Rascalz Win The Tag Team Titles?! | IMPACT! Highlights June 7, 2019

Rascalz Win The Tag Team Titles?! | IMPACT! Highlights June 7, 2019

in fact plus experience impact wrestling like never before like the rascals well lax has a history of writing checks with their mouths that their butts can't always cash and the rascals told lax you're ready for you ready and maybe they already maybe does this match came together in the clubhouse the tree house the rascal said we're ready for you guys things got a little heated as athletes do shoulders down and Wentz gets caught planted back of the head watch after la ash they can fire on all cylinders once they get going des can only watch shoulders down and broken up Santana now in diner Roscoe's were hanging back was made tag was made boy went for that wheel kick Ortiz calling for Santana side encounter [Applause] what kind of coach drinks Puerto Rican moonshine on the sidelines signature LAX car dance goes Tostitos under the London Bridge BAM whoa nailed it jumpin me here we go [Applause] those where it is right now we've got the disgusting vile alcohol right in the face it's gonna burn the eyes of our official trading shots [Applause] Santana closes the gap with a superkick he walked right into that Santana this tray that's tray how's he doing [Applause] [Applause] second official Kota is not happy nobody's living trying to get it straight now please a little minute after speaking up to the assigned official though referee has reversed the decision on the winners of this match for whale to publication [Applause] that's the right call say what you will the rascal Steve LAX [Applause]


  1. This match was awesome, sucks the Rascalz didn't get to keep titles. They deserve a rematch and make them champs Impact!!!!

  2. All those crazy flips are fun to watch, but they are so offensively unnecessary. Lots of wasted time and energy really. LOL

  3. Whoever came up with this finish should be fired immediately… or that ref should never ref another match again..

  4. Are we going to forget the fact that Ortiz, Trey and Don Calllis (Josh Mathews dad) all put their lips on the same bottle.

  5. As long as Impact has been around, even in the beginning as a weekly PPV thru their Spike days and everything that followed up until Anthem got sole ownership, they have NEVER EVER allowed the floors on the venue to look in such disrepair like they did here at this TV taping. To me it's not that big of a deal cuz I'm a die-hard wrestling fan and I've seen bad floors like that plenty on ECW growing up, and even recently with ROH and MLW. I would think that it looks bad on tv, but what the hell do I know!! LOL. Impact isn't bad at all compared to some of the nonsense WWE tries to present some nights!! They definitely have some great talent in that locker room!!

  6. Wow , what a great screw job and still not over putting over LAX , i mean impact owner, that the same problem Vince has with not being done putting over the USOs and The New Day , them being not being done being over

  7. Wow impact has definately turned it up a knotch here in the tag division far better then before and byfar way more entertaini g than wwe.bravo impact salutes to your roster.what a great job.keep it up between them .aew.roh.new japan wwe is no longer the only option..i mean they havent been realistically been the only option for longer but mainstream has been wwe is the number 1 but for legit entertaining talent roster quality matches impacts days of trying to be a copycat mini wwe story lines mimicking almost word for word wwe back wen dixie would emulate stories like wen the had eric young doing the little guy against all odds like danial bryan at the same time and literally doing other copycat non originall this was an example of how a successesfull wrestling company puts on a show.hooraa bravo

  8. I still think the three man tag team is stupid though. just like they did with the new day. A tag team is two people. if you want to have three guys champs have a damn trios championship or just have two out of the three guys as the actual champions

  9. Ref: yes I am giving the victory to the team that spat in my face……that makes perfect sense. I think he must have been contact drunk

  10. Stupid waste of time. TNA was way better back in the day when u had guys like EC3. Impact is full of old geezers and the commentary with Don West and Josh is the worst its ever been. Need new voices.

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