Randy Orton hates to admit what John Cena taught him: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 20, 2019

Randy Orton hates to admit what John Cena taught him: WWE After the Bell, Nov. 20, 2019


  1. Cena and Randy are always putting on outstanding matches. In my opinion, two of the greatest to ever step in a wrestling ring.

  2. John cena and randy orton vs raw roster in 08' was dope asf!! Their matches against each other were always amazing! Both will be one of the greatest to this buisness

  3. they both should be a guest on talk is jericho and on stone cold’s podcast. also, bring back the jbl and cole show and guest on that.

  4. Oh!Now I got it How Suddenly Orton Gives an R.K.O when
    HE was Even not visible…..Nice Lesson Taught by John Cena Great👏👏👏

  5. I just hope they dont make him put over too many young guys, otherwise what was the point in resigning with him. I know its time for him to give back as a veteran he did a lot and hes a good villain too but he at least deserves more championship reigns.

  6. Only good storyline that they can continue NOW from ruthless agression Era is JOHN CENA vs RANDY ORTON Rivalry. They had brilliant matches and storylines , Especially in 2009 , where the title will change in every payperview and had some explosive matches.
    John Cena – perfect Protoganist and Randy orton – perfect Antagonist.
    WWE pls resume this rivalry.

  7. There's nobody in this generation now that will never be like John cena and randy orton or will never have a rivalry like the two guaranteed hall of Famers

  8. You what’s gonna be sad, when Randy Orton retires, he’s gonna be the last person of the Ruthless Aggression Era 2002 gone

  9. Cheers Corey for causing the absence of mauro ronallo on survivor series, maybe be a wee bit more considerate of people with pretty severe mental disabilities before you make digs next time

  10. Randy Orton et John Cena c'est mes catcheur préféré de la WWE mais j'ai une préférence pour Randy Orton car c'est mon catcheur préféré la vipère Randy Orton RKO🐍

  11. I know Randy is a good friend of Cena but it brings a smile to my face when Randy said
    "I hate to admit that i learned a lot from Cena"
    I can imagine those 2 same as Rock vs Austin lifetime rivals on screen

  12. Randy take that wwe title from brock at rumble and then cena challenges orton for that title at wm and become the 17-time champ. that woule dope and we’ll get to see this greatest rivalry again

  13. Yupp ,Randy is right
    Cena is master but not only in listening to crowd but to everything .
    He had helped so many guys that's why now he is the king of so many hearts❤️ luv u cena

  14. Whats your response to the backlash you have received regarding your tweet about Ranallo who people are aware that he suffers from Bipolar?

  15. John cena has been my idol since day 1, randy ortan has too….these two has definitely came a long way and made a positive impact on millions of fans.

  16. Given that Orton V Cena was often the worst match and bored viewers to death, and Orton is often accused of the same generally…
    …maybe Cena is actually bad at pacing and gave Orton bad advice…

  17. Love how he mentioned Rey also do you think they are asking this (in my opinion) because Randy might get another great feud with someone

  18. Say what u want about cena wwe hasn't had a true top guy ever since cena left tell me if I'm wrong I dare u all u anti cena mfs nobody has yet to bring that energy out of the crowd like he does weather positive or negative.

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