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October 4 news We’re starting off with some very
interesting news from WWE as the biggest promotion in the
world has referenced the
competition. After the premiere of AEW
Dynamite on TNT, WWE sent
out an official response congratulating the new company,
saying that the real winners
were the fans. “Congratulations to AEW on a
successful premiere. The real
winners of last night’s head-to-head telecasts of NXT
on USA Network and AEW on
TNT are the fans, who can expect Wednesday
nights to be a competitive
and wild ride as this is a marathon, not a
one-night sprint.” It’s certainly refreshing to see
WWE give props to AEW
despite fans calling this a war though one person who wasn’t
impressed was AEW World
Champion Chris Jericho. Speaking to Complex Sports,
Jericho even went to say
that the WWE were embarrassed on
Wednesday, claiming: “I know how they work. And the
fact is, I haven’t seen the
actual rating but I’m assuming they know how it is, and I think
we probably kicked their ass.
They started this.” Continuing, Jericho also claimed
that WWE had been arrogant
about AEW in the past, but that arrogance
is now long gone. Another person who didn’t take
kindly to WWE’s cordial gesture
was Vince Russo and though Cody Rhodes
didn’t want to controversial
booker at Starcast earlier this year, Russo took
AEW’s side online. On Twitter, Russo said it was
wrong for a company to
praise others, and compared McMahon’s actions to
Coke telling it’s customers to try
Pepsi instead. SmackDown Superstar Xavier
Woods took a more gentle
approach, saying that he hopes everyone has fun and does well,
but his New Day partner Big E
took a very different approach. Responding to Woods, the
powerhouse joked about wishing
pestilence and travail on his enemies, in a tweet that
had plenty of fans reaching
for a dictionary. Like WWE said in their release,
the Wednesday Night Wars is
definitely a marathon and not a sprint, and fans will
have plenty more nights of
watching two screens at the same time if AEW and
NXT continue to bring their
A-Game. Breaking the numbers down,
AEW Dynamite crushed NXT
on Wednesday, though that was to be expected
given it was the company’s pilot
episode. whilst NXT did a respectable 0.89
million viewers, Dynamite did
1.4 million and also had a higher percentage
of that crucial 18-49 demographic. Dynamite also did better in the
12-34 demographic, getting a
0.56 rating to NXT’s 0.23 though it was the yellow brand
that won out in the 50+ age range. It’ll be interesting to see where
both companies go from here,
but if they continue this level of quality, the real
winners of this war will indeed
be the fans. We’re looking ahead to tonight’s
edition of SmackDown as the
debut episode of the blue brand on FOX has
everyone excited. Earlier this week, The Rock
confirmed he will be appearing
tonight, as he’s the guy who popularized the term Smack
Down in the first place, and the
Great One’s return has sparked the interest of
Randy Orton. Taking to Twitter, the Viper said
he wanted to discuss which of
the two was the greatest 3rd generation star of all time,
and laid out the challenge for
a match at WrestleMania 36. Though the pair have crossed
paths in the past, even
competing at WrestleMania 20 in Madison Square Garden,
Orton and the Rock have never
met one-on-one, and it seems the dream-match between the
two may finally happen on
April 5th in Tampa. Even if Rock and Orton don’t
cross paths, fans will still be able
to see the two face off in the upcoming WWE 2K20 Video
Game, which dropped it’s first
gameplay trailer earlier this week. The trailer features a ton of new
footage ahead of the game’s
release on October 22nd, and this will be the seventh
installment in the 2k series,
after the company took over from THQ’s Smack
Down Vs. RAW series. This promo, entitled Step Inside,
is definitely worth checking out,
especially as it gives a major push to one of WWE’s
most popular stars today,
The Fiend. Speaking of Bray, Wyatt will have
the opportunity to become
Universal Champion at Hell in a Cell this Sunday at
Sacramento’s Golden 1
Center, but Wyatt isn’t waiting until then to make his presence
know in the City of Trees. Appearing in character on Good
Day Sacramento, Wyatt told the
hosts how he was doing quote “super-duper”, as the
Firefly Fun House theme played, but also revealed his friends in
the FunHouse were upset they
didn’t get an invite too. That fact didn’t wipe the smile
off the face of the Eater of
Worlds though, and neither did describing the
Hell in a Cell match, as he
gleefully told viewers “It’s this big horrible structure
that we do combat in.” When asked about the fireflies,
Wyatt said it was good to have
friends, though Wyatt said he was worried
for this Sunday, as it’s his alter
ego the Fiend who will be taking on Rollins, and Wyatt
said: “I don’t know what he’s
going to do.” To their credit, the hosts handled
the interview well, and hopefully,
this amusing segment will have got fans and
non-fans alike ready for Hell in
a Cell this Sunday. One Superstar who knows all
about Hell in a Cell is Edge,
who recently made a ton of headlines after he hit a spear
on the Summerslam Kick-off
show, and followed it up by saying that he could
probably wrestle again, and
according to the Wrestlin Observer Newsletter, there has
been a lot of talk of that
happening. In the latest instalment, the
Observer noted that there is
a talk private about Edge wrestling again, and that WWE
gave the former World Champion
a signifcant offer to do so: With that said, Edge’s health
remains the deciding factor in
all of this, as the report states: “While it is not confirmed that
he will wrestle again, the idea
of him wrestling again has definitely been talked about very
privately, although we’re not sure
if he can get clearance.” Those in WWE’s creative
department are under the
impression that Edge will never be cleared, but if he
is, a huge match at one of
WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows could be
a genuine possibility in the
coming years. From one Hall of Famer to another
now, as Kurt Angle hasn’t had a
great week when it comes to family. According to CBS Pittsburgh,
Eric Angle, Kurt’s real-life
brother, was indicted for distributing Anabolic steroids
on the Dark Web, as what the
Authorities are claiming was a three-
person operation. The three people are allegedly
members of the Quantum drug
trafficking ring, who import steroids from China
and other countries, to sell for
cash and cryptocurrency. If convicted, Eric is facing several
serious charges, including
conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and
conspiracy to import
controlled substances. To make matters worse, he was
already facing assault charges
from an incident where he chokes a kid he was
coaching on a wrestling team. Fans may remember Eric working
alongside his brother on WWE
TV in both 2000 and 2003, but it seems things
have gone downhill in the
years since then. Back to NXT now and after the
yellow’s brand explosive full-length
episode on the USA Network this week, the company has
announced some huge
matches for this Wednesday. On the show, KUSHIDA will get
his hands on NXT UK Champion
WALTER, whilst Lio Rush will face Drew Gulak for what is now
being referred to as the NXT
Cruiserweight Championship. The name change was made
public via a graphic for the
match, and was confirmed by WWE with the
name being changed on
their website. While the title will be under NXT’s
banner from now on, it will still
be used on 205 Live as the show has been moved
to Friday after SmackDown
on the WWE Network. On Twitter, Gulak commented on
the match, claiming he will usher
in a new era of pain and punishment for the Cruiser
weights, and claimed he is the
law from now on. Next week’s NXT will once again
have to go up against AEW
Dynamite, and though MJF doesn’t seem to
keep many friends in the company, one of his closest pals in the
whole world is Cody Rhodes. During the post-Dynamite media
scrum, Maxwell Jacob Friedman
asked whether he’d wrestle Cody, and after a long-winded reply
from MJF which compared his
own career to boxing he made it clear he doesn’t ever
want to tangle with his best friend. Whilst these two may be real-life
pals, a storyline feud between
them could be interesting and with MJF’s friendship to
Cody starting to get national
attention a grudge match between them
could definitely be best for
business. Back to NXT now, and though the
show didn’t match up to AEW’s
viewing figures this week, the show did see the incredible
return of Finn Balor. Balor, who is considered by many
as the brand’s greatest graduate,
returned to confront Adam Cole this week and spoke
to Newsweek about a variety of
topics. Asked about his return, Balor
described coming back to NXT
as a huge honour after his recent absence, which
started when he lost to The
Fiend at Summerslam. Though Balor targetted NXT
Champion Adam Cole when
he returned, the former Universal Champion isn’t exactly
going to be picky with his
matches, as he told Newspeak: “I’m going to wrestle whenever
whoever I want. That’s something I’ve been chasing for quite
some time in my career.” When asked about why he chose
to have a showdown with Cole
though Balor told readers that he’s no
stranger to groups, as he’s
been in groups in the past but teased assembling a faction
of his own to take on The
Undisputed Era. Whether that group of Balor’s
actually materializes remains
to be seen, but it’ll certainly make for interesting
TV is we have faction warfare
as part of NXT. Of course, the big story of today
hasn’t actually happened yet, as
the SmackDown debut episode on FOX will
happen in just a few hours. Before the show though, a
special Blue Carpet pre-show
event will take place, with a press release by FOX
confirming that Renee Young
Booker T will be hosting the
festivities. As fans will know, Young and
Booker were recently
announced for the new FS1 Studio show ‘WWE Backstage”,
so this pre-show will give fans
just a taste of what to expect, with the duo
“welcoming special guests and
offering insight and analysis on the upcoming
matches Charissa Thompson of FOX’s
NFL kickoff will also be on
hand for arrivals and interviews outside the
Staples center, while WWE’s
own Kayla Braxton will be providing backstage
access to Superstar during
the show. With all this excitement before
the show, tonight’s SmackDown
will certainly be one to remember and there’ll be plenty of action
on SmackDown itself once the
cameras start rolling. Four matches have been confirmed
so far, including WWE Champion
Kofi Kingston defending against Brock Lesnar in the
Beast’s first SmackDown match
in over 15 years. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens and
Shane McMahon will put their
careers on the line literally when they meet in a ladder match
with the loser being forced to
leave WWE for good. Roman Reigns will take on Erick
Rowan, whilst Becky Lynch and
Charlotte Flair will face off against the Boss
‘n Hug connection. Outside of the matches, there’ll be
plenty for fans to see, including
plenty of legends appearing, including a special
spot by The Rock, though fans
shouldn’t be expecting to see John Cena,
who is unlikely to show due
to his movie shootings. Even without Cena around, tonight’s
show will be a night of epic
proportions for WWE and will air live on FOX in the
Eastern and Central timezones,
as well as on the FOX Sports App but will air at 7pm Mountain
and 8pm Pacific later on. And finally today we’re ending
with some huge news, as the
rumors of CM Punk returning to WWE continue
to grow. Recently, the FS1 Studio show
WWE backstage saw Punk
tryout for a position and according to Fight Oracle,
an arrangement for the former
World Champion to return as a commentator
is a done deal. Though plenty of past stars
reportedly auditioned, including
Tazz, the return of Punk would be a huge story for WWE,
though fans will just have to
wait until we get confirmation by the very same
company, Punk left in 2014.

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