Self Defense against a Sucker Punch

Self Defense against a Sucker Punch

Hey guys, Nick Drossos and welcome to Code
Red Defense. Today, I’m going to give you guys one quick tip and it’s
something I’ve seen if you look at on YouTube very common in fights I’ve seen,
there’s one thing that people will always do prior to sucker punch and,
that’s take a step back. Which means, if his feet are parallel and
he’s talking to me at some point, he’s going to angle back. Just angle back and
start talking to me here. The instant I see this, it means he’s preparing or like
getting ready to throw that sucker punch, he’s either creating his distance and
his range or he’s getting ready to punch. So, what does that mean? If I’m here and I
see him step back and he does this, my hands come up, I’m going to step in and
strike. The best time to strike him is as he’s expanding. So, if he’s here,
go ahead he’s going for the sucker punch boom I’m going to step in right there, with
my palm coming in and my arms as well or going straight with the forearm into the
face. Again, action is faster than reaction right. So, you want to move in
when you see them widening up or willing to see you take that step back. Again,
I’ve seen tons of videos on YouTube of guys getting sucker punched, it’s always
the same thing, the guy takes the step back he looks around and he clenches his
fists, pace’s. All those are signs that the guy is getting ready. Don’t just stand
in front of him like this. Look at him, your hands come up, you start moving, you
start talking, you’re getting ready, I see you do this, boom. I’m going to pop him!
Don’t wait for him to throw that strike. The instant you see him angle off, the
instant you seem wind up, you step in. But guys, if you want to learn more self-defense, because we have a lot more, we have a great video Common Attacks, we’ll put the
link in the top of the comment box. So, go check it out. I want to thank you guys
for watching stay safe and stand strong. [Code Red Defense – Standing Alone in Self-Defense]


  1. Right when that sucker punch coming at me very fast I know it has comes after me so fast before Then When I get tried of it I start Dodging it so fast and hit the attacker so quick an could done pretty damage to his Head, Also I Bite His Arm That Hard and clap his Ears too,

  2. That's because the attacker is a Pro Boxer doesn't mean they can beat Alot people Ass that's not a Boxer Because their is Somepeople in this world that is not A Pro Boxers that they can't Sucker Punch too don't matter how hard They Try,

  3. I am quite sure there was a video by Nick on sucker-punch already… however, probably not mentioning specifically the wrongdoing stepping back.

  4. My best defense is to not get into a 75 square foot room with someone who wants to hit me… but your advice seems good, too.

  5. I always angle off. Keeps you from getting kicked in the balls, sets up Karate stance for kicks, punches, distance and faster reaction time. Also, protects you from the shove.

  6. I've only been sucker punched the once before, luckily the lad didn't have a clue how to punch with any real force and didn't know how to put any weight in to it. So I took it and ended up throttling him to the floor and then sparking him.
    People thought I was a 'bad man' for taking the suprise punch, I didn't want to say he was flat footed and it had barely any power behind it, I just basked in the "Granite jaw Godwin" (my Surname) comments outside the kebaby while I waited for me chips lol.

  7. This type of defense is great IF you can read the body language's opponent quickly.
    BUT!in the street or elsewhere when you find yourself in a conflict situation even if your mind tells you something is wrong you will barely block a sucker punch this way..
    The best way to block a sucker punch ( but is not blocking) is the helmet guard like if you style your hair, this is the way to block instantly if you haven't had time to see the punch coming.

  8. This is an wrong advice and is not self defence anymore. It is advising to over react. Better create distance yourself and raise your hands.


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