SEC Shorts – What if Tennessee’s 2019 season played like a boxing movie?

SEC Shorts – What if Tennessee’s 2019 season played like a boxing movie?

Ok lets have a nice clean schedule. 2019 season starts on my bell. Guarantano’s back. Jennings is back. We got a full deck of Jeremy Pruitt’s players. It’s gonna be a good season. You’re a dark horse to win the SEC East. Now you go out there and you show em what it’s like to be a Tennessee fan! *bell* *crowd boos* *bell* *bell* One more game like that and I”m calling off the season. Are you sure you wanna keep doing this? It’s all I know, Mick. But the Preds will be playing soon you can go watch them instead. No fan is built to take this kind of punishment,. Let’s dance. Radio: “And now Tennessee taking on their SEC East rivals..” “..and it is not getting any better from here.” “In fact, this is shaping up to be one of the worst seasons in Tennessee football history.” “Dark days indeed on Rocky Top.” That’s it I’m calling it! We’re putting the rest of your season tickets on Stub Hub. Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it! But Rock this ain’t no kinda life. The Vols are 1-4. Their worst start since 1988. It’s all I got, Mick. If I don’t have Volunteer football… …I got nuthin. It could get ugly out there. Pruitt’s misusing Titanic metaphors. I survived the Dooley years. This can’t break me. *bell* Radio “Well folks hold the phones just a second because it looks like Tennessee is starting to show a pulse.” “That’s right the Volunteers have won 2 out of their last 3 games…” “…and all of a suddenly bowl eligibility might just be back on the table.” “What an incredible turn around happening in Knoxville.” “And so it comes down to the 11th game of the season..” “Tennessee vs Missouri!” “Which one could possibly get to bowl eligibility.” I can’t go back out there. You quit your cryin! I’m spent, Mick! They got Kelly Bryant and we gotta play in 30 degree weather on the road. Now you listen to me you bum! If being a Tennessee fan were easy everybody would be doing it! Now get out there! Radio “And this is just incredible!” “Guarantano throws for over 400 yards!” “And Tennessee…left for dead in the middle of the season…” “Has somehow…miraculously..achieved bowl eligibility.” Yo Adrian! I did it!


  1. Fuck this channel. They lost all credibility with the "Tua (Tagliovia spelling?)" episode. He has absolutely nothing to do with Alabama's dominance. Fuck him.

  2. Ok so, Alabama fans, when a team doesn't win enough games they sometimes don't make it to a bowl game. I sensed some confusion from you. I know it's weird, right?

  3. Tennessee really did dig deep and turn around their season. It looked like pure disaster at a point. I'm impressed and I never thought I'd say this, I'm happy for them because I like Pruitt. Great video guys.

  4. I chuckled a lot at this, big Vols fan here. My takeaway was the line “If being a Tennessee fan were easy, everyone would be” for the past decade that statement has never been truer.

    Only quibble is that we are projected to go to the Taxslayer Bowl or even the Outback bowl over the Music City bowl. But I know SEC shorts can’t help but be a little biased.

  5. I give credit to the team. They could have quit but they did turn things around. Good to see the Football God's reward UT for their love of the bullied kid. I want to see a handwritten UT orange out.

  6. Kinda want to take a year off of watching and paying attention to college football and only watch Sec shorts to get my college football updates, just to see what it would be like

  7. Shoulda waited on more week when we KO vandy and mason and then said while holding up a "cant spell citrus without UT sign" yelled…YO SPURRIER…..WE DID IT!!!!!

  8. As someone from Knoxville, not a UT fan, I was at the UT/UK game, live in KY, and I told the people I was with, UK fans, watch that Brauermecher kid, yes I know misspelled, start and not get going and then that Guarantano kid come in and pull it off. They didn’t believe me but the D is what really won it. (As a fan of neither team it was actually funny to see the UK people being all sad thinking their bowl season was done)

  9. Man 2 years ago was the 1st time in vols history they wasnt bowl eligible…they went bowlijg every single year and still got the 2nd best all time record in all categories in the sec

  10. Fantastic short! I've been a Missouri fan since I could walk, I grew up on Mizzou football, with a picture of the columns hanging in my house since birth, and I've said for years that if you're a Mizzou fan who doesn't know how to laugh at themselves, then you're in for a bad time.

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