Ozzy Man Reviews: Epic Bear Fight

Ozzy Man Reviews: Epic Bear Fight

Welcome to fight day! Here we have two grizzly bears with their bloody undies in a twist. Word is that Chuck, the bear on the left, stole a salmon from Yogi, the wanker on the right. Yogi has been hibernating on the issue all week because he doesn’t like conflict, but enough is enough. Chuck says “fuck you I never stole ya fish!” Yogi roars back “yeah you did! I called shotgun on that salmon. It was mine.” OH Chuck bites him! Yogi took that one right on the tit. His confidence is momentarily shattered. Chuck is breathing the smell of fish guts into his eyeballs. Ewh! AW there’s another bite to the tit! If this road was an Octagon I’d say Chuck wins points for dominating the space. I can see why Yogi gets fucken fish nicked from him. AW no here we go! It’s turned into a hardcore scrap. The rule book is out the window, even though there is no rule book. Yogi has gone Full Khabib Nurmagomedov. He pins his opponent to the ground and teabags him behind the bush. That really was a beautiful takedown by the big unit. And yeah, look at that, he is forcing his ball sack towards Chuck’s face. I can only imagine this revenge is very satisfying. Have a look at this flurry of punches. That’s a huge combo! Aw in the background we can see that wolf that fought Liam Neeson in the movie The Grey. I guess the wolf won. It’s nice to have closure on that. It’s thinking about taking on the winner. I’d stick around and watch that. Yeah nah it looks like it’s moving on. Overall, Chuck needs to find his own place to catch salmon. Or negotiate a partnership to work together. The bears run towards the camera woman’s car. She understandably shits herself.


  1. Just imagine driving down the road and then you have to brake suddenly because of this…
    "-Honey, I'm gonna be late…
    -Again? WHY?
    -Two grizzly bears are fighting on the road." 😀


  3. Hi ozzy man. I've been watching your videos all day and forgot about the comments because I enjoyed the videos so much… fuck off

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  5. These bears clearly studied at the Logan Paul/KSI school of pre-fight stare-downs: get close and breath on each other.

  6. Have been big fans for a long time and Absolutely Love where you can take us! Ozzy Man does for All what David Attenborough did for wildlife docs.

  7. i love this..grizzly bears fighting in the road..wolf spectating in the road…sign on road talks about Avalanches…where is this?! I'd move immediately to go live there because there just cant be any man bun wearing barista's there.

  8. 1.22 guess the wolf won Its nice to have closure on that. i nearly fell off the couch laughing. brilliant as i was only just watching that movie

  9. Where the frick is this place where there's just two bears fighting in the middle of the road while a wolf watches them????

  10. Ya This Happend in Canada
    The Big Guy is Larry, And the lil fucker nobody really knows, They were drinking actually, There was no fish…just beer, lots a fuckin beer

  11. This was obviously a road rage incident HAHAHAHAhahaha..ha.ha.h…. Get it? cause it… rage…on road ?

    My mom says i am funny.

  12. I have to really stop watching his videos when I’m high it just amplifies the whole laughter even my daughter recorded me laughing like a fucking idiot almost had a six pack until wife got involved lol

  13. I watched the raw video and then this one, and I can say that it was pretty intimidating without Ozzy man's commentry…

  14. Wait, where do you get lucky enough to record a fucking bear fight with a fucking wolf in the background? If that isn't God, I don't know what is.

  15. So someone had to put road signs up in a place where you can find wolves and bears within the same shot? Wonder if they gave him a decent hazard pay…

  16. 0:44. Hey you Ozzy man dude: There are all wankers making a living on youtube. If you are rich from this, you are the only one that deserves it. I haven't watched one of your videos that was a dud so far. Keep it up, This is gold!

  17. 1:14. Wolf: "Hey Yogi, can you save me the liver after you snap his friggin' neck?"
    Yogi: "Yea sure whatever you vultered mooch of a carnivore."
    Yogi: "Hey chuck, wait until I get back to the forest and tell all my friends that I tea bagged you and I made you lick them." "Oh and by the way Chuck [email protected]%#,, if you ever steal a salmon from me again I am going to stick me 10 pound grizzly in your black hole sun"

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