Rey Mysterio battles giants: WWE Top 10, Nov. 24, 2019

Rey Mysterio battles giants: WWE Top 10, Nov. 24, 2019


  1. please take them in now,,,,, wwe is moving over now,,,,,, i want whole world take them in now,,,,,,, i want whole world to watch this now,,,,,,, do something now,,,,,do it now,,,,right now,,,,,,thanks,,,,and happy holiday's now,,,,,bye

  2. I agree with Rey Mysterio. But that last one, Ray should have taken that bat and literally beating Brock Lesnar's leg with it until you couldn't compete for survivor series. That way he would have had the title by default.

  3. மூா்த்தி சிறுசு அப்படி'னாலும் கீா்த்தி பெருசு..

  4. Manee i miss the old wwe back in the 2000s it’s the not the same energy how it is nowadays… I miss the old wwe where all the underdogs were still wrestling .

  5. I've mentioned this before, but having Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker face-off against one another is a bad idea, regardless of how good a match those two could have. I still recall of Rey Mysterio breaking The Undertaker's nose during their World title match at the 2010 edition of the Royal Rumble. And on the legendary Undertaker's return some months later, Rey Mysterio broke The Undertaker's nose again, his orbital bone, as well as giving him a concussion during their number one contender's match.

  6. Mysterio To The Big Red Machine :O
    Mysterio to The Deadman :O
    Mysterio To The Monster #1 Henry :O
    Mysterio To The Beats :O
    Mysterio to The Monster #2 Big Show :O

    Mysterio Wow The Royal Rumble Winner 2006 <3

  7. I always thought his title match with taker at the 2010 Royal Rumble was always a good, underrated match the no one ever talks about

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