PAIGE’S MIRACLE RETURN! Paige Makes Unexpected RETURN TO THE RING After Encounter w/ Nia Jax – WWE

PAIGE’S MIRACLE RETURN! Paige Makes Unexpected RETURN TO THE RING After Encounter w/ Nia Jax – WWE

It’s not that often that a wwe superstar
is forced into retirement in their mid 20s, but that’s unfortunately the situation that
Paige was forced into Paige came into the wwe when she was just
around 18 to 19 years old and by that time, she already had about 5 plus years of wrestling
experience under her belt Paige was wrestling from such a young age
that by the time she was 19, she already had such a high understanding of the sport and
was basically a long time pro at such a young age Paige of course made NXT history by becoming
the first ever women’s champion during her first few years with the company. Just about a few years after that, Paige was
debuting on the main roster at the age of 21 Not only debuting, but also defeating the
longest reigning divas champion at the time and becoming divas champion on her first night
on the main roster Despite her main roster career only being
just about 3 years long, Paige accomplished so much in these few years. She had a long back and forth feud with AJ
Lee, she defeated the Bellas at Wrestlemania, and even was the leader for the “absolution”
faction. But after injuring her neck again in a 2017
house show, Paige’s in ring career was done Paige explained that there was a point during
the match that she briefly became paralyzed and couldn’t move a muscle Paige was able make a recovery from that feeling,
but hearing Paige talk about that last match is pretty terrifying and you can definitely
see why wwe will no longer allow her to wrestle no matter what Now despite Paige no longer being allowed
to wrestle, she’s still very talented and has a lot to bring to the table WWE knew this as well and that’s why they
just signed her to a multi year extension. As we’ve seen over the past few months,
wwe has been hard at work at trying to find a good non-wrestling role to keep Paige on
TV Paige became the Smackdown G.M. For a short period of time, but would end
up being removed from the position Paige didn’t do anything wrong to get removed,
wwe had just decided that they longer wanted any authority figures on TV, so Paige was
forced to give the job up Paige really loved that role and that was
the hardest role for her to let go of Then Paige came back once again as the manager
for the kabuki warriors This partnership between Paige and the warriors
looked promising, but Paige unfortunately had to get a follow up procedure done to her
neck and that took Paige off the road for months So much time had went by that wwe just ended
up dropping the whole manager role for Paige Paige did return as their manager for one
night on raw in late 2019, but the warriors turned heel on her and that whole segment
was done as a way to officially write Paige out of that role Paige is now doing a phenomenal job on wwe
backstage, but she has expressed new interest in revisiting the manager role During a recent interview with “inside the
ropes”, Paige was asked who she would pick to manage and she said Nia Jax Paige went onto call Nia Jax one of her best
friends and thinks that herself and Nia can pull off that Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar
element You have Paige as the great speaker and Nia
as the dominant competitor Paige said that she can see a lot of success
for Nia in that role and she definitely has a point, So let’s take Paige’s idea and
try to turn it into a simple story Nia Jax is fresh off her return and is just
coming back from her devastating knee injury She has to work her way back to the top of
the mountain, so she’s just trying to pick up some quick wins for the time being During a backstage interview with Nia Jax,
Paige can be seen in the background looking very intrigued by what Nia had just said and
it looks like Paige is up to something. Nia walks by Paige without acknowledging her,
but Paige still continues to watch Nia walk down the hall and it definitely seems like
an idea has popped into Paige’s head Nia goes out later on for a match and despite
being the favorite in the match, Nia actually looks like she’s in trouble of losing Out comes Paige running down the ramp, distracting
the referee and the opponent, giving Nia just enough time to recover and quickly go for
a roll up win Nia picks up the win and Paige enters the
ring with a smirk on her face as she tries to lift Nia’s hand up in the middle of the
ring. Nia raises her hand with Paige, but has a
very confused look on her face and eventually pulls away before walking out on her own Paige is interviewed the following week for
an explanation on why she helped Nia Paige explains that she’s been watching
Nia closely over the past few weeks and sees a lot of potential in Nia that she wants to
help bring out Nia aggressively approaches Paige and tells
her to stay out her business and that she doesn’t need her But Paige never gives up and the two eventually
get together and Paige puts Nia back on track to regain the women’s championship Paige served as the main mouthpiece while
Nia was the pure muscle Paige would finally deliver on her promise
and help Nia capture the women’s championship But what Nia didn’t see coming was her next
opponent After holding onto the title for a few months,
the devision was starting to weaken out and there wasn’t much valid competitors left That’s when paige and Nia are in the ring
together and Paige is cutting a promo on how she actually found a big challenger for Nia
and how it was her biggest threat to date Nia turns to the entrance ramp, trash talking
and waiting for this supposed challenger to appear Turns out this challenger was already standing
in the ring with her, and it was Paige Paige hits Nia with the microphone and Nia
drops to her knees and is just fully confused Paige continues the attack on Nia before picking
up the title and saying “I’m back” This sets up Nia Jax against a red hot returning
Paige If you wanna go full nostalgic with the appearance
then you can even have Paige wear her vintage nxt look, jet black hair and the purple attire,
that will make for quite the look in her first match back Now of course, we have to give Paige the championship
win here You’re talking about Paige making a miracle
return, so it’ll be perfectly topped off with the title win Now the chances of anything like this happening
in reality is slim to none with Paige’s actual health, but we’ve already seen two
miracle returns with Daniel Bryan and Edge, so who even knows what the future could hold What are your thoughts on this story idea
and do you like the concept of Paige managing Nia Jax? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe,
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  1. Still feels like we lost Paige way too soon as a competitor, so in today's story concept we'll be using Paige's actual idea of managing Nia Jax and adding a twist to it that will include her own return to the ring! Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys!

  2. This would be amazing! I'm not gonna get my hopes up tho. She would get a really big pop and she would take over the division, but just don't get your hopes up! 🙃

  3. Ok all this is WWE UNIVERSEREV ok it's been a year now since Nia been gone now but I will say this Paige & Nia & Tamina will be returning to WWE UNIVERSE RING FOR THE GRAND STATE OF THEM ALL WRESTLEMANIA GOING AFTER THE WOMEN'S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS

  4. If Paige can help Nia jax become a safer wrestler and not injure other wrestlers, it would do wonders for Nia.

  5. It's not going to happen and not anytime soon and maybe don't make a video that advertises that she is back when she clearly isn't!!!

  6. I love Paige she was the reason why I got back into wrestling especially Aj Lee but I hope she takes her time healing her neck just to be safe and don't rush her return

  7. I think she will come back but not for a couple more years. I want her in Nxt why not manage shayna's other horse women? Since she left to go raw they ain't been seen

  8. There are no words on how happy I’d be if Paige returned…..
    but I believe It WOULD be a true miracle if Paiges neck was to recover enough for WWE to allow her back in.

  9. I think Paige will be back she still very young so time is the best healer hoping one day she be back and shout THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!

  10. No I don’t like the idea. Nia Jax is a terrible wrestler who shouldn’t be wrestling. Giving her a manager and someone who can talk for her won’t help her. Nia is a bad actor as well.

  11. She should get a trainer that teaches moves to avoid getting injured she almost broke her back and Sasha kicked her back almost breaking it and summer almost broke her arm in nxt I forgot the other injury’s she had but I think she should stop wrestling cuz one more injury it would paralyze her it’s better off that she doesn’t wrestle anymore…

  12. She is definitely way too talented to still be stuffed under the blankets & out of sight but that's the E for ya they can always take a bright diamond & yet you find out that it's only fake glass.

  13. That would be good to see Paige make a come back to the ring that would be awesome as Paige is a good female wrestler

  14. Me encantaría ver a PAIGE de vuelta en los rings ojalá algún día sea posible. La amo. Saludos desde Argentina

  15. First off Paige's career is over and this person knows It. She already said that her In ring competition is done. Her neck Injury is so bad that she will never wrestle again. Whoever made this video should be banned from youtube because they obviously don't follow wrestling at all.

  16. I would so love her to make a comeback, but whenever anyone mentions a comeback to her she categorically states she can't do it

  17. 2020 sucks except for the wrestling moments we've had alot of great things happen. If Paige does come back full time that'll be another section added to the list

  18. I love Paige, she's got a true passion for the sport in which many doesn't match. I'd love to see her come back and do her thing

  19. Makes me chuckle a little…Page managing a wrestler known for botching and injuring other wrestlers…only to become the next challenger? But anyways, I am pretty sure Nia as well as Paige have both been training extensively, so I look forward to seeing them both in ring again. This time with no injuries. Good luck ladies!

  20. Wow. That sounds like an amazing story line. All the writers should be fired at WWE and hire you as their writer. I like that concept. That i would watch.

  21. Shes so strong. I cried with her retirement speech. So smart, genuine, fantastic awareness, will be amazing if she came back.

  22. I swear, Paige use to be the most beautiful person but now, after all the plastic surgery? She tore herself up

  23. Paige is an awesome wrestler. To bad she can't wrestle anymore. She should become manager for Nia that would be great for both of them.

  24. Awesome but nia Jax is going in a storyline with Mandy,Otis,Tucker,Sonya,Zipper storyline on smackDown on Fox.

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