Suzuki not impressed with GBH

Suzuki not impressed with GBH

You dumbasses! That bastard.
I won’t let this go. If that’s what you pieces of crap got,
then I’ve got something for you. You better be ready, bastards.
You know what I mean, don’t you? That punk!
Of course I won’t let this go. I will not rest! Watch me.
You won’t make a fool out of me. この曲が聞こえるか?
そして誰も俺からこのベルトを取ることはできない EVERYBODY XXXXXXX DIES You two have never had a tag match before,
have you? You think that a tag match means that
you can both attack at the same time? Don’t be so naive. A tag match is…
I’m not gonna tell you. That’s the difference between you and us. This WORLD TAG LEAGUE,
me and Lance will take over. From here, we will get to the final.
And every team that stands in our way… We’ll kill you! We are Suzuki-gun… ICHIBAN


  1. Suzuki-gun is frightening and respectful for what they represent in professional wrestling. Never change guys. They are Suzuki-gun… ICHIBAN.

    SUZUKI & ARCHER = 6: 3: 12
    HONMA & Makabe = 3: 7: 6

  2. I hope suzuki gun can somehow win trios championship,i wont mind it. Suzuki,Taichi have nothing to do this wk,combine them with despy.And Honma shld be done now .

  3. Suzuki gun is awesome faction especially Lance Archer as the United States Champion. Minoru Suzuki is still the most evil man and his laugh rules.

  4. 真壁・本間も日和ったなぁ。

    テレビのイメージが大切ならプロレス 辞めちまえ。ヒールで暴れまわって時のが輝いてたぜ

  5. all of the suzuki gun members are talented, have rich history and been in this business for so long
    but the one sad truth is that Suzuki – Gun is not getting younger 💔
    archer 42
    suzuki 50
    taichi 40
    kanemaru 44

    only Despe and Zack are young

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