Shayna Baszler delivers unforgiving assault to Becky Lynch: Survivor Series 2019 (WWE Network)

Shayna Baszler delivers unforgiving assault to Becky Lynch: Survivor Series 2019 (WWE Network)


  1. Shayna beat up on Becky and Bayley that was awesome that is why the real 4 HW is MMA not Becky Sasha or Bayley. Speaking of Bayley her character sucks….that is why the WWE 4HW could not co exist. they suck the whole of WWE is beginning to suck. Bayley is a smug and an attention seeker she plays the heel of a victim.
    Hey Bayley you could not beat Shayna on any giving day you just tapped out to the Kurifida clutch. Bayley is a loser and also ugly.

  2. Yet again… "pushed to the stars Becky" didn't impress me. And WWE knows she isn't face of the division material. She just got pushed that much since the time everybody was expecting her to win the SD tittle but unfairly lost to Charlotte and everybody went crazy.

  3. LOL….such a GARBAGE display by these women……so what will WWE do? They'll book the rematch for the main event at TLC….then again at WM…LOL

    Folks…its time we boycotted WWE for this horrendous booking ….every time you look up there's a boring woman in my face in a main event….I'm sick of it and others should be too

  4. Like Rollins Becky gimmick getting boring and stale. Not even that talented and most certainly not the baddest woman in the world😂

    I’ve trained women @my gym that would destroy her. Need better writers ASAP and better talent

  5. WWE is an idiot for pushing Becky Lynch…..AEW is an idiot for pushing Britt Baker……they're both gonna learn the hard way

  6. Damn I wish I can go back in time to 2001 to see team wwf vs. Team alliance headline survivor series instead of seeing this bs main event

  7. Everyone: This is the worst match of the night

    Me: Wow best match everrr

    Please dont take this offensively
    BTW-If you try to make rude comments I'm not gonna reply

  8. It's so hard to believe that 1 year ago Becky was worshipped by the entire fan base and now she gets nothing but hate.

    It seems that when wrestlers are successful fans turn on them.

  9. Becky is just terrible in all matches, she doesn't sell anything, maybe just to make the oponent look weak, what is a bs, always the same with her.

  10. Boring match. Becky and Shayna wouldn’t be a good combination. Shayna is too slow and Becky is not a flashy wrestler. Both of them need a flashier wrestler.

  11. Becky has always been a mediocre wrestler. Her push has really exposed her. And her gimmick is lame as hell. Give us talented women like Sasha and Asuka.

  12. What bothers me the most about this Feud bayley did not recover from it she was just a weak link and felt like an afterthought And what's sad that I was expecting her to win that way she'll have an impact out of this Feud but no they still made her look weak. She just turned heel like 2 months ago and WWE book her badly. How does wwe expect us to invest in a her if she's just looking weak and treated like an afterthought? I Already see that her Championship reign is going to die and she's just going to be shoved back to the Shelf.

  13. Sucks because I feel like these 3 could have put on a hell of a main event match. It just didn’t mesh well last night. The Men’s Elimination should have main evented.

  14. This is our own faults for making "the man" a thing lol. I like becky but not to main event a ppv like this. Its a shame they had to follow up after the lesnar and rey match. The crowd wasn't feeling this

  15. They should have let Bayley get the win for SD & the men elimination match should have been the main event with Keith Lee being the soul survivor winning the night for NXT

  16. They probably gone take the belt off Becky soon another women’s main event being underwhelming Bayley did what she could but she wasn’t gone carry Becky & already tired Shayna

  17. I wonder…

    If there was a match between Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey for who is the baddest woman in the earth title🤔

  18. WWE gave Shayna the power to run over Becky and Bayley both. Shayna literally took Becky out of the match so she could focus on Bayley. And because of that decision, they have left the door open for Becky Vs Shayna somewhere down the line. And it made the women's match a little and the not so great.

  19. No offense but shayna baszler is soo far from Ronda rousey! Rousey is really the baddest woman on the planet. And thats forever in wwe raw history. 🤘😄 She is the best of the best! 👌😏❤

  20. At this point Becky "The man " lynch needa to be titled a fail. Shayna also needs to be thrown into jobber territory. I mean this chicks were botching throwing elbows. Moving like snails and the lethargy of it all was embarrassing to watch. Who on god's green earth saw this in pre match practice and thought it should close Survivor series. That's a damn shame i can't compute it. If these two and Sad emoji face Bayley are suppose to Main event wrestlemania. WWE might as well make Charlotte universal champ at that point and go all the way into feminist purgatory SWJ pandering. Get out.

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