Origins behind 5 WWE memes: WWE List This!

Origins behind 5 WWE memes: WWE List This!

Memes are practically
a language online and WWE has given us some pretty
good ones over the years. If you need confirmation, just check out our Giphy channel
full of funny reactions and more. But what are the stories behind
some of these WWE inspired memes? We did some digging for the origins of
five of the most popular WWE memes. All eyes run John Siena at money
in the bank 2012 as he competed against 4 former world champions in his
first Money in the Bank ladder match. Devout ultimately came
down to John Siena and Big Show who met at the top of the ladder. The world’s largest athlete attempted to
KO Cena with a punch but Cena blocked the punch and responded by repeatedly
bashing Big Show with a briefcase. After the third blast
the briefcase snapped loose, meaning Cena technically won the match. Mr. Money in the Bank was so shocked he couldn’t control his
excitement, giving us this famous shock. The Rock broke into WWE as
Rocky Maivia and the WWE universe was certainly not on board with the super
happy third generation superstar. This drove the blue chip to forget
the fans and join the despised nation of domination, which was led by WWE Hall of
Fame Ron Simmons then called Faarooq. As the rock stars started to shine
brighter he became resentful of taking orders from Faarooq. And as the nation prepared to take
on the tough squad of Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, and
DOA at WWE No Way Out 1998, Doc asked the leader about
the recent dissension in the ranks. The Rock grabbed the microphone,
sparking a tirade from Faarooq, and the greatest eye roll in WWE history by
the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Edge was known as
the ultimate opportunist, and he proved it at WWE no way out 2009. It wasn’t scheduled to participate in the World Heavyweight Championship
Elimination Chamber match, but Edge ambush Kofi Kingston during essentially
Trance and locked himself and Kofi pot. Edge was the fifth superstar to enter
the fray with reigning world champion John Cena as the six senior
was on fire to start. But was quickly hit with a codebreaker,
619 and a spear to be eliminated. Everyone was in shock until Ed realized
a new champion would be crowned. Bringing a grin over the space and
edge was ultimately right because the rated R superstar was holding
the world title after the battle. After Seth Rollins betrayed his shield
brothers in 2014, Dean Ambrose was on a mission for more than a year to
destroy the reigning WWE Champion for a minute at WWE LM Elimination
chamber 2015. It seemed like he did. Ambrose inadvertently knocked over
the referee then countered a Phoenix flash with Dirty Deeds, a new ref went into
the ring and made the three count, ending round in shocking fashion,
except the celebration was premature. The original official regained
consciousness and revealed that Rollins pushed him into Ambrose and
called for Rollins to be disqualified. Once Rollins realized the champion’s
advantage meant he couldn’t lose the title by disqualification he broke down
with this obnoxious, infamous scream. [MUSIC] Mr. McMann was on cloud nine
after Survivor Series 2001. Team WWE fended off The Alliance,
saving Wit McMahon’s company and McMahon was in sole control of WWE now. That’s because his children sold
their company shares to a consortium months before. So the chairman came to raw and Charlotte,
North Carolina to celebrate his total authority and praise Kurt Angle,
the man who helped WWE to victory. For the first order of business, McMahon
waned to crown Angle the new WWE Champion, the title that rightfully belongs to
the alliance’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. But then Ric Flair styled
a profile to the ring, to urge Angle not to accept
the title without earning it. When the chairman rudely tried to
usher the Nature boy out of the ring, Flair revealed that he was the consortium. All along, meaning he and Mr. McMahon were partners, resulting in
this panic smile from the chairman. That’s our list. What are your favorite WWE memes? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, thanks for
watching List This.


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  2. Come on! The best WWE meme ever is the one with the Undertaker fan after his loss at Wrestlemania XXX!!
    Then are Mr McMahon face expressions!

  3. I guess his name is john cena from rko outta knowhere and vince falling out of the chair isn't here rko was too big of a meme to be mist wft

  4. John Cena ruining former WWE superstars' careers for no reason and getting away with it, still being a top star be like: 0:55

  5. I am forever an Edge-head.. but the night that he "took Kofi's place" in the WHC Elimination Chamber match is reason enough for Randy Orton to be "screwed" out of the WWE title and forced onto Raw. Marks and smarks can hate all they want, but Kofi earned and deserves a very long title reign! He already has held it longer than BOTH of Daniel Bryan's reigns that had any length and Eddie Guerrero's, not to mention several of John Cena's and Randy's as well. not saying he should hold it till next Mania.. but he certainly should hold it till Elimination Chamber.

  6. My favorite one is the Titus Worldslide ( where Titus O'Neil trips in the Greatest Royal Rumble and falls under the ring)

  7. My favorite meme is: Randy Orton RKOing a plane, and brought it crashing to the ground, then displaying his signature pose.

  8. Becky Lynch facial expression towards Lacy Evans when she was speaking. They were signing the MITB contact along with Charlotte in England.

  9. My favorite meme was when Vince fell from his chair when stacy keibler danced for him
    The second one was the one when DX was a team and as they were going up the entrance ramp shawn was tryna put his fist up to fight and HHH hold him back was hilarious

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