Student Profile: Emily Milner, wrestler

Student Profile:  Emily Milner, wrestler

I have always been the type of wrestler
that right off the whistle I’ll either tie up with them or kind of like get
right in there – to mentally or physically tire them out. My high school had a lot
of academic pressure to succeed and go to the best college and take the hardest
classes. Sports kind of became how I relieve stress and how I knew who I was
in a way. Freshman year I was the only girl on the high school wrestling team.
The high school wrestling coach knew I was pretty athletic and that I had a lot
of competitiveness and I was short, you know. He said that I should join the team
and I just really liked it right off the bat. My first varsity match was against a boy and he kind of gave off the attitude
that he didn’t really have to try which really annoyed me. The match actually
ended up going to double overtime and I won because of an escape and then I
remember seeing him like kind of crying with his teammates and then I started
crying because I felt really bad but then I can really vividly remember how happy I
was after that mainly because I got to break those stereotypes. Wrestling is
mental and physical. That’s kind of translated really well into other
aspects of my life and that you really need to maintain that strong mentality
and not give up.The weight class that I wrestled in high school doesn’t exist in
college but in the summer there’s freestyle wrestling that you can compete
in. I joined the Ultimate Frisbee team which has been really great. It definitely keeps me in shape so that when I do go back home I can do
freestyle wrestling. My parents moved to Palo Alto from Europe. They both went to
Cambridge. They both majored in math and then my dad got this offer at Google. He’s a software engineer. He takes my dog to work a lot. He has a little Google
badge. My mom originally studied math in college but now she’s a chaplain at a
jail. She does a lot of really amazing work with the inmates there. Poetry and
reading and different drawings which are actually really amazing to see. It really
teaches you that people in jail aren’t really that different from you and so
that kind of motivated me to see more of the world. I just feel that
it’s really important that you learn how to work and communicate with different
types of people. Being at Case Western Reserve introduced me to a lot of
different people whether it was like race political views sexual identity all
that diversity. I’ve met some really great people. I’m super excited to see
where those relationships go

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