When I was in the gym I felt like I was
a superman because I was so strong and I was so in control In the world of professional bodybuilding the name “Ronnie Coleman” stands alone there has never been an athlete physically able or willing to take the sport beyond the limits of human expectations Ronnie did it to the extent that the sport may never witness again There is nothing like having your hard work pay off because when I put myself to a task of doing something I go all-out If you don’t have desire, attitude and a focus for something it’s not gonna happen I never ever ever stop Did bodybuilding come naturally to you or
was it a tough struggle all the way? Bodybuilding has been pretty easy for me.
I mean it’s just I think mainly a focus and to be something. It takes a lot of time but I’m dedicated I just never gave up and I always believed in myself and progression of the body that’s really what kept me motivated to continue I knew then that I had something that I can battle Ronnie with and that was really what drove me into 2001 The guy trained like a beast and I used
to watch this his training stuff and say “Damn! How can he do that, you know, I’m not that strong I want to be that strong… So in the line-up when I was standing next to Ronnie, people are like “Holy shit, Jay is beating Ronnie Coleman!” In 2001 Jay Cutler nearly beat Ronnie In 2001 it was a close call between Ronnie and myself and of course Ronnie was victorious but I just felt a little more time on my side would be a little better and basically what I’m
shooting for this year is is to present obviously the best package that I’ve presented. This year I want to be a totally different bodybuilder Jay rumor has it that you are about 290
pounds right now you put out a lot of muscles was last year, not that you need it more. I want to know can you take down the champ? I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could, right? Basically he said he can whip Ronnie’s ass All these guys sitting around here talk
about what they gonna do Hey this is the show. Talk is cheap If you wanna do some, we can do some right now Hell I’m 300 pounds too! What you wanna do?! Is there a man who has a chance to defeat THE KING? Сan you beat Ronnie tonight? Of course Jay Cutler said you a 100% beatable What do you say about that? I say “JAY CUTLER IS SMOKING CRACK AND HE AIN’T IN HIS RIGHT MIND!” LIGHT WEIGHT! I knew eventually he was going to get
older and he was going to start breaking down and that’s, I think, where it
actually came into play I love Jay he’s one of the best guys out there in this sport.


  1. The real truth jay was trying his best nd never give up…
    But acc. To me kai green is a looser
    Who give up to phil if he also be trying he must beat phil

  2. Ronnie is the best ever. Jay was a very good bodybuilder but Phil was better the Jay. Arnold is not the best ever just the most popular

  3. A real champion always needs another to test himself against, to raise the bar even higher. Respect to two men who gave their all to achieve crazy levels of musculature.

  4. athlete? 😀 mg, only thing what this guys started is way how to abuse all kind of steroids to look like peace of s..t and crap their healt till 50y.. this "sport" dies after arnold and lee haney, they used steroids, but for great shapes not for this breathless bubbleguts ghosts..

  5. Ronnie nd Jay competitive to one another that mkes them both motivated to one another .. after Ronnie retired Jay felt his not that excited anymore.

  6. How many times do I have to say this,,,,, If you cheat (use drugs) to get to the top,, you aren't good enough to be there in the first place,,,, Stop promoting these cheats,,,, 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Wilt vs Russell. Ali vs Frazier. Manning vs Brady. Arnold vs Sergio. Haney vs Yates. Coleman vs Cutler. ALL Classic Rivalries.

  8. get them some generator in the gym, could use energy consumed to make the facility energy efficient and 10 objects around

  9. This is supposed to be my day off the gym but after watching this I am ready to kill in the gym. Thanks for the awesome video😎🇨🇦

  10. What do you mean with motivation…these guys are totally unnatural. It hurts the eyes to see these many enhancing substances into play… and as far as I know Ronnie has destroyed his spine lifting weights. What a bad example to follow.

  11. I really feel sorry for this people who put all their life for this stupid sports which brings life threatening injuries and I am not against it but crossing the human body anatomy limits for what just for appreciation

  12. They had something that bodybuilders today don't have. They had each other 🙂 You can see also how much they love each other and how much respect they had. Just hope Ronnie will overcome health problems that he can workout for many many more years. He loves that more than his life. Great video 🙂

  13. Let me rephrase that: ronnie made sure he made full use of those steroids he took. He made sure every fibre and every muscle in his body is flowing with the freshest steroid every now and then. Then and only then will he be the one and only true mr olympia.

    Only then will he reign supreme over jay cutler, it's all about the battle of dem steroid intake bruh.

    But all truths aside, those two men achieved far more than what they set out to do. They made sure the whole world would tremble in fear when their name is being called out. Truly a monster in their own league bruh.

  14. That was war with fire 🏋️‍♂️💥💣😡once upon a time was Arnold vs Lou,Nasser vs Dorian,Ronnie vs Jay,Kai vs Phil.that was over the top😉💪

  15. Raiden you did it again. Amazing video. I feel like I just did a line of coke. No other YouTuber drops bodybuilding motivation videos on this level. None!

  16. Saw an interview jay cutler did once

    He said after Ronnie retried from bodybuilding

    “When Ronnie was gone, it wasn’t as fun anymore”

  17. “I beat an aging not a 100% Ronnie”, Jay Cutler.
    That’s why these 2 are so loved and respected. I don’t think a phill would’ve ever said that even if it was true.

  18. Incredible athlete but it can be very dangerous when they stop and retire ,Ronnie and it up in hospital recently yeah just be simple, because that's the extreme it's to much

  19. Those guys were some beast. When I didn't feel like working out, I would watch their videos for motivation. Now I need to start watching again because I picked up like 50 pounds of fat instead of muscle

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