Talk Show the Game Show – Gay Arm Wrestling with James Adomian | truTV

Talk Show the Game Show – Gay Arm Wrestling with James Adomian | truTV

When you and I met,
I flirted with you, we started wrestling,
and then we broke a fence. We broke a fence.
That’s not a lie. Today, we’re going to settle
that score once and for all to find out who the stronger man is. You will be judged on the
following three factors — visceral masculinity, grunting,
and overall sweatiness. [ Laughter ] All right, James,
are you ready? I guess we’re as ready
as we’re gonna get! Let’s get 30 seconds
on the clock. -All right.
-Let’s begin. [ Grunting ] -You know, Guy…
-Yes, James. You know, I’ve always —
When one brings one
on one’s talk show, it is customary that one
let the other — The guest should be
the one to win the — Explain yourself, Guy! Aah! Aah! He — [ Laughs ] James, that was
beautiful work. [ Moaning ] [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] Let’s go back to the desk
while Casey gives you a score. [ Laughs ] Well, not only did you best the
champion of talk-show stadium, what that — That segment also qualifies as
indecent material in 34 states. -10 points.
-Oh, my God!


  1. I just saw an open mouth kiss between two men and none of them look like some teen-wolf whatever… This show is so goddam important!

  2. So two men kissing is inappropriate but a man and woman having sex on tv is okay for kids to see? Get your priorities straight (lol).

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