Real Reason WWE REMOVED Star From RAW! AEW Trashes WWE NXT & CM Punk MOCKS WWE Roster – Round Up

Real Reason WWE REMOVED Star From RAW! AEW Trashes WWE NXT & CM Punk MOCKS WWE Roster – Round Up

what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel so is rounding up all the latest and Pro Wrestling today we’re talking
other reason for this week’s NXT and aew two superstars frustrated at WWE and
pointing out some of the current issues with the product CM Punk is back at it
again a real reason why certain superstar was removed from Monday Night
Raw and much more before getting into it
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always be up today let’s dive into it and let’s round it out and let’s start
off with some aew and nxc because it’s always fun when they make in front of
each other and as fans we get to enjoy it and have a kick of it that’s one of
the biggest things about Wednesday night right and this week I feel like aew went
all out when it comes to take a shot at WWE NXT so first off doing the actual
show in a picture-in-picture commercial Nayla rose powerbomb referee Ric knocks
through a table and then powerbomb shanna on top of him the cameras then
ended up cutting two brie Baker in the crowd who replicated the same thing that
she did at NXT takeover wargames when Adam Cole was dropped from the top of
the cage through two tables by Tommaso Champa brie Baker was acknowledged by
the commentary as Adam cause girlfriend Triple H then went on to apologize in
regards to this I see the one brie Baker to get in trouble with aew officials
anyways this week on aew Dynamite they mocked the whole angle cutting to
the crowd what we get to see brie Baker doing the same type of expression and
Excalibur saying the following on commentary
that’s Adam cause girlfriend an absolutely classic way to just fire back
at nxc and literally doing it with the same superstars this definitely would
have been possible any other way and at least it’s a good thing that iew kind of
took advantage of it and you know gave hardcore fans that watches both for the
product a bit of an inside joke because chances are if you didn’t watch and
actually take over wargames and you have no idea that this is actually a
reference to that and that the machi Nanak see but this shot
specifically felt like it was just in good fun unlike what happened early on
in the week though because IEW release a television commercial and the timing
wasn’t very good at all during the new commercial they took shots at nxc by
saying that aew smash WWE Prada and this came out during a time when NXT high
just ranked up their second weekly win in a row against oh le wrestling you
guys probably already seen the commercial and it is a very promotional
material putting down the competition with three specific quotes directly to
nxc indicating the following aew dynamite crushes annex e AE w dynamite
trances and XE and aew dynamite berries and exede and for the majority of it it
seems like social media wasn’t too happy about this specific commercial reports
indicate though that aew didn’t have anything to do with it instead
this was TNT directly promoting it W on their own type of way the issue with all
of it is just as we mentioned at the beginning the fact that it comes at an
awkward time when NXT has been beating aew on the weekly ratings for two weeks
in a row now mostly due to the fact that there were a big part of Survivor Series
some more of the Monday Night Raw and Smackdown viewers are watching the show
let me know down in the comments below if you think that this commercial went a
bit too far what do you think it’s good I personally
like it I just don’t like the fact that they specifically indicate annex II in
it when they can I just said aw buries the competition in the end though it did
what I needed to do and that is to get people talking and here we are and as I
say all of this there is new reports indicating that aew did be an exceed
this week by 6,000 more viewers aw did 851 thousand while NXT drew 845,000
moving into some other news and it appears that Alexa bliss it’s a bit
frustrated over the lack of promo time that WWE been giving her so for years
now Alexa bliss have been pushed I say star in the woman’s division for both
Raw and SmackDown part of that is due to her
to do promos on television but as of late if you guys have been noticing we
really haven’t gotten Alexa bliss on the microphone which is a big of a change
because just a couple of months ago we were getting moment of bliss every
single week Alexa bliss hath not appeared on WWE live events since the
Hell in a Cell pay-per-view but she did and make her return on last Friday’s
episode Smackdown to make the save for Nicki cross and so a few weeks ago it
was reported that the reason that she was out of action was due to her dealing
with a shoulder injury she responded to a fan on Twitter who share a video of an
Old Lace promo which led to her replying her displeasure that she doesn’t get as
much promo time as before she stated the following I remember a time when I was
given a microphone in the middle of the Ring good times
it’s clear that something change and it makes us wonder if maybe something went
wrong and one of the many blessed moments that she ended up having and WWE
didn’t like it ultimately translating to some type of punishment where she
doesn’t get as much promo time as before sticking with it related topic of super
star being frustrated as we already know Mikey Nellis is one of the superstar
that asked for his release from the WWE and recently in an interview he talked
about something that he didn’t necessarily like about the recent
storyline he was in the storyline I’m referring to is of Maria Kanellis being
pregnant and quote-unquote my Kanellis not being the actual father of the baby
that storyline as you guys know was completely canceled and apparently we’re
just getting out the bobby lashley Lana and rusev as the replacement of that but
that’s not necessarily the point during the interview he talked about this
storyline and what specifically bother him about it he stated the following
though angle itself didn’t bother me because I tell people this and it makes
people yell at me but it’s a fake television show it’s not real he then
went on to indicate the problem he had with it my only issue was it didn’t go
anywhere if I’m going to do a storyline like that I wanted to go somewhere I
think the fans will like that too there should be a payoff because there was a
pay off it’s like what was the point I don’t mind thinking outside the box
I don’t mind embarrassing myself I mean I wrestle an underworld for a living I
really don’t care if they say I have to be emasculated by my wife I’m like fine
I don’t care but I get offended when it doesn’t go anywhere now this is hardly
surprised that we’re hearing this because this is a major problem when it
comes to the WWE the long-term booking is never really there we seen things get
started and us as the fan don’t necessarily need to know where it’s
going but when WWE doesn’t know what’s going to be the payoff that is where the
problem comes in and there’s a lot of that nowadays and WWE continue to have
these long-term booking problems which is basically that the long term just
doesn’t exist went to some other news it wouldn’t be a
new week without seeing pond taking a shot at WWE and in case you guys miss
WWE backstage this week CM Punk wasn’t in it he is going to be in it next week
though but a major breaking news that they ended up giving us YES on that show
it’s the fact that John Morrison will be returning to the WWE they confirmed that
he signed a multi-year contract so John Morrison went on to tweet the following
just to confirm the news he stated confirm I have signed with WWE
I never been as good as anything as I am at wrestling and I can’t wait to send
again in a WWE ring opposite to the most talented people in the business and this
is when CM Punk comes in replying the following dude will Osprey is a New
Japan Pro Wrestling classic CM Punk is burying everyone under WWE roster
letting John Morrison know that if he wanted to face the best he should’ve
gonna New Japan because that is where the best is right now will Osprey now of
course this is just CM Punk so penny on your party realistically speaking if you
look at the matches that will Osprey hot this year it’s hard to argue with this
statement without a doubt WWE is probably not happy with this type of
statement and Fox is probably continued to wonder why they hire CM Punk sticking
with all of this want to say that it is extremely whack
for WWE to just announce John Morrison returned like this even with all the
rumors and reports that yes he already signed a new contract with the WWE that
doesn’t really matter they could have still save him for a
surprise whether it was at the Royal Rumble even one of these upcoming week
on Raw Smackdown and XE if he pops up it would have been a bigger shocker
switching it over to Monday Night Raw another big news that we got this week
is that Sam or Joe will be replacing the old matter permanently on the raw
commentary team permanently a listen to some more Joe is fully healed up and he
is ready to return to action after that deal Maddon is not set to return because
us first noted he will be going back to the performance center to continue his
wrestling career at least that is the reason that WWE gave us but there
appears to be more to the horse story and his accident a Monday Night Raw
broadcast table now it is true that he wants to wrestle but what actually
happened was that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn did not like his commentary
work this is all according to the wrestling or server stating that Vincent
Kevin Dunn didn’t like the old man in some commentary and that they were even
going to retrain him but it looks like all of that even fell off instead the
official story that they going with is that he decided while doing commentary
that he wanted to come back to wrestling it’s worth mentioning that he was
brought up to roll our Paul Heyman’s requests and once more Joe is fully
healed up there’s no specific on who will replace him and the last bit of
news that we got is what has been confirmed for Smackdown life so far the
only preview / announcement that we got in is that Roman reigns will take on
Dolph Ziggler in a one-on-one match in which King Corvin vows to humiliate
Roman reigns so you know that’s not gonna end well anyways guys that is what
I got for you in this round I make sure to elbow drop it if you found this
informative and hit those notification for more obvious we are on the road to
200 thousand subscribers I’ll catch you guys on the next one stay Savage


  1. i love the back to back weeks of KEITH LEE gifs— one of his launching that twerp Adam Cole into the crowd last week, and the new one from yesterday when Finn was in the corner ready to strike, but the camera was in perfect position to see big Keith Lee rise up and loom over him, like Finn totally forgot about that mountain of a man…

  2. Correction NXT CRUSHES AEW DYNAMITE and that's not even a WORLDWIDE ratings just lame USA network only means nxt live for Americans only and CRUSHES AEW dynamite who has a option to watch live more than just TNT unlike nxt

  3. I agree with John Morrison's re-hiring should have been a surprise. WWE really needs to look back how wrestling use to be. Not saying they need to do the attitude era stuff. But keep it exciting with the unknown and surprises. Pick a moment at the right time for a new wrestler to show up.

  4. Just for the record: Alexa Bliss returned to the ring a night after her return to SmackDown during a Live show in Mexico just to warm-up her very same match at Starrcade.

  5. When is the viper ganna get his revenge on Brock Lesnar. WWE we need an want to see the viper get his revenge on Brock. Remember he's the legend killer.

  6. Macho T, if you want to compare shows, call it nXt vs Dynamite. AEW is a promotion, just like wwE. If you want to compare promotions, then you can say wwE vs AEW. But you're doing a good job overall, just a technicality I'd like people comparing shows to correct.

  7. OMG will ospreay a guy that mostly get injured because he do too much but good wrestler but he's not great and CM punk of course he would say that because he stole all his move-set from Japanese wrestlers.

  8. Britt baker not brea , and the commercial is posting article headlines from very popular magazines and news outlets and they are not lying AEW has been ahead in ratings for what 7 out of 9 weeks or 8 out of 10 weeks now I mean that's a beating nxt is taking

  9. I really hate when WWE just spoils the fun. I like surprises, the biggest surprise was the Hardy Boyz at Wrestlemania 33.

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