Suzuki has a new pet name for TenCozy! #njwtl

Suzuki has a new pet name for TenCozy! #njwtl

Those jerks. Suzuki-gun crap… Unbelievable. Although we came in at 4 and 4, we lost.
Can’t believe it. Suzuki and Archer, screw them. Especially Suzuki.
Screw you for not respecting us. Although Koji is beaten up right now…
Don’t you dare forget that… We will fight you anytime. Even tomorrow, Suzuki.
You stupid jackass. Screw you.
Also, Archer. Idiot. Suzuki-gun, screw all of you! TAG LEAGUE should be about winning, But those bastards…
I feel disgusted. They’re all just crap.
Can’t take this anymore. Koji, are you okay? I’m sorry, at the end. I’m embarrassed that I wasn’t able to
save Koji while they had him cornered. I won’t let this go, easily. I’m so embarrassed to have this
kind of match in the TAG LEAGUE. Damn it. Koji, thank you.
I’m sorry. I think we’re 4 and 5, now. Now that we have lost 5 matches,
we may be out of it. But while it continues, so will we. As long as this goes on, we won’t give up. Because we have to show fans of TenCozy
in every town that we are lively and we can fight. We have to show them that TenCozy is still
alive no matter if we win or lose. We have to show that we still exist in New Japan. Well, 5 losses. It could go either way.
I don’t know how it’ll play out. I’m sorry, Koji. Let’s keep fighting.
Let’s get the win. We have tomorrow, too. -Thank you.-
-Thank you.- Today’s match wast the most
physically painful from this entire tour. But at the same time, today’s match fired me up
more than any other match on this tour. So what you got today was TenCozy’s
best effort in that ring. We are evolving TenCozy’s fight,
every single day. So, today you saw the newest TenCozy. Even in a loss, that doesn’t change. The fact is that the new TenCozy is here to stay. We’re hurting today, but by tomorrow we’ll
be more lively than ever. So, as a pro-wrestler,
we are reborn in many ways. Somebody said that we haven’t
changed even a bit, from 20 years ago. But it’s also important to stay true to yourself. I believe some things are better left unchanged. Although time is cruel, in many ways, We are still alive.
That says it all. That proves that TenCozy is here. Even though the TenCozy of 2019 is very weak, It still proves that we’re still alive. Let’s keep living tomorrow, too. Tenzan…
Kojima… How many years have you been wrestling? How many years have you been tagging? I’ve got a new nickname for you guys, Tenzan… Kojima…
Kitchen trash. 答えは単純明快だ… EVERYBODY DIES 誰も俺からこのベルトを奪えない どこの誰が相手でも
無理な話だ EVERYBODY XXXXXXX DIES Your tag wrestling is so outdated. It hasn’t changed at all. You guys are doing the same old,
tired wrestling of the 90s. Me and Lance, we are wresting in 2019.
The latest and greatest. Of course. We are Suzuki-gun…


  1. If TenCozy pulled a Kishin Liger and changed their tag name to TenKojishin, that'd be great xD

    Also, congrats to Suzulance! ICHIBAN!

  2. 第3世代、GBHに厳しいコメント多いのはベテラン勢が一つになって反抗していく流れなのかな

  3. I have never met Suzuki, and with a big ocean between us I probably never will. But I'm going to say it anyway: Please, don't hurt me, sir.

  4. Kojima is my dude !!!! They should have minoru suzukii just feud with all the old heads and then beat KENTA for the Open Weight Championship.

  5. I never saw this side of Tenzan before. Lance Archer, you forgot to take the microphone from the announcer and tell him to shut up when the counting began. Just staying.

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