Real Reasons Why WWE Fired Eric Bischoff! Tyson Fury WWE Pay Revealed! Wrestling News!

Real Reasons Why WWE Fired Eric Bischoff! Tyson Fury WWE Pay Revealed! Wrestling News!

Here’s your news for
October 16 2019. We’re starting off with some huge
news from WWE today, as the
company has confirmed that Eric Bischoff has been replaced as
Executive Director of Smack
Down by Bruce Prichard. In a statement, WWE confirmed
the news, stating. “WWE (NYSE: WWE) today
announced that it has named
Bruce Prichard the Executive Director of Friday Night SmackDown,
reporting directly to WWE Chairman
& CEO Vince McMahon. Prichard will oversee the creative
development of Friday Night
SmackDown on FOX and ensure integration across all platforms
and lines of business, replacing
Eric Bischoff. Prichard brings nearly 40 years of
experience in sports entertainment
with an extensive background in character development and creative
storytelling. Over the course of his
career, Prichard has served in a variety of roles including announcer,
producer, agent and on-screen
personality. Earlier this year, Prichard returned to WWE as a
member of the company’s
creative team.” Prichard is no stranger to the WWE
schedule, working with the company
off and on since the late 1980s, whilst Bischoff was with the company
from 2002-2005 and returned this
past February. In June, WWE announced that
Bischoff, alongside Paul Heyman
would be working as the Executive Directors of SmackDown and RAW
respectively, hyping that “the
creation of these two roles further establishes WWE’s ability to
continuously reinvent its global
brand, while providing two different creative processes
for its flagship shows.” Though Bischoff only got the job
in June, his firing wasn’t a shock
to people according to a report by, who reported
that the departure came
early yesterday morning. The PW Insider added that
Bischoff was informed of
his release during SmackDown creative meeting
at WWE HQ in Stamford,
Connecticut. Regarding Prichard, the press
release did acknowledge that
the former Brother Love was hired to work the creative
team, but didn’t mention that
Prichard was also hired to work as Senior
Vice President just one
month later. When Bischoff was hired as
SmackDown’s Executive Director
back in June, the plan was for the WCW magnate to work
closely with the FOX Network
officials, whilst it was also reported that it would be
Prichard who would help him
adapt to the new role. Interestingly, it was reportedly
Prichard himself who pushed
for Bischoff to get the Executive Director role in the
first place, a role he has
now been given. According to Dave Meltzer,
Prichard will alongside Smack
Down head writer Ed Koskey as the main people in charge
of the blue brand from now on, and that Prichard had been
working closely with Bischoff
until the day of his departure. John Pollock of Post Wrestling
reported that Prichard, a long-
time regular backstage, has kept attending both RAW
and SmackDown recently,
despite the brand split. Speaking of which, there’s no word
yet on what influence FOX had when
it came to WWE firing Bischoff, and there’s also no news on what
Bischoff’s future holds now that
he has been released yet again. PWInsider noted that Bischoff
likely does not have the standard
90-day non-compete clause in his contract because he was an
executive, not a talent, and
he could appear in another promotion if he
wanted What we do know however, is
that Bischoff recently moved
his family from Wyoming to Connecticut to be closer to
WWE HQ, and it’s currently
unclear whether they still have their Wyoming property, or if
they’ll be staying in Connecticut. According to Bryan Alrevez of
Wrestling Observer Live, Bischoff
wasn’t exactly the most popular person on SmackDown, and
there were some people working
under him who wanted him to quit. Bischoff was allegedly hard to get
in touch with, and difficult to find
backstage, though Alverez said that Eric could often be found
in catering, an barely did
anything productive backstage. Critics of Bischoff have also
claimed that he didn’t know
many of the Superstars and wasn’t making an effort
to learn. Bischoff himself didn’t exactly
help himself on this one, admitting
in interviews that he had to spend a lot of time catching up
with the product that he wasn’t
too familiar with. On Wrestling Observer Live,
Alverez said he’d heard zero
good things about Bischoff, and that his sources claimed
that Bischoff would show up
for meetings then quickly vanish so no-one
could talk to him. When Bischoff couldn’t be found,
folks backstage would reportedly
claim claim that Prichard was the one
actually running the show,
which must have helped WWE when they were deciding
Bischoff’s replacement. When he was first hired, some
believed Bischoff was a scapegoat
to take the blame by WWE when reporting any issues to FOX,
and though some claim that
SmackDown’s viewing figures have led to his
departure, that seems unlikely. For starters, SmackDown has only
been on FOX for two weeks now,
and whilst the October 4th debut did an impressive 3.88 million
viewers, it was naturally
expected for the week after to drop considerably. Bischoff may be gone now, but
according to Dave Meltzer,
who may be the first of many expected releases and
changes, though it seems Eric
is putting on a good public face, as he took to
Twitter to show his support
for his replacement. It’s unclear what the future holds
for Bischoff now, but with so
many former WWE Superstars already in AEW, could the
former Executive Director be
next? Only time will tell. Bischoff’s departure may be the
big news of the day, but there
are other stories one of which concerning
Universal Champion Seth Rollins. According to Dave Meltzer, Rollins
is not scheduled backstage to
work two matches at WWE Crown Jewel later this
month, and will be removed
from the Team Hogan Vs. Team Flair match he is
currently in. On this week’s RAW, WWE
announced that Rollins will
defend the Universal title once again against Bray Wyatt,
this time in a Falls Count Any
where match. Rollins, who is currently captaining
Team Hogan with Rusev, and
Ricochet, will reportedly be removed from the match in
the coming weeks, though the
exact reason is unclear. Whoever replaces Rollins will
have a tough time, as team Hogan
will face team Flair’s Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, King Corbin,
Bobby Lashley and a mystery opponent on Halloween night,
at Crown Jewel. Well this week’s RAW may
have seen the end of the on-
screen 2019 draft, but that hasn’t stopped some
Superstars from still being
moved around. On the WWE Backstage special
preview episode that aired last
night, Triple H confirmed that Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross had
been traded to SmackDown,
though we currently don’t know what RAW got
in return. Joining the Blue brand’s women’s
division, Bliss and Cross will join
SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, as well as
Lacey Evans and former 24/7
Champions Tamina and Carmella. Bliss and Cross are no strangers
to gold themselves, holding the
WWE Women’s Tag Titles from the August 5th edition of
RAW, until losing the gold to the Kabuki Warriors on
October 6th at Hell in a Cell. In addition, Bliss is a five-time
Women’s champion as a singles
star, being the first women to capture the Women’s gold
for both RAW and SmackDown. During the draft, Bliss was a
third-round pick, whilst Cross
was chosen by RAW in the fourth round, of the first
night of the draft on October
11th. The official launch of WWE
Backstage will begin on
November 5th at 11pm Eastern on FS1, so fans should expect
plenty more surprises from the
new show very soon.

Whilst this latest WWE draft has
brought some excitement back
to RAW and SmackDown the execution of the draft has
been panned by both critics
and fans. During the two nights, WWE tried
to make the draft seem like an
actual sports draft, complete with competing war rooms for FOX
and USA, but it ended up looking
nothing like an actual draft, and instead was Stephanie
McMahon announcing a few
names in between matches. This poor execution has been
reflected in the viewing figures,
which showed a general lack of interest from fans, and a
desire to see far more interesting
sports programming at the time. This week’s RAW drew just
2.28 million viewers, down
considerably from past specials like the
Superstar shakeup. Breaking this number down,
Hour one started strong with
2.52 million, but that fell to 2.32 million in hour two,
resting on a low 2 million
for hour three. It’s interesting that fans hated
on the Wild Card rule, but
also seem to be hating on the draft, and WWE will
need to think of something
big to get fans back on board. One big thing the company has
coming up, though which has
already been met with controversy, is Crown
Jewel, which will take place
on October 31st. In one of the most high-profile
matches, Boxing star Tyson Fury
will take on Braun Strowman and according to reports, is
set to make $15 million
from the one match. Fury, who has said he wanted to
work with WWE years ago, may
have some worries about opening up an old boxing
cut on his face, which could
keep him from a big money fight in February, but it seems
the risks are worth it for that
big money. Whilst Fury wanted to work with
WWE in the past, it seems that
WWE have only now been able to afford him,
thanks to the deal with
Saudi Arabia. Fury’s boxing promoter has said
he wasn’t told about the deal
ahead of time, and although there is plenty of worry about
Fury’s getting hurt before his
fight in February, the Gypsy King has recently
been spotted in the
Performance Center. As for Strowman, we can’t
imagine that he’ll be getting
paid nearly as much though it’s likely he’s been told
to pull his punches ahead of
the fight. Though Fury will be making his
WWE debut in Riyadh, he isn’t
the only one, as Cain Velasquez will challenge for the WWE title
against his old UFC foe Brock
Lesnar. Speaking on the Ariel Helwani
show, the now-retired fighter
said he is still going to work for Triple-A, and has one more
appearance for the Lucha Libre promotion that WWE has
allowed. He said “AAA, I’m still going to compete in
one of their shows. That is just
awesome that WWE went ahead gave me the green light to
compete in one of their shows
at AAA’s choosing.” Velasquez was supposed to
appear at a recently
Triple-A show in Los Angeles, before the
event was canceled. Now, it seems that the former UFC
Heavyweight Champion still has
one more commitment before he fully joins WWE, and that the
company is giving their support
to the venture. Back to RAW now, and Bray Wyatt
continues to be one of the most
intriguing stars in recent history, despite losing a great deal of
momentum over the last few
weeks. On this week’s edition of the red
brand, Universal Champion Seth
Rollins, who will face the Fiend at Crown Jewel, burned the Firefly
Fun House to the ground, in a
move that many said made Seth look more like a heel than he
has done in quite some time. On Twitter, Wyatt responded to
the Architect’s Actions, saying
he forgives Rollins, but wanted to know how he found the Fun
House in the first place. In response, Seth Rollins said
he wanted vengeance, not
forgiveness, and claimed that it was Wyatt himself who brought
him to this point in his career. The pair are set to face off at
Crown Jewel, in a rematch
from their Hell in a Cell bout, that fans are still angry
about over the finish. In case you’ve been living under
a rock for the past few weeks,
the Cell match was stopped by referee Rod
Zapata, who claimed Wyatt
was unable to compete though many fans have said
it ended on a Disqualification. After David Weissman asked
whether their Falls Count Any
where match in Riyadh will end in a DQ, ignoring the fact that
the Cell match ended via referee
stoppage, Rollins responded with a gif of The Undertaker
throwing Mankind from the
Cell roof in 1998, claiming the ref should have
stopped the match then. A cheeky bit of trolling by the
Universal Champion, it seems
that fans aren’t going to let Rollins live down the Hell in a
Cell match any time soon, and
as long as he keeps defending WWE’s creative decision, there
will be fans ready to criticize him. From one controversial Superstar
to another now, as Jimmy Uso,
alongside his brother Jey and Naomi, haven’t been seen
on WWE TV following Jimmy’s
DUI arrest over the Summer. Recently, however, the trio have
been spotted backstage at
WWE events, but according to f4wonline, there are no
creative plans for them
regarding their return. In fact, the report states that
there isn’t even a decision
on what brand they’ll be on, which is why the former Tag
Champions and former Smack
Down Women’s Champion weren’t mentioned at all
during the recent draft. One person who knows what it
feels like to go undrafted is
Luke Harper who remains a free agent
despite a recent dominant
display. After returning at Clash of
Champions, Harper worked
effectively with his Bludgeon Brother Erick Rowan, but
whilst Rowan was drafted to RAW in the draft, Harper
remains without a brand. Earlier this year, the former
Intercontinental Champion publicly
announced his desire to leave the company, and despite his recent
return, many believe Harper still
wants out and going undrafted probably
won’t convince him to stay. Good New For Finn Balor fans
as has been announced for
his first set of NXT house shows since
returning to the brand. Balor will be in action at all
four shows on NXT’s
Pacific Northwest house show loop this weekend.
The locations for the shows are: 10/17 #NXTPortland 10/18 #NXTSeattle 10/19 #NXTVancouver 10/20 #NXTKelowna Finn Balor is certainly a big time
draw for those live NXT shows Hopefully, he will bring new
interest to the brand And finally today we’re looking
ahead to December, as the
holidays are just around the corner. Anyone who has worked on
Christmas Day knows that it can be
a depressing time to say the least, but it seems the WWE Superstars
will get to spend a few more days
with their families this year. According to Wrestle Votes, the
December 23rd edition of RAW
will be pre-taped on December 17th in Sioux City, Iowa, which will allow
the entire roster to get a break
from the 22nd to the 26th. The 27th of December will be on
a Friday this year, so SmackDown
will run live on FOX as usual, but this is certainly a better option
than two years ago, when WWE
had their Superstars work on a Christmas Day edition
of RAW, which wasn’t received
well by fans. Instead, it’s great to see WWE
allowing their SUperstars some
time away to enjoy the holidays at home with their
loved ones, and we’re
confident a few days in the Performance Center will
help them lose those extra
holiday pounds.


  1. I mean… He did absolutely nothing since getting hired as executive director. The ideas he was pitching were always denied by Vince, so I saw it coming eventually.

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  14. I don't know if it matters who you hire or fire and what story lines you write if your wrestlers seem boring and Vince has the ultimate say.

    Will replacing Eric Bischoff make a difference? I don't know. AEW has energy, a lively crowd and their performers have personality. I'm sure they have talking points, but a lot of it seems off the cuff and who they really are seems to come out.

    Last week, at the end of AEW, when Darby Allin came down the ramp on his skateboard and hit Chris Jericho with a knee to the face, I thought it was brilliant. Because sure, the guy rides a skateboard, but it fits who he actually is.He's hard core, why run down the ramp, when he can just ride a skateboard and then beat Jericho with it? And something like that gets you excited for his match with Jericho because he came at Jericho first and embarrassed him. Will he win the match, I don't know, now there's interest.

    Another thing in AEW is all the performers are going to be put in the spotlight. . It seems everyone has a common goal, to make AEW the best.

    WWE has screwed up with the "Who tried to hurt Roman Reigns" story line. And they screwed up the "Hell In A Cell" finish. People are worried that they're going to screw up "The Fiend" character. And as far as the draft goes, why is it only limited to RAW and Smackdown? Add NXT and NXT UK. Finn Balor is currently in NXT, so it's not a step down to go there.There's a difference in the way each brand does things, but NXT and NXT UK can hold its own against RAW and Smackdown and if I had my way, I would love to see a cross promotion pay per view between NXT and AEW.

    Because that's what I think people really want. Jericho's Inner Circe vs. Adam Cole (BayBay) and the Undisputed Era.

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  18. During a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer theorized that Bischoff may have simply been a scapegoat due to what could be poor ratings, as the show dropped down a million viewers from its first week. According to Dreamer, it could be a case of Bischoff being blamed, even if it isn’t his fault.

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