Sting and AJ Styles disagree about the six-sided ring: WWE Table for 3 sneak peek

Sting and AJ Styles disagree about the six-sided ring: WWE Table for 3 sneak peek


  1. Sting is one of my favourites growing up but with this i have to agree with AJ, i thought the six sided ring made tna stand out and look unique, when it switched back to the regular i was sad 🙁

  2. They openly talk about TNA now. Should we consider Impact Wrestling a different company from TNA like WCW and Crockett Promotions? Or is Impact going to become WWE's next feeding territory?

  3. Well one more reason six side ring was more hard. But it's ring, entrance and crowd made tna unique in mid 2000s along with one of the best roster and great gimmick matches

  4. A WWE video with Sting, Jarrett and Styles discussing about TNA's 6 sided ring.

    I never thought we'd get this as a WWE upload.

  5. This video may become one of the most watched WWE video in recent times Because you can A Icon and Best Technician and Best in Ring Performer of All time In a video where they talking about. TNA.I think WWE thinking that no one can compete with them right now

  6. From these iconic wrestlers :
    AJ Styles, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, ODB, Mickie James, Tara, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Christopher Daniels, The Beautiful People, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and recently Johnny Impact

    To :
    Tessa Blanchard, Sami Callihan, The Crist Brothers, Brian Cage, Rich Swann, Kiera Hogan, Ace Austin, Jordynnne Grace, Taya Valkyrie, Willie Mack, Moose, Killer Kross, Eddie Edwards…

    Impact never missed a step.
    (Btw they have the best women's division in the world)

  7. WWE should make TNA version of Main Event Mafia in WWE. They should takeover RAW and SD.

    Members: Styles, Joe, Roode, EC3, McIntyre, Lashley, Eric Young, Hardy Boyz, Drake Maverick.

    AJ Styles, Samoa Joe or EC3 should be the Godfather(leader) of that faction.

  8. Did I ever think ten years ago that WWE would be highlighting ANYTHING that had to do with TNA? No I did not and I'm glad we're here.

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