Real Reason Why Mauro Ranallo Pulled Out Of WWE Survivor Series 2019! Review! Wrestling News!

Real Reason Why Mauro Ranallo Pulled Out Of WWE Survivor Series 2019! Review! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for Survivor
Series November 25 2019 WWE Survivor Series 2019 is
officially in the history books,
and the night proved to be one of the biggest
shows in the company’s calendar. A Pay Per View that promised cross
branded matches, there was plenty
of action on the Pre-Show, as SmackDown got the first point of
the night, thanks to their tag team
division. In a ten-team Interbrand Battle
Royal, it was Dolph Ziggler and
Robert Roode who represented team blue victoriously, eliminating
RAW’s Street Profits to get the
early lead. This lead did not last long though,
as the next match saw the NXT
Cruiserweight Champion defend his title against both
RAW’s Akira Tozawa and
SmackDown’s Kalisto. Interestingly, both challengers for
the purple title had already been
Cruiserweight Champions but it was Rush who was able to
retain, thanks to his high-flying
offence which gave NXT their first of
many points of the night. In the pre-show main event, it was
time for RAW to get on the board,
as the red brand’s Tag Champions the Viking Raiders toppled the
NXT Tag Champions the
Undisputed Era, as well as the SmackDown Tag Champions the
New Day, making the score one win each as the Pay Per
View started. In the first Survivor Series
elimination match of the night,
5 women of each brand battled it out for brand supremacy, in
the first-ever triple threat
Survivor Series contest. Whilst the match was highly
entertaining, it was messy to say
the least, as having to book 15 Superstars, and up to 14
elimination spots made the
match seem crowded, but was an inevitable issue when
the company announced such a
big match. In one particularly cool moment,
there was a ceasefire between RAW
and SmackDown, as Natalya’s Sharpshooter and Sasha’s Bank
Statement were used in tandem
to eliminate Toni Storm. Despite this, it was the Gold brand
who got the win, as Rhea Ripley
got the pinfall over Sasha Banks, making herself, Candice LeRae
and Io Shirai the sole survivors
of this 28 minute match. Up next fans saw more cross-
branded action, as RAW’s United
States Champion AJ Styles faced NXT’s North American Champion
Roderick Strong and Smack
Down’s Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura,
who wore the new IC title design
that he received last week. With three of the most gifted
Superstars in WWE sharing the
ring, the match was unsurprisingly excellent, and whilst all three stars
shined, it was Strong who looked
the best, as the commentators praised him to fans who may not
have seen the North American
champion in action before. It was also Strong who got the win,
thanks to underhanded means,
as when Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm on the King of Strong
Style, he was quickly pulled out of
the ring, allowing Roderick to get get the cheap pin over Nakamura
for the win, and giving NXT their
third point of the night. Though the match was great, we
can’t help but think that it lacked
a certain X-Factor that could have taken the match to
the next level, which has
become a worrying trend for Styles matches on
Pay Per View. With five points already being
handed out in the battle for brand
supremacy, it was time for a break from the war, as NXT Champion
Adam Cole defended his title
against Pete Dunne. Both men entered the match
battered from the night before,
as Cole had competed in his third WarGames match at NXT Take
Over, whilst the Bruiserweight
had earned this title match with a win over both Killian
Dain and Damian Priest. It was this fatigue that played a
crucial part in the match, as
Dunne targetted Cole’s taped up ribs, whilst the Undisputed Era
member lashed out at the Brit’s
bandaged up knee. Despite this angle, the match
didn’t have too much of a story
to it, as both men quickly resorted to their usual style of offence that
they’d do on any opponent, but
this offense was certainly well received by
the crowd. That’s not to say those moves were
bad though, as Cole’s superkick to
a back flipping Dunne was certainly impressive, as was his
Panama Sunrise piledriver on
the ring apron. This was all building to the finish of
the match, which saw Cole counter
Dunne’s finisher into a second Piledriver, and after a Last Call knee
strike, Cole retained his gold in a
hard-fought win, and celebrated post match with his Undisputed
Era brothers, on the top of the
ramp. Up next fans got to see the
Universal title on the line, as
The Fiend Bray Wyatt defended his championship
against Daniel Bryan. Entering with the new Blue version
of the gold, the Fiend was full of
confidence going in to the match, but Bryan was quick to get the
early advantage over his
demonic opponent as the match was caked in the
red light. It’s still shocking that Bryan is the
same man who was forced to
spend two years in retirement for neck troubles, as the bearded
Superstar hasn’t lost a step,
and is still going at a level similar to where he
was at pre-injuries. After a dominant display by The
Fiend, Bryan fought back with a
series of kicks, dives and dropkicks, and after weeks of
hesitation, embraced the Yes!
chant of the WWE Universe. With the Fiend temporarily dazed,
Bryan saw his chance to win his
sixth WWE World Championship when he attempted the running
knee, but ran into Wyatt’s Mandible
Claw, which sealed the Fiend’s victory in just over ten minutes. A fun, exciting match between two
Superstars WWE have gotten so
right, it’s clear that that the company are continuing to
build the Fiend, but it was Bryan,
who has done great things since his 2018 return,
who was the real star of the match. With two title matches down, it was
time to return to the battle for brand
supremacy, as Team RAW, led by Seth Rollins, faced Roman
Reigns’ Team SmackDown and
Team NXT who were revealed by Shawn
Michaels during the kick off show. Despite the impressive grouping of
Tommaso Ciampa, Damian Priest,
Keith Lee, Matt Riddle and United Kingdom Champion WALTER, it was
the gold brand who suffered the
first elimination, as RAW’s Drew McIntyre eliminated the Austrian
champion, possibly earning
himself a title match on NXT UK at some
point down the line. This elimination was met poorly
by the Chicago crowd, who
were firmly behind NXT for the night, and booed any
and all eliminations that hurt the
Gold brand. Walter’s impromptu elimination
wasn’t the only piece of questionable
booking during the match, as for weeks, the storyline had been
building about where did Kevin
Owens’ allegiances lie, and this story was taken to the next level
when he competed the night prior
at NXT TakeOver Wargames. The answer to this question came
pretty quickly when Tomasso
Ciampa pinned the former NXT and Universal champion to eliminate
the RAW Superstar, and whilst we’re
not saying saying that the Prizefighter should
have joined NXT, who only recently
acquired Finn Balor to the roster, the story about Owens’
allegiance could definitely have
been much better. After a while, and plenty of
eliminations, it was down to
Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Keith Lee, and in a shocking
twist, Lee eliminated Rollins,
swerving from the predicted finish that it would
come down to the two Shield
brothers. Lee’s win was short lived though,
as he was eliminated by Reigns
who got the win for SmackDown, giving
the blue brand their second
point. A fun match with some questionable
booking, it still gave fans an RKO
fest by Orton, as well as some dream matches between the likes
of Shorty G, Ricochet and Matt
Riddle making this our Match of the
night. In our third title match of the
evening, Rey Mysterio hoped to
avenge his friend Cain Velasquez and his son Dominick, when he
faced WWE Champion Brock
Lesnar. A No-Disqualification match, both
men were quick to take advantage
of the stipulation, and in the closing segments of the match,
Dominick entered the ring to
presumably throw in the white towel for his dad. Of course, Lesnar didn’t let that go
down, but as he went to once again
deliver a beast-sized beatdown to the youngster, Mysterio hit a
low blow on the champion,
followed by a second by Dominick, and a
father and son duo 619. With the beast dazed and down,
both Mysterios hit frog splashes but only got the two, as Lesnar
was done playing around. Destroying the pair in a monstrous
bonding exercise, Lesnar retained
his title in seven minutes, and though the match wasn’t some
long drawn out affair, it did
what it needed to do and gave the WWE Universe
some fun spots with father
and son. With the scores at 1 for RAW, 2 for
SmacKDown and 3 for NXT, it was
time for the main event, as for the second time this year, a
women’s Triple Threat match
headlined a WWE Pay Per View. Pitting RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch against SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley and NXT Women’s Champion
Shayna Baszler, the match did
drag at parts, as it was clear that the crowd in Chicago were
exhausted from such a long
night of wrestling. The match wasn’t helped much by
Bayley either, as the former Hugger
hasn’t been kept strong like Baszler or The Man, and having
someone who is often quite beatable
in the match definitely stuck out. Whilst the shine wasn’t on the newly
heel Bayley, it wasn’t on Lynch either,
as the focus of the contest was on the Queen
of Spades, who showed just how
exceptional she has become since transitioning
away from the world of UFC. From the start, it was clear that
either Bazler or Lynch were going
to walk away the winner, and whilst we hear at Slat Rock don’t want to
brag, we did call that Baszler
would get the win submitting Bayley in her
Kirifuda Clutch. A fine match, but one not on the
level any of these women are
capable of, it seems Bayley was there to take the loss, and
what happened post match
wasn’t much better either. Despite getting arguably the biggest
win of her career, Baszler’s victory,
which gave NXT their fourth point of the night
was short-lived, as Lynch
attacked the Queen of Spades afterward,
standing tall to close the show. Whilst fans may be on Lynch’s side,
this post-match attack by one of
the losers of the match seemed frankly embarrassing, and we
couldn’t help but to compare the
Man to Hulk Hogan, who often ended up standing tall at the end
of Pay Per Views, whether or not
he actually won. Overall, Survivor Series was one
of the better WWE Pay Per Views
of the year, with some highly entertaining matches, and some
great Superstar making moments
especially for the men and women of NXT. Special mentions need to be given
for both Baszler and Keith Lee,
who were put under a lot of pressure and rose to the
occasion, giving fans a real glimpse
of the depth and talent of the Gold brand roster, who won with
4 points, to SmackDown’s 2, and
RAW’s single point. Like we said, the ending that saw
one of the main event losers
parade around like she had won didn’t sit well for us, and we can’t
help but feel that maybe it’s time
for Lynch’s reign as RAW Women’s Champion to
come to an end, sooner rather
than later. Though Survivor Series was the
place to be last night, the Pay
Per View wasn’t the only bit of news over the weekend, as
NXT had their huge TakeOver
War Games show where the action kept going
backstage. After Garza jr was able to defeat
Swerve on the event’s kick off
show, the Mexican Superstar had a backstage altercation with
NXT Cruiserweight champion Lio
Rush. The Man of the Hour walked up
and slapped Garza in the face,
and cut a promo on his phone after the incident. on his phone after the incident. Fans will remember that Garza
unsuccessfully challenged for the
Cruiserweight title on the November 13th edition of NXT, but after this
backstage brawl at TakeOver: War
Games, we doubt this is the last time these two will battle with
the title on the line. Back to Survivor Series now, and
whilst the match between Mysterio
and Lesnar was fun for what it was, it did lead to quite
the Tweet by the WWE On Fox
twitter account. During the match, the door was
opened for WWE to take a shot
at AEW, and the On Fox account took full advantage,when
Dominick tried to throw the towel
in for his father. This moment is very similar to the
recent AEW Full Gear event, when
MJF threw in the towel for Cody Rhodes in his World title match
against Chris Jericho, and the
WWE account commented saying: “Throwing in the towel? Not
in WWE!” AEW is no stranger to taking digs
at WWE in the eleven months the
company has existed, even having Cody Rhodes destroy a Triple H
style throne, but it’s kinda cringy to
see either side do this sort of thing, when they should be focusing on
what they’re doing, instead of
what the competition is doing. After the tweet, many fans took
notice, with some bringing up
that a towel spot has been used at Survivor
Series many years ago. 25 years ago in 1994, Owen Hart
convinced his parents to throw in
the towel for his brother Bret, forcing his older brother to lose
the WWF Championship to Bob
Backlund, in what was later revealed to be a dastardly
swerve by the Rocket. Whilst we doubt that Dominick was
out there to betray his father like
Owen did Bret or MJF did for Cody, the match was still fun, and
both companies need to get over
taking digs at the other. There was also plenty of controversy
at NXT TakeOver: War Games, but
this issue didn’t come from those in the ring, but instead
from the commentary desk. It’s no secret that Mauro Ranallo
loves to interact with fans on
Twitter, and continues to share his message of accepting mental
illness, but SmackDown’s
Corey Graves may have caused Ranallo to exit the
platform. During TakeOver, Graves tweeted
about the announce team,
implying that Ranallo was doing all the talking, by mentioning the
accolades of his fellow
commentators saying fans wouldn’t know they
were there. Graves went further with his criticism,
saying that there were “far too many”
Chicago rap music references, and a short while later,
Ranallo, who suffers from bipolar
disorder, deleted his account. Of course, Ranallo can always
reactivate it in the future, but for
now it seems Graves’ words really got to him, and he
needs a breather from the
outside world. Another person who saw Graves’
comments, was Ranello’s good
friend Frank Shamrock, who didn’t
take them kindly. Including a message from Ice T
that Social Media has made people
comfortable with disrespecting others, the inaugural UFC Middle
weight Champion threatened
Graves with a punch in the mouth, which many fans
probably would want to see. After Survivor Series, the WWE
Network launched their first episode
of the Broken Skull Sessions, as Stone Cold Steve Austin sat
down with an out of character
Undertaker. Speaking candidly in a rare
appearance, the Deadman held
nothing back when asked questions and spoke about changing to the
American Badass character in
2000. He said: “I always felt like, if I started feeling
stale, my audience is probably
feeling it before me. You get wrapped up in what you’re doing.
So, the small changes, the breaks
at the right time—but I don’t think I would had made it through
if I hadn’t changed when I did to
go to the American Badass. The character—I don’t think—would
have lasted through the Attitude
Era.” Since the Badass was buried alive
at Survivor Series 2003, the Dead
man has yet to return to the character, though after a handful
of years where Undertaker has
appeared out of character, a more realistic version of the man behind
the hat may return to WWE screens before his career comes to
an end. And finally today we’re ending with
some sad news about Batista, as
whilst the former World Champion is a Guardian of the Galaxy, he
is flying solo for the time being. On Twitter, the Animal confirmed
that his latest relationship is over,
and whilst being newly single will be tough for him, it appears
Dana Brooke has his back. When one fan commented that
Batista and Brooke should get
together, the RAW Superstar joked about already making
requests of the former World
Champion, and that he can decide whether
they’ll get together. With two of the most dominant
physiques in wrestling, Brook-tista
would be a literal power couple, but AEW’s Joey Janela also got in
on the action, saying he’s sorry to hear that Big Dave broke
up with Marko Stunt. Where Batista goes next is
ultimately up to him, but at
least he’s got friends to crack jokes with, as he goes
through this major shift in his life.


  1. Corey Graves can suck my. Don’t you dare shit on a man with a condition he can’t help and still does his job better than you.

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  3. mauro just stay in your safe space. im so sick of your crybaby ass gets headlines because you got butthurt and went into hiding. stop trying to be someone in the wrestling world, its too hard for you, just do something we could all appreciate like trying for a darwin award. pussy.

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