Putin Jokes With a Judo Banker: You Don’t Want To Meet Russian Wrestling Legend Alexander Karelin!

Putin Jokes With a Judo Banker: You Don’t Want To Meet Russian Wrestling Legend Alexander Karelin!

Ioannou Jason Karim (Barak UK Limited): Thank you very much to VTB and the panelists. Mr President, my name is Jason Joannou; I am a judo black belt and an oil trader. If later visionary… a visionary plan for Africa… What is your weight category? Ultra-heavy weight. We will be meeting with you either at a desk or when we will have tea and congratulate each other on another victory. I look forward to it, sir. I am reminded of sensei Jigoro Kano’s five principles of Kodokan judo, specifically his third principle, in your vision for Africa, which is ‘consider fully, act decisively.’ A number of people have looked at Africa and seen great opportunity, but have not invested in the infrastructure. If you look at Nigeria – two hundred million people with four gigawatt of its solar capacity. It is not just transfer technology that is needed, it is infrastructure. It is education. It is processes, like you said. In terms of your near-term and your medium-term vision, are there any areas of infrastructure or natural resources that you see very opportune to Russia of area of cooperation? And then, my second question is, how can I get training with the great Alexander Karelin? Mr Karelin, as you know, was a free-style wrestler, not a judoka. So, if you want to get a competitive edge over him, you had better not try, because he is still in very good shape. True, I do not know when you stopped training. But we should not meet on a tatami or a wrestling mat. I believe the active phase of our sports activities, at least in the case of wrestling, is in the past. As far as relations with Africa are concerned, I have already commented on this and will hardly be able to add anything of substance. With a population of 200 million, Nigeria is certainly an African giant. This has to do not only with the scale of oil production. Nigeria is a very promising country. We have very good relations with Nigeria. As for infrastructure, you know we also have much to offer. I am referring to pipeline transport, aviation, railway transport, motor roads, power production and electric transmission lines, as well as the internet. You know we have many well-thought-out and specific proposals for our African friends. I hope they will be implemented, including in Nigeria. Personally, for you, I wish all the best both in your professional activities and in your sports career. Thank you very much.


  1. Now if the globalist neoliberals could leave Russia alone for not confirming to mental slavery through political correctness . Russia is doing business with China and the world . Who gets angry because of this ? Follow NGO's schemes and put them down . UK support .

  2. I am a master of sports in athletics, and in 1997 I had a rest with our group of athletes in Dagomys, not far from Sochi, and the Russian freestyle wrestling team trained there
    I have a photo with Alexander Karaelin. My height is 192 centimeters, but next to him I looked like a small worm. Alexander is a real giant in growth, in sports, and he has a huge heart! He is a very kind and intelligent man! I was almost at all trainings of the Russian national wrestling team.

  3. All the Jew Dough, Jew Jitsu and Crab Mckay in the Universe won't help when you fight someone with nothing to lose that only wants to hurt or kill you.

  4. I have a new idea. Leave Africa. Make Home great instead.

    Same to the den of vipers synagogue —>Leave Earth(quick), return to your daddy Satan—with The Blessed Virgin’s assistance if necessary. ⚜️

    Move along…

  5. Putin like trump is running for office all the time. He is currently trying to appear more human. He is running for President of the world, and I think he is winning. Americans will be happy to have him take over after trump.

  6. Has anyone asked Vlad a question ever that he didn't have existing knowledge of? He answers all of them in depth, he doesn't seem to avoid any points either. Usually if you ask a politician about anything, you get standardised replies that are generalisations. – that always seek to fit in with some policy / pc thinking, but without even acknowledging that they do so. Vlad actually explains things, and he often says so when and why he won't go into details, ie he will acknowledge when he is being polite and diplomatic – always honest.

  7. Nigeria just passed a bill for hate speech punishable by hanging , all the ruling class have been replaced with Muslims that are pushing in from the north , what does Mr Putin think about that

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