Scotland’s First Openly Gay Wrestler: Christopher Saynt

Scotland’s First Openly Gay Wrestler: Christopher Saynt

I am proud to say that I am Scotland s first
openly gay wrestler. It doesn’t matter what I do and who I lie down with, I’m still a
wrestler. If I can make people see that and be positive in their life that’s what matters
to me. I came out to like family and stuff and then I did a YouTube video. I’m going
to be the wrestler that I want to be. I did it for the reason of people need to know that
it’s ok to be who you are and I got a lot of support from the wrestlers, I got a lot
of support from family and I got a lot of support from everyone but when it came to
the fans there was a few weeks of bad bad bad bad messages. Sometimes it wouldn’t even
be just it would just be a short sentence of ‘wish you were dead’, ‘you shouldn’t be
in wrestling’, ‘your parents hate you . The worst one for me is ‘you’re a failure for
who you are and what you do.’ That one stung because at the time I�was really proud of
what I was doing. When you look back at it it still actually really hurts. It just baffles
me that some people haven’t managed to progress going past live and let live. As much as you
look at wrestling and you go ‘it’s flamboyant, there’s loads of glitter, there’s men in spandex’
you sit down and go ‘wrestling’s pretty gay’. It’s actually quite it’s still a very masculine
sport, it’s still a very masculine world. Bringing the drag queens to the ring all started
with my partner at the time. She started coming into the ring with me, getting involved in
matches and all these different things, and then eventually you’d have like four or five
of them coming to the ring with me. Letting her train meant the world to her. It started
about a brief conversation in a living room to walking to the ring together, hand in hand,
battering people. So many people made so many positive comments and people would send me
messages saying ‘I came out because of you. I came out to my parents because of you. As
soon as I kind of figured out who I was as a person and what was going to make me the
happiest I could be in my life that was that moment where I went ‘I am a gay man’ and I’ve
not looked back.


  1. 😂 😂 😂 Remember wrestlers rikki the model? From m the 90's, now he looked gay but was straight. This guy should put on pink custome too piss off the crowd even more! 😁

  2. When’s the bbc going to do a documentary about a normal heterosexual English male
    Stop paying your license fee for this Marxist trash!!

  3. Its great he’s open about his sexuality but why do we make such a big thing about it!?
    He’s a wrestler first and who ever he loves or sleeps with is his business, not ours.

  4. Respect to ya Chris!!! I'm suprised this would be anything special, I thought that most of the world had moved on. We live in a much more enlightened time (the 70s were a long time ago) but if there is still some homophobia then it's people like you moving things on. Nice one mate!!!

  5. I think he is really straight.

    He is claiming to be gay so that other wrestlers will refuse to wrestle him; thereby he wins by default.

    Yes, I am joking….

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