeth. A lot in my everyday life
would not have been as fun without you. I want to thank Henrik and Philip – – so they would be happy to bring along
a 12-year-old drunk in training camp. I hope you do not regret today. It must be lawful to say that the Practitioners’ Price
is a huge price tag – – maybe the brightest
one can receive as a practitioner. And the winner is
for everything Jacob Ingebrigtsen! With the athletes’ own price – – brings Team Ingebrigtsen with him.
Three trophies back home I think the next two years will be adventurous.
The level the boys have now is extremely extreme. Tomorrow morning the plane will go early. It’s 6 o’clock tomorrow
to South Africa at training camp. Go to Dad, you. Is Dad going to fly out now?
Yes, Dad is going out and flying. -I take the elevator, Henrik.
-Yes, take the elevator. I can’t do those things
I should have done as a father. I need to prioritize some things
which I want to do. But it must be able to jump fast. The baby is asleep. She’s getting a lot bigger
in a month. She’s kidding. Don’t think you completely understand Dad
will be gone for so long. Do you? -Love you.
-Love you. -Good bye.
-Good bye. – Then we have to get in the car.
-No. It’s in the middle of the night.
We have to go home and sleep. – Should we go home and watch movies, then?
-Yes. And baby. – With the baby?
-Yes. Through four weeks at a height of 2000 meters – – letting the brothers condition.
for the upcoming season. Two to three workouts
a day is mandatory. With some exceptions. The first time I was here, I was
a “thug-life”, but faced a challenge. If I ate lots of garlic,
I got “Ultimate Thug-life” status. Babaraba! Is that how it happens when the workout is over
canceled due to lightning and thunder? I hell! Get away with your garlic spirit!
Don’t drink from it, Jacob! Try to keep a stable level at that
lie here, don’t let it come down to zero. A good principle in logistics. When it does
comes down to a certain level, you fill up. So I as a customer need not
To struggle with that there is nothing there. It is good.
You could have done this as a permanent job. I’m standing up. Where are you? There, yes.
You know where we’re going? – Think it’s in here over here.
-Over there? Next to the venture, Jacob has gone
three years of high school. Back from training camp
He has a hectic spring to wait Jacob’s school situation
has been special. He has actually been a full-time practitioner
and at the same time went full-time to school. It’s tough and requires a lot of him. In the document we sent,
we have entered the exam dates. So we can take
a quick review of it. See if it becomes relevant or not. To get tests done
And the exams are Jacob dependent … – of a custom plan
for the rest of the school year. You will need three written and one oral. In jurisprudence, exam day is May 29. What was it, Justice? You can do just that
put a line over. It doesn’t matter. Then he is somewhere else. Get hope
he does not come up in jurisprudence. There is little probability. 25 percent. If you count it
being small or big is up to you. Great to finish with passing
and finally could think of running. It’s been awful.
The last thing I want is school. -It is possible to carry out the 14th day.
-So Bislett is 13? So you have plenty of time to read for the exam. How did it all go? Everyone agrees that Jacob could have
even better grades – – if it wasn’t for the spring. We discussed last year
whether he should go in the third year. That was the goal
To get through, get a diploma. We talked about the goal being met. But you’re far over
stand out in all subjects. There is respect for what you have been given,
and become good at jumping at the same time. I appreciate the teachers who prepare-
adds. It makes it easier towards the end. That the school has taken care of
so that I can complete, – is a lot of the reason
that I manage it at all. Filip, aren’t you longing for Mom? It must be a little sad to be just two
over there? After all, it’s a little small time. It is not lawful to miss
anything but what I have. Philip has taken the trip from Oslo
to undergo training with Gjert – and train with the brothers
before the indoor European Championships in Scotland “EM Berlin” is wrong.
It should say “European Championships Glasgow”. That’s how it was, that’s how it was. Then there will be a session there on Friday. – Where did you find it?
-I made it. Why do you need to know?
This is what you should work out. – Where did you find it?
– In my head. There I find all the training. This is the day today, the day tomorrow,
that day, and so the days go. Then we do it again.
Then it could be … What if we had run there,
and then a hard day the next day – – and had more to go on
and calmed down more towards …? After all, it’s very …
This is not … I don’t need any suggestions from you.
I’ll show you what to do. If this goes without a sword, it will
never actually do it the day after. The transition will be far too tough. Too tough. – At 1500 he has 31, he the Spaniard.
-31.33. – Does he almost have a world record?
-Go now! We have bad time. Come on! Satan, how damn I was yesterday! I entered the hall. So it said
janitor: “You can’t train here.” “Here it should be fair.
They start rigging tonight. ” “Forget it,” I said. “This is
an athletics hall, not a trade show hall. ” -How long are you going to run now?
– They should have two climbs. -15-20 minutes. Not long.
– They can choose where they want to be. Henrik, not vinyl right now.
You can shop for vinyl afterwards. Just want to secure me
that Henrik does not buy any vinyl records. He is capable of
Take all the boxes you have. There hangs Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Roxy Music ?! Do you have Roxy Music?
My 80s idols. -Stones you know well.
-I’m more Roxy Music than Stones. Each one’s taste, you know. Henrik, I bought all the plates.
You don’t have to go here. Run as many climbs you have to
To get down to 42.5 on the 300 meters. During the European Championships in Glasgow, the brothers.
running 1500 and 3000 meters. Since an indoor track
just 200 m, – have to practice running fast
in sharp turns. Very good. Considering the European Championships in Glasgow
they now run significantly faster. They know that.
Especially Henrik knows – – that he is at a speed
one is never lost in running. It’s below world record speed. It is good!
Find a good rhythm! But still, it’s good
Know some of the speeds. But especially Henrik uses it a little wrong,
to psyche himself down. I struggle to keep a good rhythm
in this move. We’re not there yet. What did you get last, Henrik?
40 blank? 39.7. Although I do
my best session ever, – – it comes in the shade
of being run away. It’s a luxury problem, for me
compares me to the best ones. But to have it rubbed up in your face every day
is something to deal with. -It flowed well, don’t you think?
-Dritt. I’ve jumped 10 in that move
with less than half the lactate. At 40 blank? You haven’t, Henrik. Yes, I have. -It’s as far as I can feel myself.
-On 40 blank? Now it just feels hopeless. I’m left with a feeling
because this was hopeless. But it could be a lot better
in a few days. We’ll see. Come here a little! Then we can look at that
your amazing 2015 stuff. How wonderfully fast you ran.
300 meters a few days before the European Championship – – and 10 x 300 in Sandneshallen. Then you had an average speed of 41.6.
What was the average speed today? -42.2, maybe.
-The last two were 40 blank. Not nearby.
And the lactate was plus minus the same. -I did that alone.
– No, no one alone. -Philip was hurt then.
– You’ve had people with you – – on bicycle and running every time.
Nothing has been better than now. Fence has a few factors
To relate to. As long as they are decent,
he doesn’t quite manage – – Getting to know
it would be heavy on exercise. He thinks it’s in my head that I am
heavy mentally, but I’m not. To achieve the best results in important
championships are the decisive margins. -Now I’ve saved you some extra nails for you.
-We like when there is a little to do. Are you as good as you are about to take a foot bath now? A person who knows his feet
better than most, Rose-Mari. Before long training camps
and before we go to competitions, – – we come in and get the trim away,
so we fit into the studded shoes. The legs get run. You use
a number of smaller shoes in the race. So it’s good for mom to take care
and book an hour. She calls and arranges. – She is the mediator, yes.
– Intermediary, yes. Very good. I need all the help I can get. Jakob runs so fast.
I’m trying to hang on. He drives me hard. But 2018 has been very good. It’s nice to see as you run.
Then I think it works well. I think so.
I think about it, nice to see. – You think you have been and contributed.
– Have been and contributed a bit, yes. Who has the finest legs?
Me, Philip or Jacob? I will not comment on that.
They are nice in every way. But the most important thing is
that they are good. And fast. -Gjert.
-Where are you? I’m on foot care. I don’t know why I called you.
I’m not sure. No, have it. It’s going well. Good bye. Hi! Come in! Just sit in the chair,
then I’ll make a good foot bath. -Do you take it occasionally?
– No, not so often. – A little too rare maybe?
-Yes. He has slightly harder skin on his heels. Henrik lands more on the forefoot than Jacob.
This is what it looks like on the skin. Oh well. Hey Hey! There you were. So nice.
Good bye! See ya. -How are you in Oslo, Filip?
– I’m fine. It’s great. I look at you.
I look at you, Astrid is doing you good. It’s great. -You’re cheering us on a lot.
-Yes very. And at home Hermann says:
“You’re a huge fan.” “Yes,” I say. But it’s not that bad, it is. No. – Fine stuff! Good luck! Good bye!
-Thank you. Internally, the European Championships are held every other year Team Ingebrigsen’s self-written
Supporters have gone to Glasgow It didn’t look so bad here.
Just jumping back and forth there. Now Filip will first run 1500m attempt,
and then Jacob tried 1500 meters. Then Jacob will relax a little,
and then Henrik and Jacob will run 3000. So it will be an exciting day.
Hope we all get to the finals. When you train so much, it takes time
To get down to the speed required – – to compete at 1500. There is not
Henrik yet. Therefore, 3000 is given priority. Jacob participates for the first time as a senior.
indoors. With two golds from the European Championships in Berlin – – There are great expectations.
to the 18-year-old’s accomplishments. I came to Glasgow as a governess
champion of 1500 and 5000 in the outdoor European Championships. Then it is natural that people expect – – the same or something similar
in a similar championship. I have little indoor championships
experience with. But the last couple of years – – we have included it in the plan. It’s fun
To compete, get a little break in training. We’re getting ready for 1500 meters, heat 1,
where we find Philip Ingebrigtsen. Philip and Jacob are going to run
each qualifying heat. It is tough to run on indoor courses.
200 meters and very tight turns. A completely different risk
to be run, for poop and fall. We hope nobody gets hurt,
this or get lasting though. Philip is a little boxed in,
pushing on the Romanian a little. That’s the risk run
to Philip we’re a little scared. He has burned himself before the trial. But Philip has full control of the rally
It ensures that he goes first in goal. Although it looked a little messy
as they fought for positions in the field. – Sit a little with the heart in my throat.
-How much control do you have? It may look worse than it is.
On video it looks scary. Jakob Ingebrigtsen runs in heat 2. Oh, hell! Now they try, but Jacob
just adjusting the lazy neighbor. Oh, oh! Look at the Spaniard, he’s done! So damn much fighting! It’s madness! While Jacob has such control. Absolutely do nothing more
than is possible, and is playful further. -How do you rate it, Jacob?
– All in all, it was a good attempt. We have been told that Filip is a disc.
But there is protest. Did you see anything? No. I saw his race.
Extremely strange. Don’t think about it now. It is entered
protest, so let’s see how it goes. Filip is the disc. Filip is the disc. Something happened
inside the list as he passed … -Filip or Jacob?
-Filip. -Again? Feel we have been through this.
-He’s a fucking dick, you know. Root into situations that are nonsense.
Have you objected to something? They showed on the big screen
that he had stepped on the list. After all, he was pushed
on the inside of the list. It saw everyone. -We want to make a protest.
-1500 meters, heat 1. He was pushed out.
He had the innermost lane there. I’m not bothering anymore.
It is completely pointless. Now they are inside and watching the video.
It’s in here. -I want to hear.
– No, it’s not possible. The practitioner should not enter. -What did you feel the cause was?
-I run past on the inside. – Then he pushes me.
-Yes. In the back. On the shoulders. Then he just goes on, so I didn’t come
in again. Usually I manage. I have to jog a little. On the inside of the list you run
in theory shorter than the others. And do you pull on the inside or on the list,
is the automatic disk. But Philip has nothing on the inside
To do unless someone pushes him in. But it’s a shame Philip never will
come to a final indoors. No matter how good he is,
he’ll never make it. It’s a pity on him. -We’ve seen it on TV now.
-Philip is trying to pass on the inside. It is he who pushes.
He is in front of Philip. Is Philip on his way to the inside? -Ole Petter thinks we don’t have a good case.
– No chance. My judge’s assessment. I need to talk to Filip. When you decide to pass by is
it’s a gap you’re trying to squeeze into. They think you are provoking the situation
by looking for a gap that is too small. And that you are on the inside
before he is beyond you. -No. I’m jumping like that …
– They’ve watched the video 600 times now. There is hectic work going on over here. The Norwegian camp is working
with the protest, which is filed. He goes inside the list,
There is no doubt about that – but I think the reason is
that he’s getting a push. A disqualification
I think I’m strictly doomed While Philip is awaiting final judgment, James and Henrik will run
qualifying at 3000 meters. From before, Henrik has taken both silver
and bronze on similar exercise But with pain in the hip
It might make fun of the medal chances. I got tendonitis in the hip
earlier this week. A little bad timing. There are many good ones at 3000 meters. He must have a good day
if he can manage to recover. But first, Jacob will run.
his 3000 meter qualification. Try to save your energy. It goes down very fast. Henrik has no chance
to run as fast as that. But he deserved a small upturn.
Now Jacob’s on! Go here and win the heat again. Then he qualified
to the finals of both 1500 and 3000. Look at the time. 7.51,21. I>Now he set the pinadø
European junior record. This is too tough level
for Henrik, that is. Right now. Come on, Henrik! Heat # 2 is underway.
There we find Henrik Ingebrigtsen, – one of two Norwegians with two medals.
in European Championships indoors. Then he slows down a bit, won’t
have the front longer, Henrik. Smart to go up and slow down a bit.
Eight laps left. What did the brothers do?
before the season? They put a rock solid conditioning base,
better than anyone else we know of. Five again. They are also good at recovery, diet,
the right amount of exercise, the right progression Four again. A lot of experience.
Henrik has done a lot of hard work. What do you read out of Henry’s …?
Looks like he’s speeding Very solid last 1000. He had that.
not done if he wasn’t feeling well. Now he has two left. Now, most people struggle with the pace.
as Henrik Ingebrigtsen has put. Now he drives! Look now! It’s ringing in the bell, a round, Henrik.
is getting a hatch. O’Hare realizes he has to hang out,
And not only that, goes past him, too Turn around and see that he is not threatened
The first four go straight ahead. It was good! I didn’t believe that. I didn’t believe that.
It was strong by Henrik. He does it here,
has more going on here, and is – – in terms of capacity in this field
which is by far the best prepared. -How does the shape feel, Henrik?
– It felt like I was running into syrup. But the others fall away towards the end. We are still waiting for the verdict
in the protest to Philip. What do you think? If he doesn’t succeed, I know how
one has to take on the worst competitors. Push them over the list, then they wash. He’s coming behind you. Get to hear what
he has to say. He doesn’t look very gentle. From the facial expression I would think
that you may not have been successful. That is right.
I have not been successful. When the court judge has
decided, that’s how it is. -What do you think about this?
– It’s neat. They could be taken as a result
that I did not hurt anyone. After all, I’m one of the favorites
when I win my heat. I think they ruin the competition a bit
to meet their demands, so to speak. Thanks for stopping by, though
You’re probably not in your best mood? The mood is as it is, though
boring not to do what i want. But there are new opportunities. In my childhood, Philip, I think, has always felt
that he was a little too bad. So he had to choose solutions
with greater risk than others. I think that sits
in the spinal cord on him. When things boil a little, he struggles
knowing he is good enough – – to run with much lower risk
than he did before. I think it’s that simple. For Philip, this European Championship is over, too.
before it started. And he’s leaving
with the first flight home to Oslo Tickets tomorrow!
Saturday morning? But Tone and Gjert still have
two final sons – And a pile of tickets for sale We were so happy we bought tickets
to anyone who wants to join Glasgow. But one after the other,
and we are left with a bunch of tickets. Tickets! Tickets! I>A little nice too. After all, we are on vacation.
We have to do nice things. -Were you in town?
-No. – He was?
– No, I wasn’t. A little annoyed, then?
– A little annoyed at Filip. He must not mess it up like that.
It was a bit silly. But now he’s on his way home.
Couldn’t have him here. -It was just a fraction.
-He’s always broken. No, the others are provoked
of thinking about it. They were so angry. – They are very sorry.
-We’ll come back stronger tomorrow. Now I go. Good bye.
Good luck with the sale! Tickets for tomorrow morning!
Sunday morning! Anyone? I>Get the left arm out to the side.
Not so much in front of the body. Following the brothers on the championship is
no obstacle to Ingrid’s workouts. Ingrid exercises little, but often. She is
inside a structure that is really good. As the years go by,
the volume will increase. Same arrangement
like Jacob up through the years. Bend and stretch. Nice to see that she is motivated. Don’t need to watch Ingrid do
what she should. She is good at that. And it has to be self-driving,
not depending on me suggesting anything. Hello. Are you done exercising? It’s nearing the 3000-meter final.
Two brothers Ingebrigtsen is going again – – stand together at the starting line
and compete for medals in a European Championship. Jacob ran two tough runs,
at a high international level. But you can’t expect miracles
every time he puts on his shoes. Are you thinking of something tactical,
or do you take it as it comes? -Take it as it comes.
– Are the English strongest? – Well, they are. And Henrik.
– Is Henrik the biggest threat? Then at least it will be in the family. Should we take a check first, then? Henrik is closely followed by the Norwegian
national team medical team. There is a little more movement now
than earlier this week. You’re not that tough
like a couple of days ago. In terms of spine it works well,
I think. Turn around. -You notice nothing along the way yesterday?
– I know when I run, – – but can’t say it did
that I didn’t jump faster. You shouldn’t jump faster. You did what you were supposed to do, perfect. Don’t complain about that. Doesn’t matter if it’s a little hurt.
It just shouldn’t be a limitation. This is not for you
Noticing something in a finale. It will be interesting.
If I just take Jacob. No worse than that.
There’s only one man you have to beat. I’m excited about how good I am.
I’ll find out tonight. I hope I can
fight for the medal. It would have been cool if me and Jacob
took double, as this summer. Do you think they can repeat the European Championships in Berlin?
Yes, they can. Who do you think will win today? Jacob!
And Henrik on second or third. I think Henrik comes first. Just hope that Henrik perseveres. I don’t think Kenya is there.
Look, the Kenyans are good. Kenyans? Watch out for the car! Ready for the 3000 meter final with the sons
to Gjert in the lead role, Jakob and Henrik. -How nervous are you now?
– I’m trying to say to myself – – that there is only one stop on the road.
But it is a championship. I feel the nervousness. Now I see
them in the picture and struggling to stand still. Then we are ready for 3000 meters. If Gjert struggles to stand still,
We struggle a little with sitting here, Vebjorn! Can this man be the very first– – taking a Norwegian gold
in a European championship indoors? They are in the process. The British have suffered some of this
and said that this 3000 meter is– – “The Brits” vs. “The Ingebrigts.” Come on, Jacob and Henrik! Yoann Kowal comes up and takes the lead Jacob is awake and secure himself – the good position
on the shoulder of the Frenchman. Although Jacob is so young, he enjoys
great respect from the other guys … – after becoming a double European champion
for a senior this summer. Just lie there, Jacob, and let him go. Jacob goes up and takes the lead
And then Henrik follows. – Come on, Jacob!
-Are there two rounds left now? Then Henrik goes out and past. Now, Henry’s speed is increasing significantly. He destroys himself a little, maybe. Jacob is the only one who can follow,
by lying on Henry’s shoulder. It must be ringing in the bell. – I said so.
-Henrik can’t do it, you know. Chris O’Hare with the good question
can’t quite close the hatch. Jacob goes ahead
to draw on the last lap. Through the last turn, two meters back.
to Henrik. It goes towards a historic gold! Henrik! Henrik! Jakob Ingebrigtsen will be
the first Norwegian to win … So Henrik Ingebrigtsen falls
over the finish line! A settlement between him
and O’Hare about the silver medal. Goals over goal
and really secure bronze. Think O’Hare was the ones needed.
The inches in front of Henrik Come on now! Oh, Satan! Chris O’Hare takes the silver medal A little second of disappointment.
from Henrik Ingebrigtsen, – who definitely wanted the silver himself
and double Ingebrigtsen But it will be a third place, and …
-What 3000 meters! -Do you think it was exciting?
-Yes. You cheered a lot. It was so exciting
about Henrik came upon others. I didn’t see how far ahead of Jacob was.
But he won! Yes!
The first and third are very good. To Ingebrigtsen on victory sticks.
Nice to have with a brother. I looked at the big screen
that you came and drove on. Did you see Henrik that? He heaved himself over
to get first over the line. Did you see him raise?
Then I was afraid of his body. It is Henrik who goes for the sprint. A big surprise
that he is the one to start it. I see that he’s limping
through each session at home. It’s one of the best days
I’ve had the last two or three months. And bronze is fine, because today I gave everything. It is proof that I can manage
To claim me almost at the top. Henrik has had a tough time with injuries. It was important to get
a confirmation in Glasgow. He again shows that he can take medals
in international championships. It’s a good trait. Yesterday’s victory
At 3000 meters, Jacob took … – Norwegian athletics first gold
in the European indoors. 1500 meters is another golden opportunity. Now Jacob Ingebrigtsen will.
trying to do it again. And he has to do it alone,
without their brothers. There we are! Probably the toughest.
The challenger to Jacob would have been Philip It can be a hazard.
for Jacob that things are so quiet here. What are they running for?
It’s so naive. Two laps left now That’s where Jacob goes, sets up the pace,
get a tiny little push from Gomez. What happened next?
What happened next? Then Lewandowski comes
It’s the last round. The Polak wants in and in front of Jacob
and give him a little fight for the gold. Jacob answers. It is now
just a hundred yards to the finish. Last turn. He has to
to take this into question. Can he handle it?
No, he doesn’t! Lewandowski gets too strong and takes the gold. – in the 1,500-foot spur.
Jacob becomes number 2. It seems he is limping?
Did something happen along the way? -Is it too tough, Gjert?
– I think he got a bang. – Of the Spaniard over there.
-No. -It seems like he limped past the round.
– No, he didn’t. No bangs or anything. Probably not happy with that. – Are you happy with two medals?
– Very happy. It is great to have another medal.
Simply crap. He gets gold and silver,
fantastic of an 18 year old. We must be very pleased with that. The European Championship has been fantastic for us,
except Filip, who gets a bang again. But Henrik and Jacob do
very good with three medals. Far in excess
of what to expect. Based on what you have done indoors
winter, what can we expect when you go out? I can promise it will go badly. It’s approaching the start of the season
at a training camp in the United States. This is the 1500 meter speed to the best
in Norway not named Ingebrigtsen. We jump with sneakers
on exercise, without lactate. Henry’s injuries are getting worse. Now it’s like: How can I
get me to the starting line? Team Ingredients
arranges for a party at Bislett. Come on! Ha, ha, ha!


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