Seth Rollins On Why He Is After CM Punk! Corey Graves Apologises! Liv Morgan’s Return! Wresting News

Seth Rollins On Why He Is After CM Punk! Corey Graves Apologises! Liv Morgan’s Return! Wresting News

This is your news for
November 28, 2019 We’re starting off by looking at
RAW today, as more news comes
out about Seth Rolins’ promo. Addressing the Chicago crowd’s
CM Punk chants, this action
didn’t go down well with Vince McMahon, and what Rollins said
was later edited out of the You
Tube video and replays. Speaking to KISS 103.5, the former
Universal Champion explained why he has been provoking
Punk, saying: “He spent five years on hiatus.
Good for him, hopefully he’s
got his head right. But he comes back to sit behind
a desk and talk? That’s not very
CM Punk That’s not the guy that they
want. That’s not what they want.” Punk’s return as part of WWE
Backstage is still one of the
biggest news stories of the year but that doesn’t mean the former
World Champion will be having a
match. Whilst Rollins, and countless fans,
want to see the Best in the World
return to the ring, perhaps at WrestleMania 36, that decision
all comes down to the Straight
Edge Superstar. Speaking of Backstage, this
week’s show didn’t feature
CM Punk, but that didn’t stop the show
from performing well. Despite dropping to 121,000 from
the week prior’s 180,000, the show
remained in the top 150 watched shows for its 11pm Eastern timeslot,
after breaking into the demographic
for the November 20th show. The 0.5 rating for 18-49 year olds
was about half what it was a week
ago but it seems the show has finally
found its level after a month on
the air. Though this week’s Backstage
didn’t have CM Punk, it did
have Triple H so it’s possible fans tuned in
to see the Game. We’ll just have to wait and see
what happens for next week’s
show but as of this video, its unclear
whether Punk will appear. Time to get into the Wednesday
Night Wars now and NXT was in a pretty good mood after
winning at Survivor Series. Kicking off with a celebration,
the party was short-lived, as
Tomasso Ciampa once again staked his claim on
regaining the NXT Championship. As if that wasn’t bad enough for
Adam Cole, Finn Balor is also
eyeing up his title as well, with a match between the Inagurual
Universal Champion and the
Blackheart scheduled for later. Though Cole had his hands full in
the opener, that didn’t stop the
Undisputed Era faring well in the show’s opener, as Kyle O’Reilly
and Roderick Strong retained
the tag titles against Keith Lee and Dominik
Dijakovic. Strong was put in to replace the
injured Bobby Fish, but even
this change didn’t stop the group from
walking away still champions. In his NXT on USA debut, Mansoor
picked up another big win, this
time over Shane Thorne, whilst Candice LeRae got the DQ win
over Dakota Kai, thanks to the
newfound mean streak of the New
Zealand Superstar. In our second title match of the
night, Lio Rush was able to
retain his NXT Cruiseweight Championship against Akira
Tozawa, targetting Akira’s
back to get the win. With this being Rush’s third title
match in two weeks, the Man of the
Hour is establishing himself as a fighting champion, but we’ll have
to see how long this reign can
last with this diehard attitude. In the ring, Xia Li defeated Vanessa
Borne in convincing fashion, but
this was followed by a special appearance by NXT Champion
Shayna Baszler Flanked by Jessamyn Duke and
Marina Shafir, the Queen of Spades
spoke about getting the final win for NXT at Survivor Series, but it
didn’t take long for Rhea Ripley
emerge, reminding the Women’s Champion that she defeated
Bazler at WarGames. Promising to take Bazler’s NXT
Women’s Championship, Ripley
has sent a clear message to Baszler in her pursuit of the
title, as fans wonder whether
Ripley is the one to finally take the gold from the former
UFC fighter. In our main event, Finn Balor
faced off against Tomasso Ciampa
in a match with plenty on the line. Though a title shot wasn’t literally
up for grabs, whoever won
contest would certain have rights claim one, and Balor did just that,
thanks to an assist by Cole. After getting the big win over Ciampa,
it seemed like Balor and Cole were in
cahoots, as the Panama City Playboy posed with the Prince in
the ring, but Balor’s Pele Kick to the Universal champion made
his feelings clear. It’s obvious that Balor isn’t a
friend of anybody in NXT, and
has his eyes set on becoming NXT Champion
again, something that may
happen very soon. Over on TNT, AEW was showcasing
their latest Dynamite, as the show
kicked off with another celebration by Chris Jericho. With the Inner Circle in toe, as well
as a real-life Jeri-goat, the highlight
of the segment may have been the gift of Jericho’s father, Ted Irvine,
who rallied the Chicago crowd with
his New York Rangers jersey. When Jericho took umbrage with
Justin Roberts’ tone, the Circle
quickly assaulted the helpless announcer but were chased off by
the marching band, who were
revealed to be the SCU. After plenty of grandstanding by
the AEW World Champion, it was
time for our first match, as the Best Friends defeated the Lucha
Bros, despite the Bros jumping
the pair behind before the match got underway. In Women’s tag team action, Bea
Priestly and Emi Sakura defeated
Hikaru Shida and Kris Stadtlander, but the
match wasn’t exactly the best. Whilst Shida is still the number one
contender for Riho’s AEW Women’s
title, you wouldn’t have known it from this match, as she took a
backseat to the others, and the
company has its work cut out to make her a more credible threat. In his first match back since coming up
short at Full Gear, Cody Rhodes was
in action, though still had plenty of bruises and wounds to
show fans how tough he is. On commentary, Jim Ross pointed
out that there’s plenty of injuries
that fans can’t see, such as Bruised ribs, but we believe never been able
to challenge for the AEW World title
hurt’s more than anything. Despite this, Rhodes got the win over
the forgettable Matt Nix, but Rhodes
was laid waste to by the new stable of the Blade, the Butcher
and the Bunny post-match. In a rematch for All Out, Pac and
Kenny Omega battled once again,
and this time it was Omega to get his win back over the former
WWE Superstar. Unsurprisingly, this was a great
match between the two, but it is
interesting that PAC’s two big wins AEW so far, over Omege and Jon
Moxley have been rendered moot
due to 50/50 booking. In the finals of the Diamond Dozen
brackets, MJF picked up the pinfall
win on Adam Page, pinning the Hangman with Cody Rhodes’
finisher to seal the deal. Post-match, Diamond Dallas Page
appeared to present the ring to MJF,
and though he admitted he was disappointed in his betrayal of
Cody Rhodes, he offered him
a handshake. Refusing to shake hands, this friction
caused Wardlow to get involved, but
the monstrous heavy didn’t fight, perhaps because he didn’t
want to get schooled by the 63-
year-old Hall of Famer. After an interview with Dustin Rhodes,
it was time for the main event, as
Jericho defended the AEW Championship against Scorpio Sky. After a hard-fought match that could
have gone either way, Jericho locked
in the lion-tamer to get the submission win, but continued
the assault after the bell. That was until Jon Moxley appeared
and spooked Le Champion, and
whilst Moxley and Jericho didn’t come to blows, their final moments
staring each other down will
definitely have fans tuning in next It’s really hard to say which promotion
was the better show this week, as
both built nicely to the future, but we’ll have to give it to NXT this
time, as their multiple title matches
trumped some questionable booking by Dynamite. We’re looking at SmackDown now,
and though the WWE Universe has
been promised a new member of the Firefly FunHouse, folks should
lower their expectations. Earlier this week, Erica Gimbel, a
Wardrobe Designer and Stylist for
WWE posted a video of a Gothic dress with the Funhouse music over
it, and many speculated that this
would finally be Liv Morgan’s moment as Sister Abigail. One person who wasn’t quite
convinced was Kirsten Ashley, the
co-owner of Bell to Belles, and after some digging, claimed that
Gimbel was a fraud. In her investigation, Ashly was initially
blocked from seeing Gimbel’s account,
despite never interacting before, but was able to get
around this later on. Noticing a strangely high number of
retweets and likes, but no comments
on Gimbel’s tweets, Ashly quickly thought Gimbel could be a
scammer, and was reminded of
people taking over accounts in the past, claiming to have an in with
WWE, just to feed the reporters
fake scoops. After enlisting the help of Sean
Ross Sapp and Warren Hayes,
Ashly found out even more, and discovered that the dress shown
in the video was actually for a
Marine Corps Ball. In addition, the last four photos
from the Gimbel account didn’t have
her face included, and whilst it’s unclear whether Gimbel’s account
has been hacked by someone else,
or if this is just one big scam by Gimbel herself, it’s truly bizarre to
think what is happening, and just
what exactly will unfold this Friday on SmackDown. More unfortunate news next, as
Jerry Lawler’s Dinner with the King
podcast used to be co-hosted by Glenn Moore, until Moore used
his position to scam fans out of
thousands of dollars. His con wasn’t just limited to fans
though, as Moore also scammed
a pediatric cancer charity in a real scumbag move, and now a court
has made a ruling that people
aren’t going to like. As the court ruled that Moore wasn’t
acting as an employee of Lawler at
the time, this means that the King can’t be held accountable for
paying Moore’s victims, and with
Moore’s whereabouts currently unknown, it could be a while
before fans see their money
back. Jason Lurie was one person who
got scammed by Moore after he
commissioned Lawler via Moroe for a 4 by 5-foot painting
of his cat. Lurie got the idea for the piece
after hearing the pair discuss
commissions on the podcast, but after donating plenty of money,
he never saw his money or his
art. Speaking to, Lurie
said he was suing for a total $1,750
dollars, and as many of the initial transactions were instructed to pay
as the friends and family route on
PayPal, they didn’t have buyers insurance. Though Lawler later promised to
the painting for Lurie, Jason declined,
admitting he was already out of money thanks to both Moore’s
fraud and now legal fees. After hearing during the November
26th court case that Moore wasn’t
seen as an agent of Lawler at the time, Lurie disagreed with the verdict,
saying that Moore taking request for
the King’s art clearly made him connected. Whilst Lawler was advised by his
attorneys to pay Lurie himself as a
goodwill gesture, the Hall of Famer reportedly wanted to wait to see
what the Judge had to say.
Bodyslam reported.
““Bodyslam has learned that Jerry
testified twice. Lawler testified That
he told Glenn the price would be $3000 for the 4×5 painting – and that
was because he didn’t want to do the
work. He said “I told Glenn the price for this cat painting was
$3000. I thought I priced it high enough
to scare off Mr. Lurie. It clearly did not.” He was then asked if he
wanted to do the painting that was
discussed on the podcast. Lawler replies “No. A painting of this size
would take potentially months and
would be much more expensive”. Though an appeal has been filed,
this could take anywhere from six
months to a year, as it seems Lurie, and Moore’s other victims aren’t
going to be receiving their money,
or their art, anytime soon. We’re heading back to WWE now,
and Corey Graves’ latest edition of After the Bell started off in a
unique way. During NXT TakeOver: Wargames,
Graves mocked the commentary
of Mauro Ranallo, who is a known sufferer of bipolar disorder, and
after countless fans followed
Graves example and mocked the commentator, Ranallo
deactivated his account. Despite mocking Dave Meltzer and
Ranallo’s friend Frank Shamrock
after the incident, Graves showed a softer side during this week’s
edition of his podcast, saying: “This past Saturday, during the
‘Takeover: WarGames’ event, I sent
out a tweet. It was an unpopular opinion, as I often do with the
intention of just stirring up a little
controversy, maybe have something fun to talk about on TV or
here on the show.” “It was maybe not the most
professional way to go about things,
and it was never meant to offend or disrespect or disparage anybody.
That was never my intention. If it
was taken as such, I apologize deeply. That was not my intention.
I would never intentionally cause
anybody undue stress especially a co-worker. So, I
apologize.” Ranallo, who has been mocked and
belittled in the past by JBL as well,
wasn’t at NXT this week, instead being replaced by Tom Phillips,
and WWE covered for his absence
at Survivor Series, claiming that Ranallo had lost his voice. On this week’s NXT, Beth Phoenix
said she is looking forward to
seeing Ranallo again next week, but time will tell whether he feels
ready to go. Many fans have claimed that Ranallo
is too thin-skinned for the business,
whilst others have said that Graves should’ve treated Mauro with
respect, and if he had an issue with
his commentary, should have discussed it backstage. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet,
Graves intended on the tweet being
part of the feud between RAW, SmackDown and NXT, as the
report read: “According to sources, Corey wrote
those tweets to play into the brand
warfare element of Survivor Series and the SmackDown
announcer planned to bring them up
on commentary in a joking manner when he was joined by Mauro at
the desk the following day.” Obviously, Ranallo didn’t enjoy these
comments, or the abuse he received
by fans of the Savior of Misbehaviour afterwards, as though
he and Shamrock did arrive at Survivor
Series during the day, he left a short time later. It’s unknown whether Graves will
receive any punishment from
WWE as he has made a public apology, but we hope that the
SmackDown commentator also
reached out to Ranallo personally to make things right. And finally today we’re ending with
a love story, as one WWE Super
star has formed a budding relationship with an unlikely
special someone. After Dave Batista announced he
was once again single, one fan said
the former World Champion should date Dana Brooke, and it seems
the overlooked WWE Superstar
agrees with that. In a series of tweets by both, there
has been some serious flirting going
on, as the Animal seems to have rebounded nicely from his last
relationship. In one of her latest tweets, Brooke
said she would DM the Marvel mega
star her number, and is looking forward to using some move on
him, that she’ll apply in the ring. Batista hasn’t exactly shied away
from reciprocating these feelings,
complimenting Brooke on her physique, and getting ready to
hang out with her in the future. There’s no word on when this
meeting will happen, though Brooke
did mention that WrestleMania 36 will be in Tampa next year, which
is the same city where Batista
lives. Whilst Dana will be hoping to be on
the card (though we doubt she will
be given her lack of proper feuds), it’s good to know that she’ll
have plenty to keep her occupied
during the week, namely her budding relationship with the former
World Heavyweight Champion, as
Brooketista is set to become the next big power couple in wrestling.


  1. Seth Rollins is after CM Punk because he was told to be after CM punk in order to ride his name and popularity in favor of some rating and attention

  2. The reason why Rollins is going after Punk is because Vince McMahon is putting him up to it they can make a lot of money with Punk coming back to WWE

  3. Ranallo Needs to man up and realize he’s not a child he’s a grown ass man and stop being a little bitch I’m live with manic depressive this for 20 years it doesn’t make you a pussy

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  7. Just because Rollins wants to kiss Vince's ass doesn't mean Punk has to…no one treated poorly by him SHOULD do it. I'm still hoping he signs anywhere else and flips Vince off. Liv could come back as a candied yam and I wouldn't care…she is smoking hot.

  8. Not surprised as saw rumors already them 2 facing each other
    Down the road meaning Seth Rollins ,CM punk
    Rumors is liv Morgan is eventually joining the firefly funhouse
    As Abby the witch

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