Super Sport vs Sport Touring (CBR vs VFR)

Super Sport vs Sport Touring (CBR vs VFR)

how's it going everybody I was gonna go ahead and wash my bike's down and clean the chains and everything like that get him ready for winter before the snow this weekend and then it just occurred to me that I remembered a comment I got a while ago somebody asked me which bike is my favorite the VFR or the Honda CBR 600 double R so I'm going to talk to you guys about some of the differences than pros and cons to each and finally which one's my favorite out of these two bikes so let's start with the new contender my garage I've had the CBR for two years three years now VFR I've had four not even a whole year yet so we'll start with this bike so first off the looks I love the silver I specifically sought out a silver VFR 800 but this is a 2003 by the way I love the silver because it's kind of a little bit it blends in a little bit easier the red is really loud and it brings attention on from police and everything like that but the silver is a little bit more subtle another thing too is if we come here and look we have a single-sided swingarm we cannot say the same for the CBR over there alright it does have a sergeant seat on it and a solo Cal there's so many mods on the 600 that's almost not fair to compare the two but they're both modified tastefully to my own liking so I'm gonna judge them on how I've modified them the red fairings that I put on this look absolutely beautiful the trip egde or a try page 1k mirrors look absolutely stunning carbon-fiber accents throughout Power Commander goodies a crop of itch slip-on I mean it's just a really nice bike very beautiful beautiful machine so the first thing I want to talk about is the most different thing about these two bikes and that is profile and weight I mean you can look this is so much bigger than this like that is so sleek and small compact this has a wider wheel base and it's wider to the sides and it's higher up and it also weighs about 130 pounds more there is a huge distinction between working with these two bikes you instantly notice the difference in weight the 600 is much more flickable but you know what it's funny there's a lot of misconceptions by way to now quickly I just want to say that the 600's wait is a beautiful thing because when I'm pulling to the garage over there I can easily maneuver it around get it to where I wanted to get it I can put on the kickstand I can swerve it around very easily the 800 I can't do that kickstand isn't really designed for that it weighs so much it is a pain to move this thing in and out of the garage I like to consider myself decent shape and everything like that I have a good amount of strength but I mean you notice it I mean I'm 25 years old and I noticed the weight moving this thing around and it is get kind of annoying to deal with I want to say this when you're moving you're on the road you're doing 2030 miles an hour no difference I mean well it is different that flicks over easier side to side this is the weight disappears on the so it's very nimble it has it's honestly perfect cuz when you're on the highway this thing is so stable it's like a couch just going along the highway this it's also pretty stable in the highway does have a steering damper so that that does help but you notice it's not you know it's not quite as smooth as this on the highway so I do remember one good comment I got before and somebody asked can you please compare the maintenance and working on either of these bikes like which is easier and let's do the most basic maintenance thing ever which is a chain cleaning well the VFR has this which is a center stand which will pick the bike up and the rear wheel will be up in the air the CBR has um has nothing so in order to clean the chain for the VFR I put this down get the chain cleaning start doing it for the CBR I have to pull out a pitbull stand put up on the stand then clean it so that's a little bit more of a hassle not a big deal I don't mind it hardly worth really even mentioning but I have to mention it that's maintenance that's the most common maintance you're gonna do I clean my chains probably six times a year next is oil changes oil changes on this bike wire you to remove the belly pan which is right here and there's the oil filters right behind the headers I do have aftermarket headers so it's a lot harder to do an oil change on this than the stock bike but it's still not too bad and of course you just fill up the oil right here and you have a drain plug down there it's pretty easy I would say the VFR it could be easy it could be is but in order to do it you have to remove this whole entire side fairing and it's just a little bit of a pain so in terms of oil changes I'd have to give the nod to the 600 also the valves the VTEC valves are an absolute pain in the butt on this compared to the 600 much easier so next is air cleaners because that's something you guys would probably have to do the VFR gets this no questions VFR wins this no questions at all in order to do the air cleaner there's two eight millimeter bolts right here take them off take the seat off which is just you put the key in and it lifts right up you tilt the tank up and then there's the air box right there you just remove some screws and boom we're at the air box the CBR oh man you got a pop the bottom faring off the side bearings off the tank fairing off this that then nail comes off then you have the other tank and then you got the air filter right there next up but this is really isn't maintenance but this is kind of modifications and everything like that the power commander power crane on the VFR 20-minutes the CBR again the fairings you gotta remove all the fairings and then you get to the Power Commander stuff so for power commanders and modifications like that the VFR gets the nod now let's talk about reliability now reliability they're both Honda's this is a no.3 so you got to keep that in mind this is no wait that five-year advantage it automatically gets however VFR has two recalls a wiring harness recall and something with the brakes the CBR has no recalls zero zip nada goose egg the VFR plagued with problems with cam chain tensioners Thank You Honda for getting rid of the gear driven cams I mean obviously I'm being sarcastic here but if you kept the gear driven cams that wouldn't be an issue but anyway cam chain tensioners go at around 30,000 miles so I'm probably in the deal with that sometime this year the wiring harness the most common issue with this is the wiring the stator rectifier all that crap I wired in a via farness into my bike I have a video if you want to check that out it's on my channel that is pretty easy to do and it makes it a lot more reliable but still the fact that I have to go through that headache is kind of annoying so the CBR definitely gets the nod in terms of reliability and I would say it's not even close I mean this bike has given me literally both of them give me zero issues but this one I've had longer I put more miles on it zero issues and I understand the VFR will eventually give me some issues I also want to talk some more about the the looks the CBR has upside down forks looks very handsome very nice VFR standard Forks the CBR it has two headlights the VFR two headlights the VFR is taller it's hard to see from this angle but it is taller it's higher wider it has more of a footprint the CBR is more sleeker I mean if we look from this view I mean the CBR just man she just has that awesome sport bike view versus the VFR which she it's a sport bike it's a sport bike I don't care what anybody says this is a swap bike but it doesn't have that same profile as the CBR from the back just to kind of look the VFR has AI have del Kovac exhaustion on it we have the two twin pipes right there coming up the side the CBR we have just the one in terms of tails CBR gets the nod again I just think that whole thing just looks so much better this still looks good but it's a little too bulky for my taste it does fit the bike though it would look odd if it was thin like the CBR alright so this brings us to our next section we're gonna talk about features that these bikes have the VFR has linked brakes it has a single-sided swingarm it has a hydraulic clutch it has variable valve timing VTEC yo it has a v4 engine it's just it's pretty well optioned out I mean if it doesn't have stock heated grips or anything I did add those myself it doesn't have cruise control it is a 2003 the CBR it has a cable clutch it does not have a single-sided swingarm it has an inline four engine it has no variable valve timing which I actually think that's a good thing but I would say that the VFR just it out options the CBR it just it has probably some more stuff now what's it like to ride well through these bikes the 600 is very light the power it doesn't really have much down low grunt but up top it pulls and it pulls so hard and so fast and I mean it just it's so fun to rev this thing out just so much fun so satisfying the VFR has tons more down low grunt it definitely could benefit from a Power Commander and tuning and all that stuff because the stock form it's definitely choppy and not smooth but it has torque it has torque it has power both of these can power wheelie pretty easily you do have to chop the throttle though and considering this has an extra hundred pounds of weight I got to give it up to Honda this engine is pretty powerful it does a very good job the torque is there everything is there it's a fun bike to ride they're both fun bikes to ride this is more of a daily bike this is more of a canyon Carver bike that's just the way it is I mean it's kind of hard to compare a sport touring to a spa bike and not say the sport owner is more comfortable and it's better for Canyon or it's better for touring and commuting in the CBR or the sport bike is better for having fun and going fast I mean they're built for two different things so you kind of it's can we are comparing apples to oranges here I will say that so now it comes down to which of these bikes I like better now I've owned my CBR for three years now been a beautiful bike very reliable I mean it had a couple issues but I caused those issues it's never given me any issues on its own VFR I've had for six months now seven months now eight months now something like that give me no issues but I know it will in the future but I did do some preventative maintenance for that and I have gone 7,000 miles on that and I've done 14 15,000 miles on that so miles this is a mile leader this thing will just do miles no problem this thing I mean this does miles no problem either but you know it's still a sport bike even with the heli bars it you know you get tired so which bike – I like better uh well all things equal value money everything I would have to say I like my 600 better and now it's kind of unfair competition because the 600 is five years newer and it has a lot of sentimental value to me my 600 it just has a special place in my heart that really no other bike could possibly take so it's a little unfair to the VFR but I will say this about the VFR the VFR like if we change the competition a 2015 CBR six on the double our versus the 2015 VFR 800 I would go with the VFR 800 the new ones do look a lot better than the old ones and they have a lot of benefits but even if we downplay this what if we set an oath three six hundred not mine but another one in 203 VFR 800 I would go with the VFR 800 between my two bikes my 600 is my favorite that's my garage Queen she's she's my girl my VFR though like all things equal same year same everything not this bike but a different bike and the VFR ID went out it went out every time it just it's comfortable I can ride it all day long it has torque down low it sounds amazing it's a beautiful bike in its own regard and I think we should all listen to it but first let's start the 600 because she's the quieter one so we're gonna just start it up both of these bikes have not been started in weeks so let's see what happens we're gonna let her idle for a minute yeah we're gonna stand back here so we can talk but look at that beautiful LED lights gorgeous and yes the turn signals are integrated into the mirrors just a gorgeous spike absolutely beautiful stunning it looks so much better in real life I'm looking at the camera and I'm looking at the bike in real life in real life a hundred times better it just does no justice the camera and this is a good camera too but yeah look at that beautiful beautiful beautiful bike I can't get over how beautiful this thing is while she's warming up though we will start the VFR 800 now just like when I was talking to you guys about the looks and I said the VFR it pales in comparison to the 600 the 600 the CBR she just looks so much better than the VFR 800 they're both beautiful bikes but the 600 it's just it's better looking it's completely opposite with the sound slow the VFR sounds a million times better than the CBR it's just how it is it sounds a whole lot better see what this sounds like I think the 600 still sounds nice it's not a bad sounding bike it really isn't and that it does have a full exhaust it has aero headers a crop of itch slip-on so it does sound very crisp i I do love my 600 sound but you can't compare an inline forward to a v4 it's just it's unfair the v4 sounds so much better all right so that's a lot quieter now they both sound great I think they both sound great they both look great they both sound great CBR looks better VFR sounds better it's just how it is they are both amazing bikes CBR s my girl though she's my main girl she'll always be my main girl the VFR is a beautiful bike though and has never disappointed me and I love that I bought it both of these bikes were just amazing purchases and there's gonna be more videos with both of a minute so I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did remember to leave a like if you have any questions ask them I will answer I will try my best to answer I mean if I get too many questions and I get overwhelmed I mean I might not answer them all but I'm sure somebody else could I'll try to my best though and I'll answer as many as I can if you made this far in the video thank you so much I really do appreciate it if you haven't already then please subscribe I make videos all the time I love bikes I don't just make bikes about I don't make videos just about these and make videos about everything I love bikes so anyway guys I hope you enjoyed it time to clean these chains and I'll talk to the next one take care and bye bye


  1. I know this is an old post but the CBR 600 is a peaky 600 to be honest and the VFR is a tourer, BUT could you truthfully tell me where my ride the VTR1000F FIRESTORM/THUNDER HAWK LOL, falls.
    I have owned 400 rr race replicas and 600 but my FIRESTORM is a master of ALL:)
    Please ride one and give me your opinion:)
    Thank you for your videos but please ride a VTR and tell me what your thoughts are on this never to be made again machine and take care when riding this BEAST LOL:)

  2. No offense but you seem extremely biased in favor of the cbr also you're saying that you WILL have problems with the vfr when the reality is that you MIGHT unless you have Crystal ball or are some kind of motorcycle prophet. Also you should judge more on facts ss opposed to opinions. Only because as individuals everyone's opinion may be different but facts are harder to debate. 😊IJS. I do enjoy your videos and im subscribed so take as constructive criticism not a diss👍

  3. Just had to leave a like for the giggle after revving the cbr lol
    I just fired my 01 F4i up for the first time since last season to get it ready to go.
    After it warmed up , I gave the throttle a couple of good blips. The giggle that came out was so "school-girly" that my son called me out on it.
    I just said "son… wait till you have your first bike, then we'll talk about the giggle after revving " lol

  4. its funny to hear you complain about the weight . when I was 25 I had a yamaha xs1100 that weighed 200 lb more than the VFR but never moaned about moving it around or picking it up after dropping it once or twice

  5. Easiest oil change ever is on my suzuki tl1000s… there’s no bottom fairing, so the oil filter is right there at the bottom, in the open lol couldn’t be any easier. Now the tl1000r with fairings, yea, a whole different story!

  6. Two of my dream bikes. I have the CBR600rr, but I have yet to find a VFR800 with undertail exhaust.

  7. Biggest difference between sport and sport tourer in my humble opinion, other than I vs V, is that one is more fun to ride in everyday situations than the other. The sports bikes are gonna be much better for spirited riding than a sports tourer, but see that's the thing, riding spiritedly, as in just a little quick. I don't know what the speed limits are elsewhere in the world but in my little corner they range from a little tight to ridiculous. With a sports tourer that's less of a problem, even more so for cruisers and such.

  8. As a motorcycle courier for over 36 years . I’ve used VFR’s since 87 . I currently own the 2014 but I will admit the 02 was my favorite . I put 700,000 miles on that one and average 400 to 500 thousand on all the VFR models . plus back in 91 full coverage on a gsxr would’ve been $2300 a year cuz they’re stolen or crashed all the time while the same coverage on a VFR was only $600 cuz punks don’t ride them , crash them or steal them Like most squidbikes. I’ve ridden them hard and put them away wet many times . They’re bullet proof.

  9. Actually, you give a statistic that belies your favoritism of the RR: miles per month. If I understood correctly, you had (at the time of the vid) 7K on the VFR and 14K on the RR; but you've been riding the RR three times as long. If so, that would mean you ride the VFR more per month (or some other time length).
    That would seem to suggest the VFR gains the upper hand.

  10. Took my blackbird for an mot and the guy must have been mid 70's, man he manouvered that thing around like it was a push bike! He just knew all the tricks. Both look Nice great vid. I'd love a 954

  11. 2017 vfr800 (pictured on it) has been my favorite by far , had a cbr500 previously and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind which is the better overall bike. My only gripe with my VFR is its more sporty than the cbr and being a tall chap , (6,3) i find myself riding in the sports position more often than not for comfort to the hands and wrists. Next bike for me will be the FJR1300 yamaha as i have test ridden the 2017 model and its just utterly amazing as a sports tourer.

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