[Rare] Curly Bill (Virgil) Promo (10 02 1999 WCW Worldwide)

[Rare] Curly Bill (Virgil) Promo (10 02 1999 WCW Worldwide)

all right fans here on WCW worldwide I don't mind telling you you see top international stars right here each and every week including the likes of sting Hulk Hogan of course you see people like Lex Luger Buff Bagwell one of the great stars you will see I mean there are a ton of stars in World Championship Wrestling the Steiner brought you see them all right here you'll also see the West Texas rednecks and when you see the West Texas rednecks they've got little different look to them these days here's the latest number to join the troupe if you will I don't know if he is totally redneck but he is daughter new sheriff in town curly bill welcome to WCW world wide you are a West Texas redneck are you not cold-blooded redneck right out the closet I always was a redneck and now I can show all these good people what they were missing all right you were listening to James Brown and you were listening to all the great rappers and everything now what I hate that rap crap can you imagine that rap his crap on this man's body iPhone get some of that food out of those pearly whites yeah I get that Oroku out here no I've got to ask you a question a curly bill let's talk about a couple of the top contenders right now as far as tag-team action is concerned that would be your colleagues very and Kendall Windham but they're champions are indeed brothers they are matter of fact blood brothers I'm talking about Booker T and Stevie Ray Tag Team Champions the Harlem Heat they say the brothers but the Windham hitting curly brutal we're all brothers they cut me with a blade they cut the stuff we mix blood homeboys now you know something curly bill I thank you very much he truly is a West Texas redneck howdy


  1. Curly Bill is the greatest professional wrestler of all time.

    He makes Ric Flair look like Barry Horowitz.

  2. Thanks for uploading more Vincent / Virgil / Curly Bill stuff. Do you have any more matches of either of the Steiner Brothers?

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