Ricochet vs. Elias: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

Ricochet vs. Elias: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

In three, two, one.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I’m begging you, please, don’t change the channel.>>Ladies and gentlemen,
this is history in the making. Tonight is going to be the first ever
uninterrupted Elias performance.>>This is gonna be big.>>Gonna be great.>>Here we go. [MUSIC]>>Maybe not.>>It could still be great.>>This could be an upgrade. [MUSIC]>>And there he is, Ricochet. [MUSIC]>>Elias, homie, I hate to break it to
you but people don’t come out here and interrupt you because it’s
the cool thing to do. Honestly, man, it’s because you suck.>>[NOISE]
>>Well, sorry, that’s just the way it is, it’s just that you kind of suck.>>Hey, I give you the credit,
that’s a clever insult. But listen, a guy that comes out here
dressed up like a comic book character isn’t gonna tell me what’s cool and
what’s not.>>[NOISE]
>>I tell you what. I’m gonna embarrass you
in this ring tonight. So let’s get a referee right now.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Elias doing the wise thing trying to avoid,
trying to create some distance but nowhere safe-
>>My God.>>My God.>>Elias just stepping out of the way,
and Ricochet landing hard.>>Ricochet got overzealous and
paid for it in a big way.>>One.>>And now what’s Elias going to do? Elias, uh-oh. I don’t know if Elias is worried about
collecting the winner’s purse tonight. This is about making a statement.>>Put that down,
put it down, put it down.>>The official doing his job and making sure that the guitar
doesn’t become part of the match.>>Poor heads prevail on Elias
bout got his kicked off.>>[NOISE]
>>And Elias down and out, what’s Ricochet looking to do,
perhaps he’s gonna fly. No one does it better. Elias still closing in. He’s trying to get to the guitar.>>This could be it.
>>And Ricochet up over the top.>>I think Elias’
shoulder was actually up.>>I agree with you.>>Here is your winner, Ricochet. [MUSIC]


  1. It's funny how Ricochet thinks Elias sucks… Elias is pure and raw talent. I wonder when the WWE will finally give him his breakthrough

  2. I love Ricochet and all but Elias deserves better than this, he's just being used to put other talent over with some comedy during his segments. He is a glorified jobber at this point and kinda in the same position Ambrose was before he left, I really hope he follows in Deans footsteps and goes to AEW after his contract ends

    And I don't mean leather!

  4. Idk why i feel like elias is actually good, nah seriously just listen to the times when he had a chance to play, oi vince let him play next night

  5. Don’t feel bad ricochet, even though you had that horrible script and botched twice, your match, even AJ Styles lost to a jobber, biggest creative botch in wrestling history.

  6. i just image the fans when triple H voice appears in ricochet theme music but instead of saying one man only there saying one h..e only!

  7. PUT THE CRUISERWEIGHTS BACK ON SMACKDOWN TOO , forget 205 live . You guys have too many shows and everything is everywhere

  8. Even though I've always wanted to see Elias do a good performance, both him and Ricochet had one hell of a match. Both men are worthy of being the future of both the WWE and wrestling all together. Although I do wish to see Elias have one performance without having interruptions. Also, I love the Nightwing outfit that Ricochet has.

  9. This match was a huge flop. WTF? Botched moves some sort of cart wheel flip on a imagery person. Guitar never used? Botched pinfall? Even the ringside fans were stunned.

  10. Elias deberia formar un grupo musical y dejar las cuerdas pues no enseña mas elias no se le ve nada…👎

  11. Why haven't Elias learned his lesson yet he's always gonna have someone interrupt him no matter how much times he shows up with the spotlight n guitar? 🤔

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