Sasha Banks GONE FROM WWE FOR GOOD After Scary Experience Goes Too Far? – WWE News

Sasha Banks GONE FROM WWE FOR GOOD After Scary Experience Goes Too Far? – WWE News

What’s going guys and welcome back to wrestling
world! Today we’ll be taking a look at all of the
Sasha Banks drama that took off after Wrestlemania 35 and how wwe almost lost Sasha for good Now that the rumors and everything have settled
down and her hiatus has been over for a long time , we finally know what was true and what
wasn’t true so let’s get into it So this whole messy situation started right
after Wrestlemania 35 Sasha Banks and Bayley had just became the
first ever wwe women’s tag team champions a few weeks before Wrestlemania Now behind the scenes, Sasha banks and Bayley
were the only ones that were really hammering the idea to Vince McMahon about women’s
tag titles Sure, all of the women played a role in the
creation of the titles, but Sasha and Bayley were the most consistent ones and were talking
to Vince McMahon about the titles every single day Vince McMahon and wwe finally gave in and
created the women’s titles for a 2019 release date And to award Sasha and Bayley for everything
they did for the creation of the titles, wwe decided to make them the first ever tag champs They were obviously emotional and had major
plans to make these titles even bigger than they already were, but this is where the problem
kicked in Only a few weeks after winning the titles
and barely even defending it, Sasha and Bayley were set to lose the titles at Wrestlemania This was something that Sasha and Bayley heavily
disagreed with The women’s tag titles were brand new and
they didn’t want the titles to already have that “hot potato” effect of changing hands
so fast between multiple tag teams Sasha and Bayley wanted to create a historic
reign so that it will actually mean something when they eventually lost the titles down
the line But those plans were denied and they ended
up losing the titles to the iconics, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, at Wrestlemania 35 Now like we mentioned before, wwe did have
big plans for the iconics’ reign and that’s why they won the titles at mania The Bellas Twins were set to return the week
after Wrestlemania 35 and head right a feud with the iconics for the women’s tag titles However these plans were destroyed after Nikki
Bella had re-injured her neck and had a cyst on her brain The Bellas return was cancelled and the IIconics
title reign also ended up being a little messy as well As the women’s tag champions, the the iconics
were kept off of television for several weeks and it just really hurt the titles even more But going back to Sasha banks, what happened
that Wrestlemania weekend? Now the popular bogus rumor was that Sasha
Banks and Bayley protested dropping the titles by lying down on the floor in the locker room As well as the rumor of Sasha Banks walking
out of wwe with no intention to return to the company So let’s go over what’s true and not true
there Bayley and Sasha have addressed the “throwing
a tantrum” rumor and said that it never happened and was a false rumor But Sasha banks, the wwe character, addressed
the rumor on raw when she returned and said that it did happen This was reportedly a line made by Paul heyman
that took a bogus popular dirt sheet rumor and implemented it into a character’s story
And in Sasha’s case, get her more heat since she was just beginning her heel turn at the
time He believed that Sasha owning up to the tantrum
rumors would really get the fans to turn on her even more so that’s why it was included
in the promo That rumor was always hard to believe, the
thought of them lying on the floor and pleading to keep the tag titles does seem a bit ridiculous Maybe Sasha and Bayley did plead to keep the
titles in a professional way but the whole tantrum story never happened the part of everything that was true was the
fact that Sasha Banks walked out of wwe with likely no intention to return Sasha was frustrated with her position and
all of the false promises from wwe especially after they lost the tag titles Losing the tag titles so fast was what made
sasha finally snap and lose hope in the wwe Sasha did take 5 long months away from wwe
with little to no updates about her status with the company She had turned her hair color back to its
natural color, she started going by her real first name, and even started following AEW This made wwe fans really wonder what was
going on between Sasha and wwe After being gone forever, Sasha finally agreed
to meet with Vince McMahon and they ended up working it out Wwe network even did a documentary of the
few days leading up to Sasha’s wwe return and she was very emotional about being away
from her passion for so long Sasha did return right into the main event
scene but was unable to capture the women’s championship and now tags along with Bayley Of course there’s a lot of story to easily
tell there Sasha can turn on Bayley at any time and they
can come up with some story line of her being tired of being Bayley’s sidekick and finally
challenge Bayley for the title But championship or not, Sasha Banks is being
heavily featured on Wwe television again so maybe that’s all she really wanted And the title win for Sasha banks will still
be coming up in the near future as well It was a really close call and wwe almost
lost one of their biggest female superstars for good, but Vince McMahon was able to make
the save What are your thoughts on this situation? Leave your comments and Thanks for watching


  1. They gave her a title opportunity, she took it. And then she lost both of them. TWO TIMES. If she doesn't win the RR, i don't know why they asked her back. I don't know if anyone else can see it, but to me, it looks like she's losing her faith and love again. She's my favorite. They need to stop treating her badly, or else they'll lose her.

  2. Sasha Banks,Bayley>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The Iconics,alexa bliss nikki cross, The Kabuki Warriors

  3. Your wrong bad info, Sasha needed time off, she was in a state of depression that's why they dropped the titles

  4. Change the way you title these videos because what you talked about wasn't relevant to the title. You take bogus, popular dirtsheet rumors and make them into videos 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. I used to like Sasha but now she is rude to her fan's & ignorant! Now Bayley is starting to be rude to her fan's. I'm glad they lost their tag team belts!

  6. Hot potato title changes. Meaningless lesbian storyline. Becky lynch is the new cena. Evolution was like a one time thing. Mae young challenge dissapeared. C'mon man. I know the men can't bring it like they used to but the women's division needs more respect than the current garbage that's going on.

  7. I didn't blame Sasha Banks for leaving WWE for a while because when she made it to the main roster they completely buried her over Charlotte Flair and although I do like Alexa Bliss better than Sasha Banks I didn't agree with them giving her a 8 day title run with Alexa bliss either Sasha is talented and can put on a 5 star match but yet though people going to call her a crybaby cuz she got fed up with them giving her rip off title runs smdh

  8. Sasha and Bayley have to realize it's not about what they
    want…'s about what the fans want…..what Vince wants …. what Fox wants
    and what USA Network wants ……. lol.

  9. Sasha is the best and should be treated better but no wwe and vince don't know talent if it punched them in the face like aj styles did to vince they wanna use the same fucking superstars over and over

  10. Soooooooo the title is just to get people to watch and it's really not relevant to this documentary and is this a computer talking or a person 🤷‍♂️

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