Ryzen 3900X Review vs. 9900K – OC, Gaming, Streaming!

Ryzen 3900X Review vs. 9900K - OC, Gaming, Streaming!

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  1. 1080P60 Fast on twitch is useless for fast game. So much pixelization at 6000k and at this point, just use the NVENC. Same result more fps

  2. Hey Optimum, can you do a complete video on the best Ryzen 3900X Build for the Ncase M1? That would be awesome!

  3. The best thing about these 3rd Gen Ryzen Cpu's is the fact they're gonna be used in next Gen consoles effectively eliminating the 30fps Jaguar limitation, and also killing the Pc master race mentality finally as I'm super stoked for these awesome cutting edge next Gen machine's !

  4. Of course intel fanboy will alway stay with Intel no mattter what 🙃
    Who prefer i9 when fucking ryzen cost like half of it, Intel fanboy.
    Many Intel fanboy cry in celebration that this channel give them "the fucking truth"
    haha boys, the truth is you guys alway will comment "Thank AMD for competition that lower price Intel" 🤣so sad this time you guy must find a tiny bit of any better edge Intel could make to use in the fight after all Intel fanboy is fucking scare and seem leak from Intel 10th is once again proving Intel is a bastard 🙃 kabylake flashback to coffee lake hahahahaha what a scummy scam 🤣

  5. So no reason to upgrade for me from 2700x for 1440p gaming at all. I sure enjoyed the hype show though.

  6. The thing with Intel is that if it says 5.0ghz on the fucking box, you get 5.0ghz. What is this AMD bullshit running Blender renders at 4.1 instead of 4.6? Utter scammy bullshit. Also your 3900x vcore is way, way too high.

  7. great job, but i wait a couple of months to see reviews, for ryzen and navi, we all know that amd improves whit the drivers updates… for example my brother mobo x370 doesnt recognizq ryzen 5 3600 now, just wait…

  8. Check the standard bios voltages refer to Jays TwoCents he found almost all the voltages were incorrectly set by a big margin this may account for the idle power levels you experienced.
    Be very interested to see revisited results after 12 months when the Ryzen 3 has had time to mature drivers, bios etc.

  9. So basically 3900x gets beaten by a 8400 budget cpu for gaming.

    Welp maybe 4000 series will get up there with intel.

  10. I hate to say this but Intel is still on top. If you want gaming, the 3900x and the i9 9900k are now the same price, and the i9 still wins in almost all tests and some by a good margin. This is coming from a 2700x owner.

  11. Intel still the king in gaming performance. AMDick fanbois.. You can go cry in the corner now. It's okay! xD

  12. Have you noticed the trend where Intel 9900K is wastly superior in games with an NVidia gpu while with 5700XT or Radeon VII it seems to be opposite?
    Before everyone says because it just gimps both GPUs, it seems like the radeons actually achieve more fps than with intel CPU's making it a closer competition with even same performance Nvidia GPU's.

    Overall there seems to be a problem with Nvidia+Ryzen like there was a problem in Zen+ release, Nvidia drivers probably the one to blame here.

    Also I would really like someone to test real Low Latency timings with fixed subtimings like the tFAW and tRFC values, they increased Zen+ values so much even without overclocking the RAM at all. Would make it show what's the performance is for real for someone OCing enthusiasts who actually pays 500$ for the CPU and then buys good RAM with it. Now I've just seen the basic JEDEC benchmarking where Intel will rain supreme due to less memory latency.

  13. if you overclock you make the cpu not able to boost on one core to 4.5 ghz with overdrive and that reduces gaming performens

  14. RYZEN 3rd Gen just retired the 2nd to 7th gen used markets in many ways… #Price vs IPC
    B450 and 3600/X and 3200XMP or higher.

  15. no one streams at "fast" in obs because it's crap, but i bet it was the only setting in obs that 9900k would beat 3900x while gaming and encoding, why don't you put that setting in medium or even slow to see what happens? or both one on fast and one on slow so both cpu can be on the top idc, what i care bout is showing exactly where every cpu shines.-

  16. Bless You for compare CPU and GPU results in blender. Can you write here in comments section what result is when we turn on Hybrid Rendering CPU/GPU in Blender 2.8? Thank You.

  17. your results are pretty good, however there are also a lot of other games where the 3900x is at the same level as the 9900k, your review just lacks games, and your games turns to intel advantage

  18. OMG 70MB VS 16MB OF L3 CACHE, that is freaking insane… and 4 more cores… dear god


  19. I would really like to see more livestreaming benchmarks ,across a wider variety of games and with differente presets .

  20. Glad to see someone with actual results. So many say the new ryzen 3th gen are the best gaming cpus, while intel is still faster. But yea if you also do other things then I would also get a ryzen chip.

  21. You need a larger sample size of games Far Cry 5 is one of the worst-performing games on AMD CPU's and as such makes it seem you`re showing biased in Intel's favor.

  22. There is definetly something wrong with your System, how on Earth are you barely gettin more FPS than a 2600?

  23. Can you make video about x570 motherboards fan. Are they even spinning or make any noise. No one still not make any video about this but that boards come out everyone talk about those fans first.

  24. I think is important to mention that the tsmc 7nm silicon is kind of limited by the imposed amd locks so that i stays very efficient and because of that when one of the 3 locks is hit even if the other 2 are not, youre cpu will stop increasing the frequency and you hit that frequency wall. Here are the silicon frequency locks described on the anandtech article:
    "Package Power Tracking (PPT): The power threshold that is allowed to be delivered to the socket.
    This is 88W for 65W TDP processors, and 142W for 105W TDP processors.
    Thermal Design Current (TDC): The maximum amount of current delivered by the motherboard’s voltage regulators when under thermally constrained scenarios (high temperatures)
    This is 60A for 65W TDP processors, and 95A for 105W TDP processors.
    Electrical Design Current (EDC): This is the maximum amount of current at any instantaneous short period of time that can be delivered by the motherboard’s voltage regulators.
    This is 90A for 65W TDP processors, and 140A for 105W TDP processors."

    I think Intel has a way wider margin on those , and i think is one of the reasons why those intel cpus clock much higher but also draw much more juice , amd wanted those to be efficient , the vrms on x570 are way overdone for those power draw limits, also in terms of cooling wouldnt be a problem for some high end noctua cooler or good aio , but it doesnt matter since your locked by amd and that pbo it think doesnt really cross the power boundaries , or if it does is very limited %

  25. I think I will buy a Ryzen 9 3900X because of some tasks:
    Cinebench Benchmarks
    Gaming while Streaming
    And more

  26. Can you make a 4K game benchmark?

    I know that in higher resolutions the cpu isn’t needed as much as in FHD.

    I just think that when you have a Ryzen 9 you have a 4K Monitor and would be more realistic.

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