Rowan ambushes Buddy Murphy: SummerSlam Kickoff 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Rowan ambushes Buddy Murphy: SummerSlam Kickoff 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)

>>Both of these men aware the magnitude of the opportunity
willing to throw caution to the wind to pick up a big W here
to kick things off at Summer Slam.>>And taunts his opponent.>>Wait a minute.>>Where the hell did Rowan come from?>>[NOISE] The man that Buddy Murphy
pointed a finger at, responsible for the incident involving Roman Reigns
a number of weeks ago.>>Obviously. And not taking too kindly to
the implication made by Buddy Murphy in the heat of the moment.>>Good grief.>>Roman was attacking Buddy Murphy. Now more of the same from the Redwood.>>Look at, Rowan go. Rowan is sending a very physically
intrusive message to Buddy Murphy. Just launched.>>Snitches get stitches.


  1. The guy that said snitches get stitches at the end is the say guy who told Keanu Reeves that he is breath taking.maybe he will get 2k20

  2. Wow amazing performance by Rowan congrats on crushing and destorying Buddy Murphy for the win. He totally deserved the beatdown and you deserved the win tonight.

  3. Now i think vince has done with Roman .If wwe has to put him in summerslam poster then why he didn't show up in summerslam

  4. I wonder why Rowan attacked Buddy Murphy?, could he be right?, and why was Daniel looking like that?, Is he starting to have doubts and believe Rowan really did it?

  5. Oh damn, this was for sure expected. I say this because Rowan is one of those wrestlers that likes to hunt down their targets. But if this means that Buddy Murphy is now a face, let’s see how this goes.

  6. Once again buddy Murphy is thrown like a pillow

    Also snitches do get stiches he shoulda gotten a forklift on Murphy too

  7. That guy at the end was Savage, I wish Goldberg came out and Jackhammered that guy instead and then Braun puts him in an ambulance that he tips over later.

  8. Unbelievable i cant believe anything alll that happen. First attack roman reign and attack buddy murphy nowhere too

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