Shinsuke Nakamura debuts with new entrance music: SmackDown, April 24, 2018

Shinsuke Nakamura debuts with new entrance music: SmackDown, April 24, 2018

you set the team up with Shinsuke
Nakamura the matter is made is simply too
despicable havoc on the slide citing the WWE Champion with a series of low blows
the last few weeks this obsession with all these a j-style we’ll defend the WWE title against
Nakamura in a WrestleMania rematch knocking for I’ve got some new entrance
music yet it changed it custom-made because he was tired of the WWE Universe
singing along with them you know how I know that Phillips hablo espanol social
media games strong so styles and Nakamura starting off this six-man
tag-team match


  1. Now that's a heel entrance/theme… Haven't gotten a chill from a heel ever since Batista's heel turn on Rey Mysterio..

  2. I like this entrance better because he is expressing his culture cause the last one was just a violin playing

  3. I can't tell when his song went off if the crowd was booing him or singing along with the first part of his theme lol

  4. lol this was pretty weird music to have its creepy actually 😂😂😂 having a very creepy ass guy in anger singing behind u LOL

  5. Shinsukes new Song is by the band „Shadows of the Sun“ and the Song is called „Shadows of a Setting Sun“ ! Thank me later haha 😜

  6. The only way to make wwe universe can't make along with his entrance is remixing song and Japanese his lyrics. 💓

  7. A famous comment in another video

    "Those who don't know the Japanese lyrics I'll translate it



  8. Knowing that everyone wanted to sing along but couldn’t… PRICELESS for a heels ego. Even the Japanese lyrics just to “sekkusu suru” with em a lil more. Loved it

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  10. Can you imagine in the attitude era if guys like Austin or Rock were in the ring doing a promo and this guy comes out doing some interpretive dance moves to the ring? They would verbally tear him to shred's lol

  11. It sucks to see that he not in the wwe championship picture no more now he in the dead tag team division.

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