Rep. Jim Jordan Blames Rod Rosenstein Hearing For Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal

Rep. Jim Jordan Blames Rod Rosenstein Hearing For Wrestler Sex Abuse Scandal

we would have dealt with it.>>Bret: Sean daily, former Ohio state wrestler I participated with wrestlers and in the locker room talked about instruments. All did. Common knowledge in the locker room if you went to Dr. Stross for anything you would have to pull down your pants. If they tried to do that for a thumb injury, I would kill him.>>Not true. Did not say it.>>All right. Let me ask you, congressman, have you these guys now on the record, somebody reading this from outside. What do you say to them? What is driving these guys to say this now?>>You would have to ask them. I think the timing is suspect. From when you think about how this whole story came together after the Rosenstein interview. Or hearing. With this whole talk about the speaker’s race. But it is just not accurate. And as I said before, conversations in the locker room are a lot different than someone coming up to you and saying there was some kind of abuse. If there had been that we would have dealt with it, the coach would have dealt with it our entire coaching we had five coaches.


  1. The FBI/Obama/Deep State FISA conspiracy knew the DOSSIER WAS A SHAM but they were SURE THAT CLINTON WOULD WIN and so they did not expect to face any questions about the SHAM
    Dossier . The Trump win was a DISASTER FOR THEM as they realised that the SHAM Dossier would be discovered and THAT WOULD THEN LEAD to many other questions. Their FEARS have COME TRUE
    The IDIOTIC TEXTS by Strzok and Page show an amazing hatred of Trump. STRZOK was the MAIN DEEP STATE PLAYER in trying to boost Clinton's campaign and get rid of Trump . REAP WHAT YOU SOW

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