Relive Finn Bálor and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s twisted road to SummerSlam

Relive Finn Bálor and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s twisted road to SummerSlam

[MUSIC] Previously on the Firefly Fun House. Did you miss me? This is the Firefly Fun House. [APPLAUSE] This is my special place. [SOUND] Yowie wowie,
we’re gonna have so much fun here! What’s up, Bray? This is no time for games. But don’t worry, there’s still a lot
of darkness in this old noggin. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Erase your mind. Finn Balor. So what do you say? Finn Balor. You wanna see my secret? Finn Balor. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [LAUGH] I don’t know how Bray Wyatt’s mind works. But the puppets and
this whole new Fiend persona, clearly Bray is more twisted and
messed up than ever. But I’ve starred fear in the eyes before. I didn’t back down then, and
I’m not gonna back down now. [MUSIC] Hi, Finn! Mercy, and Rambling Rabbit, and
I are such humongous fans of yours. I should warn you, though, while you are an extraordinary man,
The Fiend is no man. The Fiend is an abomination. The Fiend is power. The Fiend remembers. [MUSIC] The Fiend is coming for him. Join us. Let me in. Yowie wowie.


  1. With Bray Wyatt as Fiend WWE could have changed his finishing move to more lethal and sinister.
    Sister Abigail doesn't looks that evil and sinister
    Like Undertaker has got tombstone and hell's gate WWE could have worked on Fiend's finishing move.

  2. This is note not gret wrestler face to face now light of
    attack Finn balor and legend Kurt Angle 💯 best this match this time demon win 💯

  3. Although WWE pushes future stars, right now Bray Wyatt is the most over superstar, and the biggest cash grab for the company. If there's any time to listen to the fans, its now. They cant make the same mistake they did with CM Punk, and almost Daniel Bryan 2 years later. Go all in on Bray Wyatt! This is Wyatts year.

  4. What is this scary ridiculous mask show? The children see this. It's not cool. Take off that mask and stop being a coward who hides under a mask. The whole thing is not interesting. The lights turn off and he always come from nowhere. Pofffff

  5. They are making a HUGE mistake not having Bray beat the "Demon King" persona so they can build "The Fiend" as much as possible. Everyone and their brother beats regular Finn Balor nowadays…he's on a massive losing streak and has basically become a jobber at this point…what would be so special about "The Fiend" beating regular Finn? Absolutely nothing at all.

  6. Bray is gonna destroy finn if u think bray is twisted the fiend is a whole new version of that hes like slipknot turned evil

  7. I like the moment he first enters the ring. You dont get ser the audiences reaction of there faces so this promo involved a little and was priceless!

  8. Only reason i'm watching Summerslam.. hope they dont mess this up

    Who wants The fiend Vs The Demon🔥🔥👇👇

  9. As Finn said to wyatt before in the past bray has his demons and Finn has his!! Bray be prepared to battle the demon king

  10. Imagine an entrance, where Bray will come as character from FirellyFH with music and everything and than, he stoped in front of the ring, lights go out and than, few seconds latter lights go up but it would be THE FIEND, who will stand there!!!! THAT, would be EPIC!

  11. Don't mess this up WWE. Wyatt must win, and win convincingly. Get that belt off of Lesnar and put it on The Fiend as soon as possible as well.

  12. *meanwhile inside the Casket, The Undertaker be like : aaahhh.. finally. i can take a rest forever and never worry again about return. 😏

  13. Kane's masked return should've been elevated by the talent of Tom Savini. The best motive would've been wanting to push away from any lingering bit of his human side, which "held him back". What better way to that do than covering himself again? Being injured would've forcibly given him the time away to come to find who he truly is. He then realizes that he was best at his most primal and destructive. Destruction and torment were his honored purposes administered by the Devil, who he was the right hand of. Once he returned, he would've been dressed with a mask as wicked as "The Fiend's", with a just as equably insidious attire.. Look at how evil he looks with those contacts and teeth. Kane would've looked legitimately demonic.

  14. Twisted road to Summerslam? Bray attacked Finn once, they ran one combined Promo, Bray attacked two other people. That’s about it.

  15. what's tht song tht plays at 0:27? sounds like "I'm the terror of the night" then I got "playin tricks on you" I tried to find lyrics but nothing came up…

  16. Freaking gay and garbage. Hes still a jobber. Fact. Deal with it. Everyone beat him already. This garbage doesnt change that. Bray Wyatt is still a fat out of shape Bumb .Period.

  17. The fiend face overlay over Brays face was brilliant. Made it really look like this new Bray Wyatt is just an illusion. Great character they've created here, don't ruin it.

  18. I dont get whats so special about this character?? Bray Wyatt puts on a mask and everyone loses their minds?? Its just Bray in a mask. nothing diff at all.

  19. Wwe failed to produce 90s and early 20s gimmick, but the feind will be a super hit gimmick like kane and undertaker if wwe will not destroy it.

  20. Let The Fiend win the summerslam and then later Finn Balor aka Demon King revealed that the fiend is also the demon too after that The Fiend's form was dissappear from bray wyatds body

  21. A cool idea for wwe and Brays character. The lantern head is cool but to make it even creepyer is to have him come out with a head like that one but of his opponents.

  22. so who did they fire to get these good promos back? I haven't seen anything this good in a while and I mean years

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