Seth Rollins Vs The Fiend Steel Cage Match Booked! WWE Sheamus Returns 2019! Wrestling News!

Seth Rollins Vs The Fiend Steel Cage Match Booked! WWE Sheamus Returns 2019! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
October 17 2019 We’re kicking off with some
Universal Championship news
today, as after the controversial Hell in a Cell match between
Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt,
the two will collide once again. On Twitter, NYCB Live confirmed
that the pair will collide in steel
cage on the November 4th RAW, an interesting
announcement considering
Wyatt is drafted to SmackDown. The pair already have a Falls
Count Anywhere match
announced for Crown Jewel just
a few days prior, leaving fans
scratching their heads about just what is
WWE is planning here. We mentioned that Wyatt was
assigned to SmackDown as
part of this week’s WWE Draft, but many stars
weren’t so lucky. Whilst most Superstars were
drafted, there were some
who remained free agents but who have now been
assigned a roster. On WWE’s The Bump, it was
revealed that No Way Jose,
Mojo Rawley, Sarah Logan, The IIconics and the team of
Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
will be moving to RAW whilst SmackDown has received
Luke Harper, Cesaro, Sonya
Deville, Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke
and Drake Maverick. One notable part of these picks,
is that Harper was drafted to
SmackDown, whilst Erick Rowan was drafted to RAW, and it’ll be
interesting to see how the former Tag Champs do on
separate brands. One person who didn’t do well in
the draft this week was Eric
Bischoff, who was fired from his position as Executive
Director of SmackDown after
reportedly doing very little. The WCW magnate won’t be out
of the public eye for long though,
as yesterday he announced an appearance
at Starrcast 4 in Baltimore,
which will take place the same weekend as AEW’s
Full Gear event on
November 9th. This move isn’t too shocking to
fans, as Conrad Thompson,
who runs the Starrcast event also helps run the 83 Weeks
Podcast with Bischoff himself. No events have been announced
as far as live shows at Starrcast,
but hopefully Bischoff will get a live mic, so
fans can find out what really
happened in WWE. In a tweet, Bischoff praised his
Executive Director replacement
Bruce Prichard calling him one of the most
dedicated people he knows,
which led to the former Brother Love responding, calling
Eric a great Businessman,
creator and friend. Despite being with WWE since
February, Bischoff never
stopped his 83 weeks Podcast and even after his termination,
tried to sell some merch. In a Tweet, Bischoff posted an
image on one shirt that reads
‘FIRED’ but in the FedEx logo, a reference to Steve Austin
being fired via FedEx from
WCW after being told he’d never
be a main eventer. One person who saw the shirt
and took note is CM Punk, as
the Best in the World knows all about being
fired by WWE. Replying to the Tweet, Punk said,
“Wedding day or nah?” a reference
to the former World Champion being sent his termination papers
on the day he married AJ Lee,
as despite rumors of Punk returning, it seems he
hasn’t forgiven WWE just yet. Though Bischoff is gone from
WWE, the show still goes on,
as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will be part of the October 28th
episode of RAW. The go-home show for Crown
Jewel that will take place in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Hogan and Flair will fly out with the
rest of the crew after the show before coaching their respective
teams for the show. Hogan’s team will have Rusev,
Ricochet and three other
names competing, and whilst Seth Rollins was
originally announced for
the team, he will reportedly be pulled soon, so he can
focus on Bray Wyatt. Flair’s team will consist of Randy
Orton, King Corbin, Shinsuke
Nakamura, Bobby Lashley and one more name
who is yet to be announced. The last time Hogan and Flair
were on RAW, their segment
drew the highest number of viewers for the night, though
the duo may face competition
this time, as Tyson Fury and Cain
Velasquez are also expected to
appear on the October 28th RAW ahead of their respective
matches in Riyadh. This month’s Crown Jewel will be
the fourth show in the WWE-
Saudi deal, and once again there has been speculation as
to whether women will be
allowed to compete. In June, Natalya and Alexa Bliss
traveled over to Jeddah to help
promote Super ShowDown and whilst there were hopes of
the first-ever women’s match
there, these plans were nixed by the
Saudi government due to
their culture. On Twitter, Dave Meltzer said
there are no plans for women
at Crown Jewel, saying: “Unless something changes,
there are no women’s matches
scheduled. It came down to the wire last time and they were
told no at the end, after bringing
Nattie and Alexa to Saudi Arabia.” Though women may not be
appearing at Crown Jewel, one
Superstar who just might is Sheamus,who hasn’t wrestled
since WrestleMania and has
been dealing with some issues. During his time away for spinal
stenosis, however, the former
World Champion has worked on his physique in
a major way, and whilst he
hasn’t returned yet, Brad Shephard has said he
could be back as early as
next week. Sheamus remains a free agent
after the WWE draft, and could
find plenty of work, in or out of the ring,
in WWE. Despite being 41, there’s a lot
left in the tank for the Irish
Superstar and is ready to to make a return whenever
WWE calls him, the biggest
question now is what WWE will have in mind
for him when he’s back. From Ireland to Japan now, as
the WWE is continuing to
expand it’s brand into every corner of the world, even places
where there are established
wrestling traditions. On Wrestling Observer Radio,
Meltzer addressed rumors of
the company trying to launch NXT Japan, and
reportedly tried to recently
buy the NOAH promotion but the deal didn’t come
through. Now though, the WWE is still
looking to sign some big
names to get NXT Japan launched, as
Meltzer stated: “They’re definitely working on it.
They’ve talked to a number of
companies in Japan They’ve tried to buy companies
in Japan. I don’t know of any
deals that have gone through The ones I’ve heard about didn’t
go through. They wanted to buy
NOAH, so it didn’t go through. “There’s talk about different
people being hired as
Japanese trainers, big names I don’t wanna say until I get it
confirmed, but there are two
big names that have gone around as far as them hiring.
Yeah, they wanna do NXT
Japan, absolutely. They’ve been making moves
in that direction.” Despite some setbacks, don’t
expect WWE to give up on the
Japanese market anytime soon as their quest continues to keep
their spot as the biggest wrestling
promotion in the world. One new promotion who is all
set to compete with WWE
though is AEW who hosted their third edition
of Dynamite last night. Following up from last week’s
huge show, Dynamite started
off strong, with an epic tag match that saw So Cal
uncensored defeat the
Best Friends. The original plan was for Kaz
and Christopher Daniels to
represent the SCU but after being jumped by
Fenix and Pentagon Jr,
Daniels was replaced by Sky. With Sky hitting a sweet power
bomb/dropkick to get the pin,
this win sees the SCU move forward in the
AEW Tag Team Title tournament. Up next, fans saw more tag team
action, as the Inner Circle’s
Santana and Ortiz picked up a dominant win over
John Silver and Alex Reynolds. From the get-go, Santana and
Ortiz dominated, and after a
top rope street sweeper, the match
was quickly over. It was the first of two Champion
ship matches on the card next
as AEW Women’s Champion Champion Riho but her title on
the line against Britt Baker, who
still sported a black eye from Bea Priestley’s attack
last week. Despite her eye injury, Baker
dominated for much of the
match, taking down the champ with a seires of Arm
Drags and an impressive TKO. It was a valiant performance by
Baker, but it was Riho who
got the win countering Baker’s mandible
claw with a pin to retain the title. Post-match, a clearly-annoyed
Baker begrudginly shook
hands with Riho, as it seems things aren’t fine
between these two wrestlers. Another tag-match next, as the
Lucha Bros faced the Jurassic
Express in the Tag Team Tournament. A physical match with plenty on
the line, it was the Lucha Bros
who advanced to the semi-finals after Pentagon used the arm-
breaker to damage Stunt,
before delivering the piledriver/double-stomp
combo for the 1-2-3. In our third tag match of the
night, PAC and Jon Moxley
tried to ruin the party of Hangman Page and Kenny
Omega, as the show took place
on the Cleaner’s birthday. After a fun birthday song by the
crowd, Moxley and Omega got
things started with a series of chops to each
other in the corner. There was clear dissention
between PAC and Moxley,
which culminated when the former Lunatic Fringe
used a bat, something Pac
didn’t approve of. Hitting PAC with a Double Arm
DDT, Moxley would leave his
partner hanging leaving the Geordie prime
pickings for Omega and
Page, who got the win. Main event time next as AEW
World Champion Chris Jericho
put his title on the line
against Darby Allin. Meeting in a Philadelphia Street
Fight, there was no Brotherly
Love for these two, as Allin quickly used his agility
to outpace Jericho, who
responded with throwing the young
wrestler to the outside. There, Y2J would try his hand at
Allin’s skateboard, to little
success, but then the match got extreme, with a Kendo Stick shot
by Allin being reciprocated with
a chairshot by the champ. In one shocking moment, Jericho
would tape Allin’s hands behind
his back but when even this couldn’t hold
the young Star down, it was the
Inner Circle’s Jake Hager who made the difference, cold-
cocking Allin and leaving
him prone for a Boston Crab that got
Jericho the submission win. An entertaining main event for
an entertaining show, fans
can’t help but notice that AEW seems to
rely a lot on tag matches, but fans should stay tuned for
another huge show next week. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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    Geography speaking, Dubai isn't part of Saudi Arabia. But United Arab Emirates (or U.A.E.) for short. The Thumbnail mentioned place is misleading.

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