On September 22, playtime is over for Jay White and Naito! (#njdest)

On September 22, playtime is over for Jay White and Naito! (#njdest)

ということわざがあるが… 俺たち2人が似たようなことを考えれば…
それは楽しくて笑顔が止まらない 内藤 お前のおかげで
このお楽しみも終わりを迎える お前の”運命”のDESTRUCTIONだ お前の運命さえ
似た者同士かもしれない 外道… 邪道… チェーズ… KENTA… ファレ… タマ… タンガ… 石森… エル・ファンタズモ… 裕二郎… ピーター… MR. ジューシー… Y JAY… NOSOTROS… BULLET CLUB! 4 LIFE! Hey, let me set it straight… More than Jay or Naito… Even more than SANADA or Ibushi… I want the IWGP title more than any of them. Remember that. Today was also a lot of fun. I’m guessing Jay White had fun, too. I appreciate Jay for making
all of this so enjoyable. By the way, did you know about his hidden talent?
It surprised me when I saw his comments, He can see into the future. What? How did he learn to do that? If you know a place that teaches you how to
become psychic, please, take me there. I’d like to see into the future, too. Perhaps he can see past the Kobe show, He can see a happy Naito in his head.
Maybe that’s why he’s in such a rush. Jay… You should remember the word,
for times like these… TRANQUILO…
ASSEN NA YO… We still have two weeks to go. The fun continues.
The next show is in Fuji? At the Fuji Show, let’s have more fun, together. ¡CABRÓN!


  1. This storyline is getting more interesting. Jay white and naito tetsuya having fun with each other. Evil now stating his intentions of going after the IWGP heavyweight title even if it means going through Ibush, Kenta, Okada, and his own stablemates, Naito and SANADA.

  2. So was Jay's promo specifically to counter that annoying person on Wikipedia who kept denying Gino "Mr. Juicy" Gambino is a full member of Bullet Club?

    But Jay forgot Hikuleo… unless Leo is still technically a Young Lion or something.

  3. Gedo (Yoshi-Tatsu, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, wait. Wrong list.)
    Chase (Owens)
    (Bad Luck) Fale
    Tama (Tonga)
    Tanga (Loa)
    (Taiji) Ishimori
    El Phantasmo
    Yujiro (Takahashi)
    Pieter (Yujiro's valet)
    Mr. Juicy (Gino Gambino)
    And Jay White.

    BULLET CLUB. 4-4-4-4 LIFE.

  4. Careful, Jay, you don't wanna start a full out war with Los Ingobernables Naito, Evil, Sanada, Bushi, Shingo, Hiromu, Rush, El Terrible, La Comandante, La Bestia del Ring, what heck throw-in La Mascara as well. Nosotros Los Ingobernables!!! In the words of Rush "Pasa lo que pasa no pasa nada perros"!!

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