Ronda Rousey locks Mickie James in an armbar during the main event: Raw, April 23, 2018

Ronda Rousey locks Mickie James in an armbar during the main event: Raw, April 23, 2018

Referee needs to get control,
this thing has broken down into chaos in a hurry.
>>My God. Nia is on the apron. No, no, no.
>>You gotta be kidding me.>>No.>>Nia just bowled through everybody.>>And so Natalya is beginning to regain some semblance of, no.
>>Come on now. Mickey James again with
another cheap shot. Worry about your teammate,
this is ridiculous. [NOISE]
>>This is personal guys, this is personal. [MUSIC]>>Wait a minute. [MUSIC] Natalya’s friend,
Ronda Rousey marching to the ring. [MUSIC] Ronda is here. [MUSIC]>>Enough was enough from Mickie James. Ronda Rousey has seen enough.
>>These two women talked all week long on social
media about, my God, Mickie James again. What is wrong with her? [NOISE]
>>Bad idea.>>I’m not sure that was wise.>>Yeah, Mickie I think you just tempted fate. [NOISE] Mickie, Mickie, Mickie. Look at Rousey. My God, wow. And fate knows the arm bar. [SOUND] [LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>How quick is Rousey?>>And Ronda Rousey wasn’t an actual legal participant in this match up.
>>Yeah, Natalya’s team is gonna suffer a disqualification here.
>>Who cares?>>Ronda Rousey just put on a display for the entire Raw women’s division. How impressive was that? [MUSIC]>>Ronda Rousey continues to impress and
dominate here on Monday Night Raw.


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