Stephanie McMahon Wants CM Punk To Return! WWE NXT & AEW Dynamite Reviews! Wrestling News!

Stephanie McMahon Wants CM Punk To Return! WWE NXT & AEW Dynamite Reviews! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
December 19, 2019 We’re starting off with news from
the final episode of NXT of the
decade, as at long last, the gold brand has a new
Women’s Champion. When Shayna Baszler locked in
the Kirifua Clutch on Rhea
Ripley, the match was seemingly over, but when the
referee raised her hand,
Ripley grabbed the ref’s shirt in a sign of defiance. Rallying back, Ripley was able to
lock on the Prism and Avalanche
Ripride for the win, ending Baszler’s second reign at
416 days, after it begun by
defeating Kairi Sane at Evolution 2018. As the only woman to hold the
NXT Women’s title twice,
Baszler’s combined number of days makes her the longest
reigning champion ever, whilst
Ripley is the first woman to ever hold both the NXT and
NXT UK Women’s Championships. This week’s edition of NXT on the
USA Network also kicked off in a
major way, as NXT Champion Adam Cole defended
his title against number-one
contender Finn Balor. Though it was a match fans were
looking forward to, it did seem
like the WWE had booked themselves into a corner,
as they needed either Cole’s
reign to end or Balor to take the loss. In the end, it was the latter that
transpired, but not without a
way to protect Finn in their commercial-free opener. After about twenty minutes of
both men giving everything,
Balor would tweak his knee after missing the Coup de
Grace, but after kicking out of
Cole’s last-shot pin attempt, would be distracted
after hitting his finishing stomp. That distraction came at the
hands of Johnny Gargano, who
Finn put on the shelf over a month ago, and though the
first-ever NXT Triple Crown
champion didn’t get involved, his presence put Balor
off his game long enough for
Cole’s second Last Shot to get the win. Post-match, Cole was quick to
escape with his title, whilst
Gargano leveled Balor with a steel chair, making it clear that
the feud between these two is
back on. Outside of NXT, the legal troubles
of Jimmy Uso were a topic of
discussion this week, as the former Tag Champion
appeared in court after his
July DUI. Pulled over by the Escambia
County Sheriff’s Deputy in
Pensacola, Florida, Jimmy was allegedly driving erratically at
over 100mph and was arrested
on the spot without a field sobriety test took place. After hearing the case this week,
the jury took about an hour
before finding USA not guilty, and his attorney Greg
Whibbs told a local FOX affiliate: “And that is what the jury system
is for. A cop cannot convict you.
A cop can arrest you but they cannot convict you and
that’s why we took it to the next
level and plead not guilty and set out for a case trial.” Since his arrest, Uso, his brother
Jey and wife Naomi have all
been on the sidelines, and hopefully this verdict will
mean a swift return to TV for
all three. From one absence to another
now, as whilst Matt Hardy’s
contract with WWE is set to expire in a few weeks, his brother
Jeff will have to stay much longer. Despite both signing at the same
time to return, Jeff’s recent injury
has caused his contract to be frozen, though
according to Fightful, his knee
injury was set for a medical clearance in early
November. So far, the Charismatic Enigma
hasn’t returned to the ring, as
much like Jimmy Uso, he too has been dealing with legal
issues following a DUI arrest. At this time, Jeff is still waiting on
another court date as it has
been moved once again, and hopefully the former WWE
Champion will be able to sort
out his personal demons and return to WWE sooner
rather than later. We’ve got some Hall of Fame
news next, as Hulk Hogan is
set to be presented with his second Hall of Fame ring next
year, the first accolade he’ll
receive since returning from his controversial hiatus. Now that Hogan is fully back in
the WWE fold, fans will have
to wait and see whether the Hulkster gets his proposed
WrestleMania match against
Mr McMahon, but the former World Champion did hint
at something this week. On Twitter, Hogan shared a few
selfies, whilst telling his followers: “Something really big is about to
go down, Hollywood 4 Life 2 Sweet.” With the holidays around the
corner, it’s possible that Hogan
has something planned to get his fans in the festive spirit,
but for now, this tease by the
Immortal Superstar is enough to pique our interest,
brother! From a legend of wrestling to a
relatively fresh-faced star, as
Killer Kross has finally been released by Impact
Wrestling. Kross, who was vocally unhappy
with remaining as part of Impact,
was released this week with a short statement by
Impact confirming this, and
fans have started to speculate on Kross’ next move. With his girlfriend Scarlet
Bordeaux recently signing with
WWE, many are expecting Kross to do the same, as the
self-professed Smokeshow
is waiting for her debut on NXT and could now be entering
the gold brand with her man on
her side. Back to WWE, and the company
aired its latest edition of Back
stage, featuring Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon and Star
Trek’s William Shatner. Unfortunately, the Captain Kirk
couldn’t beam up some ratings
though, as Showbuzz Daily is repoting that this week’s
episode did just 95,000 viewers,
the lowest rating since the show’s debut episode
that did 49,000. For comparison, last week’s show
did a much healthier 127,000,
though that did feature both CM Punk and
Baron Corbin as guest stars. We’ll have to see what WWE
Backstage has planned for
their special Christmas episode next week, as Maria
Menounos just recently posted
an Instagram story on set with Renee Young. Well we’ve already mentioned
that CM Punk was part of last
week’s WWE Backstage, and this week the Best in the
World has been part of the
headlines thanks to Stephanie McMahon. Speaking to The Metro for a
quick interview, McMahon said
that she wouldn’t say no to a Punk in-ring return, admitting: ‘I think Punk’s been pretty vocal
that he’s not interested in an in-
ring return right now, but for sure, that would be
interesting.” Since leaving the WWE in 2014,
Punk has shied away from
wrestling, except for one indie show earlier this year, and
Punk’s current contract for
Backstage on FS1 is with FOX, not WWE. Switching gears to Punk’s wife
AJ Lee, Stephanie also said
that she was a big fan of the former Divas Champion, claiming: “And I would love to see AJ Lee
back in the women’s division. I
think AJ Lee was an incredibly compelling character,’
she said. ‘You know, I’m a big
fan of AJ Lee’s, I really am.’ Despite the speculation by both
Stephanie and countless fans,
AJ has described herself as quote “very retired”, so fans
shouldn’t expect to see her in a
WWE ring again, after hanging up her Chuck Taylors in
2015 due to physical issues. We’ve got more news from retired
Superstars next, as WWE Hall of
Famer Sting has said he will come out of retirement
for one more match, as long as
it’s on his terms. Speaking to Sports Illustrated,
the Stinger revealed his
conditions, saying: “If there was a ’Taker situation
at WrestleMania, I would listen
to that phone call,” said Sting. “I could get in
condition and I could pull it off.” With that said, the former World
Champion said he doubts the
match will ever happen, stating: “I think my career is done,”
“I still think about the ‘Taker situation every year, but
I don’t think it’s going to happen.” Though it’s a match that fans
have been pining for decades,
this may be a case of be careful what you wish for, as after
the Goldberg-Undertaker incident
this year, the company will naturally be hesitant
to put two part-timers together in
the ring. Speaking of wrestlers not
competing, Jinder Mahal has
been out with a knee injury since June, and though he was
supposed to back already, no-
one has seen the Modern Day Maharaja. According to Fightful, Mahal was
supposed to be back on
November 1st, according to a company injury report, and at
this time, there hasn’t been any
update on his condition. After returning in 2016, Mahal
received a major push, including
a WWE Championship victory, though his career has
stagnated over the past two
years, and we can’t help but wonder what will happen
next for Mahal, when he
eventually returns. We’re looking at AEW now, as
the company has confirmed a
Women’s Championship match for January 1st. On last night’s show, Kris
Statlander defeated Britt Baker
to become the number one contender, after reversion a
submission attempt by the
Dentist, to hit a package tombstone piledriver. Post-match, Brandi Rhodes asked
Statlander about joining the
Nightmare Collective, but after rejecting the offer, the
group distracted the new number
one contender long enough for Brandi to get her in
the eye with the heel of her shoe. The January 1st episode will be
a huge night for the promotion,
who will be celebrating a year since their
arrival, as MJF will also announce
his stipulations for his upcoming match against Cody
Rhodes. This episode will take place on
January 1st at Daly’s Place in
Jacksonville, Florida. We’re looking at the Wednesday
Night Wars now, as though we’ve
covered a lot of NXT and AEW Dynamite already,
there’s plenty more that took
place on the two shows. After the huge opener on NXT
that saw Adam Cole retain his
title, Damian Priest defeated Killian Dain in a battle
of two hosses, which was
followed by a hype package for the 2020 Dusty Rhodes
Classic, with some teams being
revealed on New Year’s Day. Cameron Grimes finally got some
revenge after being embarrassed
by Kushida in the past few weeks, whilst Io Shirai
continued her winning ways
with a victory over Santana Garrett. In a preview of the When World’s
Collide event, NXT’s Pete Dunne
got a victory over NXT UK’s Travis Banks, and
Roderick Strong was confirmed
to be putting his NXT North American title on the line next
week on Christmas Day, in a
festive open challenge. On AEW Dynamite this week, the
show started hot with the Lucha
Bros defeating Hangman Page and Kenny
Omega, but a post-match angle,
which saw PAC attack Michael Nakazawa from behind,
led to some awkward and
confusing TV. Though it’s clear that AEW should
stop shooting angles during
commercial breaks, our next match saw Cody and Darby
Allin continue their effectiveness
as a team, defeating the Butcher and The Blade, and
our next match saw Awesome
Kong squash Miranda Alicea, followed by another image
of the mysterious bald man that
has been part of Brandi Rhodes’ video packages. In his final title defense of the
year, Chris Jericho put his title
on the line against Jungle Boy, who held his own against
Le Champion, as the match
went to a time limit draw, and post-match, Jericho promised
a surprise for Jon Moxley,
courtesy of the Inner Circle on January 1st. After Kris Statlander became the
number one contender for Riho’s
Women’s Championship, it was time for the
main event, as the SCU were
successfully able to defend their World Tag Team
titles from the Young Bucks. Post-match, the Creepers came
into the ring, as the Dark Order
appeared on the stage, and though Uno promised to
recruit the Bucks to his fold
one day, this wasn’t the time. As Reynolds and Silver jumped
the exhausted Bucks and SCU,
the creepers also got in on the beatdown, and despite
intervention by Kenny Omega,
Cody and Dustin Rhodes, it was the Dark Oder who stood
tall, complete with Uno ripping
something from Matt Jackson’s mouth. While AEW was once again
another intense show this week,
the company may soon be expanding its roster next year,
if a certain former WWE Super
star has anything to say about it. This week, former WWE Superstar
Alex Riley announced his return
to the ring after a three-year absence, as he will
compete for Generation
Championship Wrestling as Kevin Riley on March 31st and
April 1st, which is WrestleMania
weekend next year. On his Instagram, Riley confirmed
the news of his return, but also
teased joining AEW, saying: “I know you may not agree, but i
feel you should go back to
professional wrestling for one more run, not wwe or
nxt…maybe AEW.” Whether Riley will actually get to
work inside an AEW ring remains
unclear, but for the time being, the future is looking
bright for the former RAW and
NXT Superstar.


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