1. Vox Populi….
    Seeing a lot of comments asked for a voice over, we decided to add VO in our latest video, covering the roman republican legion – https://youtu.be/Wn7ZrPjcW6Y

  2. Go ahead and fuck around and throw some Romans at a 400 BC Spartan Phalanx and see how many Spartans die compared to Romans ( don't bring up anything about Spartans around 200 BC because during that times a bunch of randoms from the Greek world were running Sparta and new nothing about the Spartan culture, therefore they ended up losing for the first time EVER using a phalanx but it wasn't against any Romans.) in other words Sparta all the way up to like 350 BC were run by real Spartans until the collapse of there military power, and no people there military strength was not over exaggerated, take a navy seal or a DELTA Force member who has been training for 5-10 years maybe a little bit more knowing that they are already bad ass, and combine them with the natural human strength of way back in ancient times and add about 20-30 more years of training and see what you get. Thats how Spartans were made.

  3. Where did Rome get the War Elephants from? I thought they didn’t get any until they fully conquered Greece and the Carthaginians.

  4. В России сравнили фалангу и легион
    In Russia compared phalanx and Legion

  5. Interesting but it doesn't explain the superiority of legion over phalanx; and why was the commentary done by Google Translate?

  6. Caesar would have won this with two fingers in his nose. It seems to me both commanders in this battle make horrible decisions and the death toll is accordingly. Normally I wouldn't say that if I hadn't seen the actions of other commanders like Caesar and Alexander who were at times in much more perilous situations because they faced truly cunning and formidable foes. Or maybe it's the fog that makes these commanders error-prone.

  7. This video doesn't explain why or how the legion was superior. It plays through all the events of the battle but doesn't touch on the video's announced intent. It does a nice job of detailing the sequence of the main battle events.

  8. just discovered the channel, beautiful! Your graphics are fantastic. If it could be combined with the individual biographical information for the combatants from invicta and the incremental real time damage hueristics from baz battles I could live in that world! Great work!

  9. if Philip waited for the rest of his phalanxes to climb the hill before charging down against the Roman legions he would have routed the entire roman force not just half of it

  10. heheh wow, impresive diagram and recreation of that battle, very very good and didactic, i was very interested with the music and the description lines of the things was happen in the battle, certainly this short video was better that many hollyjew crap "historic" movies that are absurd and boring in the way events are relate, congrats, i suscribe

  11. Complete and utter garbage! Where are the Aetolians? They were there with their entire army. It is the Aetolians who won that battle by clearing out Philip's left side. It was Aetolians who got to Philip's camp and looted it. Aetolians got the the 100% of the booty and refused to give a single penny to Romans accusing them of cowardice and shameful performance in the battle telling them they did not deserve anything. This was an Aetolian victory re-written by half-dimwits and jingoists like Livy as "Roman legion victory against the Greek phalanx" a whole century later. The story of the lone officer who turned a maniple to attack the phalanxes from behind is of course mumbo-jumbo since there was no Roman part attacking the left side when Romans were running back for their dear lives : the opening in the left was created by Aetolians and if any officer could hit back Philip's phalanxes that could only had been an Aetolian one, not an legion officer. It is clear even in idiot Livy's mumbo-jumbo account that Romans re-enterred the field only after the phalangites had dropped their ranks seeing the betrayal of the cavalry which refused to enter and clear out the Romans as well as the left-side succumbing to the Aetolians – no "high-ground" played any role in that.

    I won't cease to be amazed at the extends that westerners are ready to lie just to maintain this myth of "roman military superiority" one that never existed. Roman politics superiority sure, that is what we speak about but Roman legion prevailing over phalanxes, that is something that never happened, not a single time. Roman victories came out of a combination of treason in the opponents camps and extensive usage of Greek allies. That was not a military invasion, that was a political mingling in ongoing Greek civil wars.

  12. Έχω πάει κατά τύχη σε έναν συγκεκριμένο λόφο με ύψος γύρω στα 70 μέτρα, κοντά στο χωρίο Σκοτούσσα των Φαρσάλων το 1990 όπου λέγεται στους τοπικούς θρύλους, ότι εκεί είναι θαμμένοι όλοι οι στρατιώτες που σκοτώθηκαν, μέσα σε ομαδικό τάφο στην πολύ παλιά Ελλάδα. Ο λόφος είναι γεμάτος πήλινα κτερίσματα και μικρά κομμάτια από σπασμένα αγγεία… και όταν πας σε συγκεκριμένο σημείο στην κορυφή του λόφου και χτυπήσεις το πόδι σου δυνατά στην γη ακούγεται υπόκωφος ήχος από μέσα από τον λόφο. Επίσης να σας πω, πως η έκταση όλη του λόφου είναι καλλιεργήσιμη γη και το αλέτρι έχει σκάψει τα πάντα σε αρκετό βάθος για πολλές χιλιάδες χρόνια. Κανείς από το χωριό όμως δεν μιλάει για την ακριβή τοποθεσία, αλλά όπως σας είπα στην αρχή τυχαία γνώρισα τον ιδιοκτήτη της έκτασης του λόφου. Υπέροχο βίντεο και ωραία γραφικά μπράβο σας πολύ ωραίο !!!!

  13. Romans just needed to hold for the flanks to do the work . It's always a win situation if you're flanks are exposed as a phalanx or hoplite formation

  14. Why is the tittle abd the description are translated in my own langage ? Is it some choice you actvated ? Or is youtube doing that without your consent ?

  15. "What is best in life?"

    Conan: "To crush your enemies….to see them driven before you….and to hear the lamentations of their women!"

  16. The rigid Phalanx was winning head to head, yet the flexible Legion was able to outmaneuver and shatter their line

  17. I’m sure there are people watching this thinking it was better combat tactics or technology or unit organization or just whatever modern, romantic ideals about the Romans they hold that made the difference at this battle. In truth, the Roman force was larger and Phillip made some errors. That’s all. And that’s the takeaway from most historical battles. Someone just made more correct choices at the right time than their opponent.

  18. Honestly the legions that fought an uphill battle against the Macedonians are lucky. It took like half the battle before they wisened up and decided to exploit the weakness of the phalanx: lack of mobility and inability to attack in multiple directions.

  19. Ya know I’d love to see an actual even ground battle where the Romans definitively prove the superiority of the legion over the phalanx. Sadly the Romans were kinda a bunch of fucking idiots a lot of the time and their typical battle strategy was “advance.” Suffice to say they didn’t always use the legion to its fullest potential.

  20. Rome seldom faced a real phalanx army, and never one of the caliber of Philip and Alexander. The number one purpose of the phalanx infantry was to 'fix' the enemy in position and possibly to demoralize through sight alone; all those bristling spear points! But there was nothing all that superior about the formation; at Granicus, Greek mercenaries fought their way through the phalanx of Alexander. The real striking force was in the heavy Companion cavalry. Look at the victories of Pyhrrus over the Romans. By the time of Cynoscephalae, the cavalry arm of Hellenistic kingdoms had been allowed to deteriorate until they were no longer a decisive factor.

  21. Well, technically it all depends on the leadership.
    For example: In the battle of gaugamela macedonians defeated an army of more than a 100000 barbarians with just 47000 troops under the leadership of Alexander.

    In the battle of cannae, even though the carthaginian were heavily outnumbered they managed to not only defeat but to slaughter and inflicted the most humiliating defeat to the Romans who had superior numbers and better trained and equipped soldiers.

  22. bardzo dobrze wytłumaczona bitwa, ale panie, te napisy to na przyszły raz zostawiaj pan na dłużej a nie na sekundę czy dwie, przeciez nikt nie zdazy tego przeczytac, ja czytam bardzo dobrze i nie daje rady doczytac do konca bo tekst momemtalnie znika, spieprzyles pan dobry film

  23. would´ve stayed on the hill. aranged a phalanx wall turteoise and the cavalry mobile outside.. chasing down routing enemies or faint retreat/ tire out the romans that come after my horsies. separate the romans by having them surround me and split his force that way. drive my cavallry into his weaker (non speered) flank.. in the back of his outer flank troops. let them root, draw back cavallry and charge into the next one in his flank.

  24. This is what happens when your troops aren't in proper formation and led by a halfwit commander. He obviously didn't learn a thing with Alexander much to his demise.

  25. ah shit I thought they meant a Phanlanx 20mm vulcan on an automated turret…

    that would have been on hell of a surprise back then LOL bluuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrt … 3/4 of the guys troops die…

  26. Funny how this battle was decided by the 2nd in command on both sides. The commander of the right legions took immediate action and charged the hill before the commander of the left of the phalanx could get his troops into battle formations. Possibly, they were still disheveled from having just been foraging and immediately called into action, however maybe discipline wasn't an issue.

    Amazing video, thanks a lot.

  27. Grazie x il video, ma x cortesia si potrebbe averlo in italiano( xché ci possono esser ancor persone che non conoscono l' inglese). Grazie di nuovo e arrivederci👌

  28. Cinocefali nella Tessa glia nome dal significato "testa di cane" dalla forma delle colline del territorio. L'accompagnamento di Filippo costituita da un solo esercito disarticolato. Into, Filippo chiese la pace.. Grazie comunque per la passione che ci metti, passione che condivido. P. S. Filippo ringrazio anche i romani per l umanità dimostrata non inferi endo sul nemico vinto

  29. This is actually really, really cool. Having the visual aid makes it a lot more engaging and informative than simply reading about the battle and trying (and often failing in my case) to visualise it in your head. Great job on it Syntagma. Would love to see more of these.


  31. 0:00 – 0:10 that's not phalanx! The one shiels must so defense his owner and other 2 soldier to right and left….. that's what you showed not phalanx…. but like for video

  32. Then how about ROMAN LEGION VS THE MIGHTY SPARTANS? Whats ur bit on this?? I think this Legions are easy to destroy..

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