Sea Smackdown 2.0. Attack of Gearing | World of Warships

Sea Smackdown 2.0. Attack of Gearing | World of Warships

Hi everyone! Did you know that the pixel
seas of World of Warships are inhabited by monsters even
more terrifying than the Kraken? They sink tens of ships and
then leave without retribution. It’s Sea Smackdown 2.0 and we’re going
to tell you about one such monster. The great Dreameater is here
to comment on the action. A player nicknamed Ronin entered the battle hoping
to complete the Halsey Campaign. They had only one mission left:
achieve 1st place in their team and score 12 instances of fire or
flooding on destroyers or carriers. The hero of today’s analysis—player
_RONIN—chose Gearing for their task, and then taught us all a lesson
or two about playing on this ship. Gearing was tuned
for her main guns. The player had
Adrenaline Rush and Last Stand, with the remaining points
going to the main guns. Namely—
Advanced Firing Training, Basic Firing Training,
and Demolition Expert. At the beginning of the battle, having
noticed that the radar-equipped cruisers had departed the left flank, our hero
decided to profit from the situation. A group of enemies was spotted in
the distance—time for a torpedo salvo! What a bummer for Kurfürst! They
noticed a lonely battleship just in time! Our hero launches
torpedoes like this: one towards the aft
considering that Roma will reverse, another—a little closer
to the bow, expecting that Roma will stop reversing and move
forward at the first opportunity. Five hits and the first medal! No time to rejoice
though—Loyang is spotted. Time to engage them in a duel! Loyang makes several mistakes. Firstly, she moved bow first,
if she had shown her side, she could have turned,
hidden in the smoke, and ran away. Another important mistake—
entering the battle without perks. Gearing has an armor plate
in the central part of her hull. It’s 21 mm thick and
the majority of destroyers can’t penetrate it without the
“Inertia Fuse for HE Shells” skill. As a result, Loyang
reduces Gearing’s HP pool by a mere 2,000
points before perishing. Time for a little payback from
Kurfürst! Ok, who first to shoot at? For example, Stalingrad isn’t
looking in our direction at all— an excellent reason
to start a couple of fires on her. Our hero fired at her
for a while, then a little more, and finally Stalingrad
burned and slid under! It’s the middle
of the battle. What to do? Many of their allies,
almost the entire team, are holding a defensive
formation near the base. The enemy is also
there in great numbers. The desired fire and flooding
ribbons have almost been gathered, and 100,000 damage
will guarantee first place. It’s time to head
to the enemy base. Someone must be there
protecting it—Conqueror, for example. Let’s see how good Conqueror
is at dodging torpedoes. Our hero launches one
torpedo spread at Conqueror just shy of the
white target lead cone, in case the battleship decides
to slow down or maneuver. They launch the second spread a little
in front of the target lead line, expecting that Conqueror
might also sail at full speed and turn away from the
enemy at the same speed. Well, she’s not good at maneuvering,
but quite capable of repairs. In that case, it’s high
time to set her aflame! Setting the long-lasting American
smoke, sailing at 1/4 of the speed, and staying concealed,
she showers the Brit with HE shells. When the center is burning, she switches her fire first
to the bow, and then the aft. Three fires.
The outcome is predictable. The enemy concentrated
its forces near our base, providing an excellent occasion
to rob them of their home. But the capture is contested, meaning that a destroyer
is somewhere in the Key Area. There it is! A lonely Shimakaze pounces on
our hero, also without Inertia Fuse. As a result,
she perishes very quickly. With Inertia Fuse, she would have dealt
significantly more damage to Gearing, and would have played a vital
role at the end of the battle. So, Shimakaze had no chances. Now, we can capture the base while
looking for a new target to keep busy. Where is Kurfürst looking?
Clearly, away from us. Let’s shoot at her little. But as soon as the German
turns its guns toward us, it’s time to set a smoke screen. The enemy also deploys smoke—
let’s probe them with torpedoes. Here’s the smoke’s
source—Kitakaze! She’s a dangerous opponent,
albeit a bit battered. The Japanese ship manages
deals more damage to our hero than our hero deals to them. That’s because Kitakaze had
learned the Inertia Fuse skill, allowing them to inflict
significantly more damage. If Kitakaze had received
any help from her allies, Gearing would
have returned to Port. But they didn’t help. It’s time to
show them the error of their ways. Ouch, Kurfürst’s secondary
battery is really terrifying, another salvo like that and the battle
would have been over for our hero. But now we have another two
minutes to leisurely fire at Friedrich. Only 54 seconds left,
but we won anyway! Edinbrugh became
the final frag of our hero, some 20 seconds
before the end of the battle. Ronin got lucky: nine frags and the account record
on Gearing is in their hands! 252,000 damage, five medals,
and nine frags! Excellent! The recipe for victory turned out to be
quite easy: follow a set of simple rules and each battle you play will be as
successful as the one fought by Ronin. For showing
outstanding skills, our hero has been
rewarded with 3,000 doubloons. The next episode could
very well be about you! Send us the capture
of your epic battle!


  1. free to play….pay to win…all world games…tanks,warships and warplanes….pay to win….pay to win….and epstein did not kill himself….

  2. En el servidor de Europa todos juegan asi de subnormal? Un roma campeando en su base, un dd que quiso hundir al chico del video mientras este se estaba retirando, un bb que sabiendo que hay un dd en la zona va en todo momento regalando su browside, y un shimakaze que se hizo detectar…

  3. though i don;t quite like the idea mention the IFHE skill so many times that may look like encouraging players to take it for no matter which destroyers thay are having.

  4. Correcting if I am wrong — but the term "Frag" in NA is typically reserved for killing your Officer or NCO and sometimes platoon member on purpose — because they endanger the rest of the platoon etc .. AKA team kill — maybe a different term for an awesome 9 kill acheivement is in order… cheers

  5. Yeah great battle… When Radar and Hydro seems to be disabled… or you are playing against people who don't know that these two exist…

  6. While it's from the previous patch, I have a Jervis game for you:

    Username: AllardLiao117
    Server: NA

  7. You know I asked the question in the live stream today about is the Musashi coming back and I get a half baked question they think I asked is the high school Fleet skin coming back which it's already out now because they're doing the high school Fleet collaboration again I was hoping for the Musashi to come back but all . Was answer stating about the high school Fleet skin for the Musashi not the ship itself I would like it if the ship come back that's all I want

  8. Well this was narrated for a authentic cringe worthy experience. Either this is made for 12 year olds or the production team need to tidy things up a bit. Production value score (morning TV kids show quality)

  9. Shimakaze: Is a torpedo boat that's not supposed to invest heavily in gun power
    The "Expert": "[…] Also without IFHE. As a result she perishes very quickly."
    Kitakaze: Can penetrate Gearing's belt without IFHE
    The "Expert": "Kitakaze had learned the IFHE skill, allowing her to inflict significantly more damage."
    10/10 – would consult the Expert again
    Can we just get the old Sea Smackdown back please?

  10. Becuz Shimakaze doesn't have IFHE, she can't deal much damage to the Gearing. And who in the right mind play Shimakaze with IFHE? Also why Shimakaze go that close to Gearing or she has 8km torps equip or something.

    Kitakaze doesn't have IFHE but dude Kitakaze got /4 so she can pen Gearing easily unless this clip is from WW1.

    Bring Yuro here instead pls.

  11. with all due respect ….. not all ship #DD need IFHE …….. u asking a trop boat to gun boat …. even building for the guns u won't win the fight to gun boat , cause u dont have DPS …. so plz stop making anyone think build for guns in all ship

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