One of the most shocking finishes in UFC history deserves a deep rewind | Rousey vs Holm, UFC 193

One of the most shocking finishes in UFC history deserves a deep rewind | Rousey vs Holm, UFC 193

– It’s November 15th, 2015. Melbourne, Australia. We’re less than a minute
into the second round of a fight between Ronda
Rousey and Holly Holm with the UFC women’s Bantamweight
championship up for grabs. we’re about to witness one of
the most unexpected endings in UFC history, but before we get there, we have to understand why. What happened to make this
such an important showdown? How did our bloodied champion and her massive underdog
challenger get to this point? And why are we even in Australia? Let’s rewind. (mysterious music) So the first thing that
sticks out is the time. The fact that we’re in the second round, there is only one other fighter
who has faced Ronda Rousey that can say they’ve gotten that far. But even then Rousey pulled out the win. And that can be said for every fight she’s been a part of in
the last seven years. You have to go back to the
2008 Olympics in Beijing to find her most recent loss of any kind. And even there she went on to
win a bronze medal in judo, becoming the first American woman to ever earn an Olympic
medal in the sport. Retiring from judo after
those Summer Games, Rousey shifted her focus to MMA. To say that went well would be an insult and I don’t feel like insulting someone who can just casually do this. This is Rousey scoring
a technical submission on Sarah D’Alelio via arm bar. this is her submitting
Sarah Kaufman via arm bar. Here’s her doing the same to Julia Budd. In addition to the method being the same, each of these wins for
Rousey also happened in less than one minute. If you look at her first
three fights as an amateur, alongside her first seven as a pro, both technique and time
remained pretty consistent with only two making it out of
the first minute of Round 1. The first person to truly
make Rousey work for it was Miesha Tate when they
headlined Strikeforce event in March 2012. That contest was for the
Strikeforce Bantamweight belt with Rousey then playing the challenger. But even though it went longer than her previous four fights combined, Rousey finished Tate off in the
first with another arm bar and claimed the belt, a belt
that she would carry with her into the UFC. She became the first female fighter to sign on to Dana White’s promotion and defended her belt with more arm bars, then changed it up against Sara McMann when she earned a technical
knockout by a kicks to the body. One title defense later, she straight punched out Alexis Davis needing just 16 seconds. How does one follow up that? Well, Rousey returned to her
preferred method of victory against Cat Zingano to
score the fastest win in UFC championship history. That’s the long winded way of saying Rousey is absurdly talented,
but also that right here, the only women’s bantamweight
champ the UFC has ever known is in some trouble. Trouble that could either
spell her first loss or lead to one of most exciting
finishes of her career. As she’s repeatedly shown, all she needs is one
opportunity to win a fight. While Rousey is stumbling, before we get into how she got bloodied, let’s look at who has been doing it. Holly Holm, an absolute
badass in her own right but why is she here? Well, Holm also has never
lost in her MMA career and just like Rousey she
was extremely well decorated before taking up the sport. She got her start through kickboxing but where Holm really made a
name for herself was in boxing. She had been a champion
boxer who held the IBA and WBF world titles. She had successfully defended her titles 16 times across three
different weight classes. She was named female
fighter of the year twice by Ring Magazine. So from simply a talent standpoint, she is the best striker
that Rousey has ever faced. But even with an incredible resume, Holm getting a shot at the
title came as a major surprise. As of early August,
she was ranked just 9th in the women’s Bantamweight division and only had two other
UFC fights to her name. After Rousey defended her
title against Correia, everyone assumed that would
lead to the trilogy fight of Rousey vs Tate. Dana had said as much back in July. So when this matchup was announced, people were caught off guard. The headlines focused on those
who weren’t getting a shot or the reactions to this matchup from others in the fight world, but that was likely
more than fine for Holm, the determined clinical
fighter from Albuquerque who recognized this was the
biggest fight of her career. And whether Rousey believed it or just knew how to hype a fight, she gave Holm a ton of credit and said that Holly would be her
biggest challenge to date. That’s a pretty major statement from someone doing the unprecedented move of announcing their own fight
on Good Morning America. The closest Holm got to boasting was when she pointed out
that due to her skills, if Rousey were to win, it would be another feather in her cap. The fighter that many were writing off viewed herself as an
opportunity for the champion who was already considered
an all time great, but even with both sides explaining why it was an incredible matchup, not much would have changed
the minds of skeptics. Holm like many before her was a massive underdog entering the fight. as Chuck Mindenhall put it, the UFC hoisting her into the spotlight was like sampling something
before it was ready. But then again does that actually matter? Rousey’s previous
challengers were all seasoned and we know how well they fared. Maybe the UFC knew what it was doing by offering a fresh face instead
of giving Rousey the chance to sweep the trilogy. Either way they definitely got lucky because so far this is more unexpected than anyone could have guessed. Holm has not shied away from the challenge and just looking at Rousey,
she knows she’s in a hole. But before we get to why that is, let’s focus on where we
are and how we got here. I promise it helps. So this is Etihad Stadium. It’s used primarily for cricket matches, but for the first time ever,
the UFC came to Melbourne. Originally though Rousey
vs Holm was set for January in Las Vegas at UFC 195, but just a week after that was announced, everything changed. With Lawler injured, the Women’s
Bantamweight Championship took over as headliner
on the November card. While they had nearly
three months heads up, it did expedite the process. And with a little less time to build hype, the champion became the promoter. See on top of her MMA prowess, Rousey had become extremely marketable in a way the sport really hadn’t seen. She was one of the highest
paid female athletes in part thanks to roles in
“Furious 7” and “The Expendables 3.” She made the cover of
ESPN’s The Body Issue and had even beat out Serena Williams in an ESPN best female athlete vote, proof that Rousey had deservedly
become a household name. And that meant she
could be a business tool for the UFC who sent her out on seemingly endless
appearances ahead of 193. She hosted an episode
of SportsCenter on ESPN. She joined the Fox crew for
the NFL Sunday countdown but the big appearance
was The Tonight Show. Rousey talked up the challenge of Holm and proved to know what
she was talking about when previewing the matchup. – This one’s gonna be a much longer fight because she’s a 19-time
boxing world champion with 100% take down defense
in like head kick knockout. I mean she’s the biggest
threat definitely to me. – [Will Buikema] But when
giving her full prediction, she also had a sense of what to expect and how Holly might look
to pull off the upset. – I feel like she’s gonna
try and like keep distance and keep far away from
me, getting me frustrated until a point I’ll make a mistake and she can try kick me in the head but it’s not gonna go like that. (audience laugh) Not the way that she wants. – [Will Buikema] However
Holm was gonna try it, she had some pretty
good folks training her. And as her opponent did promo after promo, Holm just kept training with
minimal headlines created. She was more than calm in the months leading up to the fight. The closest she came to trash talk was saying that she had been
envisioning how she would win but really just seemed
thankful for the opportunity. Rousey on the other hand, began to proudly wear her confidence. She offered advice to
Holm in a backhanded way saying she wouldn’t enjoy
the life of a champion, would be happier as a contender and that she hoped Holly
would just accept the loss and enjoy the benefits that
came from losing to Rousey. She didn’t stop there though. Rousey seemed to have
already looked past Holm and expand those thoughts
to the entire division. Unsurprisingly, Holm remained unflappable, maintaining a more positive
anything-can-happen sort of mindset. And that, that lack of
reaction was what it took to fully draw Rousey’s ire. Facing off for one final
time before the fight, the two had to be restrained
by Dana White at weigh ins. Holm didn’t seem to be
bothered by the dustup. – I don’t know, was just having a drink,
you know. (audience laugh) – [Will Buikema] But Rousey took a slightly different approach. – I just wanted to get in her face and show her that I
was there for a reason. That fake sweet act is,
I see right through it. I really do. It’s all fake. All until now. All that respect, all that
everything, all you being sweet, I see it right now that it’s fake and you’re gonna get it on Sunday. – [Will Buikema] Whether that was genuine or just a late push for
more pay-per-view buys, it’s up for debate. But it was the climax of a
kind of bizarre back and forth. The champion growing
annoyed with her challenger, even annoyed with the potential
challengers down the road, the fighter right in front of
her remaining laser focused on the upcoming fight and not giving her
anything to use as material and everyone just waiting
for the fight to start. Okay, finally how did we get
to this point in tonight. Well, when the pair
finally met in the Octagon, Rousey continued her
animosity towards Holm. When the challenger offered her fists, Rousey spurned the glove touch
and quickly went to her side. Once Herb Dean got things going, it was obvious there
would be no record finish. They circled and sized one another up and although Rousey was
the first throw a punch, Holm was the first to connect. Rousey continued to be the aggressor but Holm kept her at bay
even landing an oblique kick followed by a quick right. A little over a minute into the 1st and Rousey connected with her first punch but Holm shrugged it off. Shortly after they clinched and as Ronda worked
Holm against the fence, Joe Rogan raised concern
for the challenger. – [Joe Rogan] This is
not what Holly wants. Definitely does not want
to be clinching with Ronda. – [Will Buikema] But as Holm
worked herself out of it, she also caught Rousey high with a kick. They traded punches and took their time but as Rousey approached, Holm stepped in with a huge left elbow. That left the pair
spinning for control though and the champ managed to take
Holm down for the first time. Rousey did all she could to get the arm, but Holm squeezed out of
it and back to her feet. Just as Rousey predicted
for as great of a striker as Holm is, she’s not too
bad on defense either. They continued trading but
anything Rousey landed, Holm responded with a punch even bigger or repeated kicks to the upper leg. One of the bigger shots came
with 1:19 left in the round. As Rousey closed in Holm
quickly met her with the left that rocked Ronda. That was followed with another as Rousey’s hands drifted down and although it wasn’t too damaging, Holm managed to take down
Rousey with under a minute left. They got right back up but it was proof that Ronda was exhausted. She did her best to chase the challenger but as the first round wrapped up, it felt like Rousey was just
as shocked as the crowd. As the Bell sounded, the champ
went to her corner bloodied and needing answers. Realistically, it was the first
round Rousey had ever lost in her professional career and at the start of the second,
it was more of the same. Ronda played the aggressor and Holm took the
opportunities that were given. Only 30 seconds in and
Ronda went for a left that Holm ducked under which
sent Rousey to her knee and into the fence leaving the commentators
with just one word. – [Commentators] Wow! – Wow! Rousey looked to slow things down and as she stopped
rushing, the pair danced. Each fighter looked for an opening to take knowing that regardless of how
it had gone up to this point, any good shot could end it. Which brings us here,
seconds away from history. A challenger who has dominated the fight in a way hardly anyone saw coming. The former boxing world champ
whose selection for this card left people scratching their heads. But if she could hang on here, would end one of the greatest
runs the sport has ever seen. Still it’s a huge ask. Rousey’s proven time and again that she doesn’t need much to end it. She’s the only women’s Bantamweight
champion in UFC history. And while this has been
her toughest fight yet, there’s no one that would count her out until it’s all said and done. Someone has to hoist the belt and someone has to
suffer their first loss. Welcome to a moment in history. – [Commentators] Beautiful. Beautiful. She’s hurt. She’s hurt. Holly looking to finish. Holly Holm is the new
UFC Bantamweight Champion of the world. – [Will Buikema] Hey thanks for watching. If you want more of that
good good fight content, check out this beef history. Or if you want more Rewinder, well we’ve got that too. Subscribe to SB nation, hit
the Bell for notifications and we’ll see you soon. (light music)


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  15. actually at the last 55 seconds of the 1st round, ronda hits holly with a left hook right in the face which made her wobble and that force holly to take down ronda to avoid follow up punches coz she is still wobbly at that moment.

  16. actually at the last 55 seconds of the 1st round, ronda hits holly with a left hook right in the face which made her wobble and that force holly to take down ronda to avoid follow up punches coz she is still wobbly at that moment.

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