Serena Williams & Sexism in Sports – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Serena Williams & Sexism in Sports - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

this weekend was really interesting for me I so I went to the US Open I was lucky enough to be invited and I got to the game and I was there rooting for Serena through and through I think what Osaka did was amazing if you watched the game she was phenomenal played a perfect game and Serena even said this before she said when people play me they played their absolute best which is true you know everyone expects arena to win but everyone who comes is like this is my moment this is the greatest moment I'll ever have and Osaka was phenomenal and for those who don't know the broad strokes of what happened in the story were Serina was playing in the match and then the umpire said that gave Serena warning because he said hey you're your coach is coaching you which is against the rules in tennis which personally I don't understand at all I'm like what's a coach for the coach can't coach you that seems like a really weird thing because apparently like coaches are not supposed to coach you this is just supposed to come to your game and just be like mmhmm like it's a whip but they're not allowed to coach which i think is really dumb just let the people coach every sport has coaching do you not I mean imagine if like NBA coaches or like NFL coaches like the players would come up in the back coach what should we do now and they're like oh you're on your own no every sport is coaching let the people coach I want to see what you can do with coach like it's not like taking drugs over this your coach you know so that's the first part I don't get but either way yeah it like coaching is like a foul you can get out you can get a penalty because of doing that and so they warned her but most commentators have said that when the coach was trying to coach he was like trying to give Serena signal she was on the other side of the court she couldn't see anything so she gets the warning she goes what the hell are you talking about I wasn't looking at my coach and the umpire isn't look like he doesn't he's like almost like I don't care what you I'm just telling your coach was coaching he broke the rules so you get punished which is how the sport works right so Serena obviously she's not happy about this and then you know she like she has a point that doesn't go her way she breaks her racket and then the guy talks her a game point which is huge in tennis I mean you know there's a big deal and then like Serena got angry on the court which again sports people do this is a normal thing not just in tennis in every sports and it's just been interesting to see how the discussion has evolved and mold you know like Ann wants that people like Serena loses it on the court loses she's hysterical she just oh she's like yo we never say that about NBA players you know we never say that when LeBron is fighting about a fact if there was a foul event we never like LeBron lost it he lost all could he melt it was his meltdown when when baseball players rushed the umpire you know when they do that they never go like they had a meltdown look at all of them throwing a gent from there just like it got really passion and look at the passion in this game tempers flaring tempers flaring and then with Serena it's like she's really lost it she's just she needs to calm down she's like yo that's what a sportsman or sports woman will do in a game and then it became like this convoluted conversation of like is she being treated equally she's not being treated equally most tennis players came out and said hey look what she did all the guys do not just being coached but also talking trash to the ref to the umpire they were like yeah we all do that the only difference is we don't get penalized the same way and that's the conversation that's come out now is that like even in tennis even at that level of a sports you still see a discrepancy with how a man and a woman are treated in the same environment in the same work environments you know you you see these stories about like like Les Moonves with CBS where people though the women said they were afraid to come out on their side because they were worried that they would then become the target of what had happened but you see constantly that we don't live in a world where everyone is treated the same and now I'm not saying that Serena shouldn't be punished I'm saying it the other way around I'm saying like now with that the focus is on the guys where it's like why aren't they being punished do you know what I mean why aren't they being called out on these things why aren't they because it's got to be equal one way or the other either everyone fights or everyone gets punished now I personally think everyone should fight I think that's more fun I think I want to see that I want to see records being smashed I want to see people dissing umpires you thief you are a thief I want to see that like that was amazing like I thought it was fantastic and I think Sarina has a good point it is you like it's just you fighting for yourself you


  1. The Williams sisters have always got shit not just as women but as dark skinned women that have dominated tennis the fact that they are dark skinned women that were beating everyone was a problem in a traditionally white dominated sport I'm just keeping it real I'm not on a hate white people rant. Serena is a strong opinionated black women and more important successful and the best at what she does and the world we live in that's always going to be an issue just calling it as I see it I am black but I'm a male and I can still sympathize and recognise the points I have spoke on.

  2. You are really ignorant. Tennis is a gentlemen sport, the mindset of player is really important and is part of the hole set of skills that a player needs to have. Stamina for longer hours, strategy, compousure, respect toward the other player and the umpire.

  3. y’all didn’t get the point, y’all are saying he’s on Serena’s side but that’s not what he is saying. he’s talking about sexism dummy’s

  4. A lot of haters here! So disappointed! The Williams sisters have had a lot to put up with in their sport. I will continue to pray for them.

  5. you should be ashamed of yourself Trevor, for standing with wrong, as should Serena Williams. This has greatly taken your credibility down. SHAME

  6. the comment section has clearly misunderstood the intention Trevor's trying to point out. it's in the title of the video: sexism. it's the double standards against the reactions of female athletes. so it's okay for male athletes to show fury to decisions made but its not okay when female atheletes react?

    like in soccer when an accidental tackle happens in the penalty box and the player loses it, commentators call out clean "he's furious" like it's all right cos hes a man?? but here, selena fumes and she gets called on like a child wth "throwing tantrum" like shes a little girl??? jeez people.

  7. I have to comment on these comments I’m scrolling through. Ive seen this on three separate occasions, where the comments he made, people don’t universally agree with and the hate comes out. It’s as If Trevor’s haters watch to hear him say something they don’t agree with to attack. There are times when I don’t agree with Trevor’s comment but really all this hate. He is giving his personal opinion. He also agreed that she should be fined but it’s the way the situation was being portrayed in the media. WTH!!!

  8. Men rarely lose a game point as a consequence of swearing, being coached, breaking rackets, etc. It happens so often that if a racket doesn’t get destroyed in a men’s match, it’s not worth watching. And compare John McEnroe’s entire vulgarity-filled career to Serena losing a game point in the final of a Grand Slam as the result of calling the umpire a “thief” – no swearing involved.

  9. Yall sayin he's defending Serena, yall miss the whole point. Hes talking about the equality between man and woman, no relation of her doing and Osaka.

  10. Firstly men do get punished. Secondly, are you saying women should keep doing the same mistakes men have done just to feel equal? That's not being feminist. That's loving the idea of being a feminist. That's being an opportunist and entitled.

  11. Do u even know the tennis rules ? At least do u even know different rules ? Like in boxing u can punch but not in a basketball

  12. See he's no clue about what he's talking about. Coaches are allowed on court to coach once per set. During a grand slam (like the US Open aka this match) coaching is forbidden at any time.
    Don't talk about things you don't know about

  13. Dude even you don't believe the shit coming out of your mouth. So did a man make her lose Australia too?? Lol

  14. this is so pathetically hilarious… even the crowd is DISGUSTING.
    why did i even bother to watch this biased video?!

  15. Wow, I'm just now clearly seeing how wrong I've been about this dude.. This dude is really defending that other dude , Wow! No longer a fan of yours..

  16. Apparently you are black so you are on the same side as Serena. But it's bcoz of influential people like you supporting and spreading the wrong message that people like Serena can get away with it even after she acted all mighty and like an entitled kid. Sorry but Mr. Trevor, you are wrong here. I'm actually ashamed at how biased you could be.

  17. I haven't seen the match but I do believe men are usually treated differently then women (even in tennis). Having said that; that still Doesn't excuse her for saying those things to the Umpire if she's said those things to him.

  18. Serena Williams is aiming to put the disappointment of two major final losses in 2018 behind her and surpass Margaret Court's record grand slam haul this year, according to her coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

    Former world number one Williams returned to the WTA Tour last March, just six months after giving birth to her daughter and suffering complications in the aftermath, and managed to reach the finals of Wimbledon and the US Open.

    The American, who was forced to pull out of the French Open due to a shoulder issue, lost to Angelique Kerber at the All England Club and went down to Naomi Osaka at Flushing Meadows, a match that was overshadowed by her dispute with umpire Carlos Ramos.

  19. Serena Williams has returned to the top 10 in the tennis rankings for the first time since taking a break to have her first child.

    Williams dropped as low as 491st upon her return to competition in March 2018 but is up to No. 10 after reaching two Grand Slam finals since, losing to Angelique Kerber at Wimbledon and Naomi Osaka at the U.S. Open.

  20. Margaret Court has 24 singles majors, an all-time record. In 1970, Court became the first woman during the open era to win the singles Grand Slam. Serena Williams is the winner of 23 Major singles titles the most in this open era.

  21. Guys. Trevor isn’t saying that she shouldn’t get the points docked. He’s just commenting on the fact that she is being attacked for getting mad, as if that doesn’t happen in almost every male sport ever.

  22. and this is the video that made me lose all respect i had for this man
    the same umpire issued the same punishments to other male players earlier the same year and the way she acted and turned all heads around from the biggest moment of naomi's life this was wrong totally wrong
    and karma is not always a bitch glad naomi got another moment at the australian open
    this was not fair trevor not fair

  23. be a liberal hack like Noah where you have to take a certain position on everything. He has no objectivity.

  24. Like who are we to point this out. Tre Va is an entertainer. We have become soooo righteous…I like rules and order, but I think the lay person should be at the same level of participation and commitment to their own lives in order to have a criticism at this level…

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