Smackdown Vs Raw 2011: Online 30-man Royal Rumble Conclusion (Gameplay)

Smackdown Vs Raw 2011: Online 30-man Royal Rumble Conclusion (Gameplay)

watch out here Zack Ryder and they pushed him out they got him out he's gotten bumped there goes to Moscow Bala precarious position that'll leave a mark oh what a painful kick these matches are so dangerous never know when or where you're gonna get attacked from and he goes flying down to the concrete ball that was close he's coming back to the ropes and for the second time in this match he could be out of here NVP such a determined superstar really toughened up in his words early on in his life it has made the best of it he almost took his head off with that lariat with a fiendish towner Cody's history and that would hurt his hand Thornton escapes VanDam plans to keep separation and use tips and Irish boons to create offense [Applause] watch it oh that did it an MVPs been eliminated not tremendous damage to the dam it's JTG and here's a reminder to check out for prime times Ward up and word of the day he's got it and he does it one more time Zack Ryder controlling the arm Christians in trouble looking to get in elimination and Randy gets taken down Christiane's been eliminated just twisty the deck in a sickening way oh wow it's the campus trying to thin the herd the yellow really is our all-star game except our all-star game actually means something a guaranteed opportunity in the main event at WrestleMania he's almost out right here and they pushed him out they got him out Ray's been eliminated is he you see out he's nearly out of this one Zack Ryder and here comes some help oh [Applause] there it is and that partnership got the job done [Applause] again each one of these men fighting and clawing for their shot and headlining WrestleMania looking for a way to get the elimination but there's no instruction manual on this hard kick to the ribs he might be done here [Applause] John Morrison very young at his career has already held numerous titles both in tag team and singles competition and with that Rob Van Dam is out what a bunch Kevin Morrison is like a human rollercoaster ride [Applause] you remember when I won the Royal Rumble I did I mean I know you've come close to setting records for at least amount of time of the rain come on now wait a minute in sac rider wants to take another chance but nominal agility could we be on the verge of an elimination that'll cause some damage kofi from behind and the collaboration works [Applause] what impact launching himself off the ropes John Morrison loves to win it loves to look good doing it going for the elimination trying to get one step closer than his dreams oh what a shot oh by the rocks been eliminated the Royal Rumble is always so exciting you never know when your friend or foes are going to hit her that was an absolutely incredible boom there's another great kick oh oh look at this huh so many questions are about to be answered are you willing to hurt aren't you willing to play through pain are you willing to shorten your career to pick up the victory still not through [Applause] to the head JTG is having some fun down there's the uppercut oh no another boot to the midsection oh my an explosive suplex hey he's fought out of it this has just been pendemonium strength there's no way to save yourself from that JT cheese all fired up Morrison's been taken out and again the mind games are played and now three competitors remain that'll do some damage and here's some more trash talking JT G's going on just trying to goat is apartment into making a mistake here watch it what a dropkick and now it's down to these two superstars [Applause] Michael you think teargas has ever been fired at the crime punch house knocked into the middle of next week doing whatever it takes to win there's the quickness these are great competitors great tremendous gladiators here at WWE the winner of this guaranteed a title opportunity of their choosing at WrestleMania he's still in this one a sharp kick [Applause] oh man go hole looks like even crime time must obey the law of gravity [Applause] Michael an interesting fact about crime time before they came to the WWE their cell number had nothing to do with the telephone here he comes next and old [Applause] a huge impact delivered to the neck played by games yeah what an elbow and again JT cheese going high risk heats the campus again this is every man for himself which one will win this first leg on the road the WrestleMania downer by JTG [Applause] oh he's in a very precarious spot down on the rope there [Applause] though he's coming back in striking with the axe handle take it out again again this match is to determine the number one contender for the championship at WrestleMania and he's still in this [Applause] JTG gets the win [Applause]


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