Official Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer: Two Dojos, One Fight

Official Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer:  Two Dojos, One Fight

Cobra Kai is back where
it belongs. Back on top. But the real story’s
only just begun. I thought you were dead. Cobra Kai never dies. Ever since the tournament, all I’ve been thinking about
are ways to destroy Cobra Kai. But opening your own Dojo?
Make sure you can balance that. Balance is my thing. ♪♪♪ We got some new recruits. Cobras, show them what
real karate looks like. It’s just an insane karate cult that’s brainwashing
half the school. That’s why I’m opening
up Miyagi-Do. ♪♪♪ You got room for one more? Someday the fight
may come to you. And I wanna make sure
you’re ready. Got you. Time to see what Miyagi-Do
is made of. Something tells me there’s
a can of wax in my future. ♪♪♪ All together! Which one of you has the
balls to take on the champ? My name’s Miguel. Tory. With a “y.” You better hope that
your soldiers are ready. They’re kids. Do you have a crush? Is it Robbie? The fight is only over
when you say it is. Let’s finish the fight. A sensei doesn’t teach
destruction and disrespect. We need to talk about what
you’ve been putting in my kid’s heads. Same lessons I taught you. Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. Fighting positions. These things don’t end well. This isn’t a tournament,
this is real life. There are no rules. That’s not how I
taught you to fight. Hey! You wanna finish this? Bring it on.


  1. É triste depois desses anos todos, ver que o Daniel LaRusso , ficou tão fraco e incompetente assim, o Sr Miyagi ficaria decepcionado com ele.

  2. You can see the Rising Sun Flag, symbolizing Japanese militarism, on the band's forehead. Rising Sun Flag means the same thing as the Nazi flag. You must remember. No JAPAN!

  3. El mundo de los titulados quiere a las mujeres per se y además las permite que se puedan reír de los hombres. Y si además son rubias con el pelo todo rubio son las más solicitadas.

  4. El trabajo de muchos hombres, como el de mi padre, es el de hacer creer que hay que vivir como los ricos y matar a los hombres. Hay variedad de elementos que utilizan para convertir los deseos en una tumba o una dirección hacia el debilitamiento de poder hacia los que no pueden, por temas de nacimiento. En este sistema se permite acceder a unos deseos, y no ser castigados como en el mundo subdesarrollado, por el hecho de existir personas que quieren. Esto les crea un odio y a la vez una auténtica búsqueda de todos los hombres por conseguir todo a cualquier precio pero, a la vez, que no se enteren los que les permiten realizar un mundo de vicio.

  5. The title sounds like a 12 year old has thought it up. There is no choreography for the few fight scenes. Every second a cut. You literally can clearly see that they dont even hit each other sometimes. so fking terrible. This trash is enough for the little kids on Youtube. Jackie Chan and Bruce lee would laugh their heads off.

  6. This show is amazing, they really made something special here, filled with heart, soul, passion and pure awesomeness.

    Dvd/Blu-ray coming out November 12, folks.
    Tons of bonus features and two cool headbands are included, one from Miyagi Do and the other is from Cobra Kai 💪

  7. The writers need to write the stingray character out of season 3, the guy looks like he is in his 40s and he likes spending time with teenagers I pretty sure the cops would find that weird even in California.

  8. Excellent, I know it gets complicated, but I think the movies and series should always keep the actors from the beginning possible, when they replace them it ends with the magic of the original, I love what they did, "Cobra Kai Season" with the original stars, I'm A big fan. Thanks.

  9. This looks terrrrible. My goodness Mr. Miyagi is rolling over in his grave. How did the original Karate Kid turn into HS Musical.

  10. Garbage show. I love that some of the original cast is in it…but it REEKS of the current culture, at times. And current popular culture is complete, utter trash.

  11. Siempre pensé que ralph era un estupido. Hoy estoy mas que seguro que lo es….y lo peor es que les enseña

  12. If E.T. the Extraterrestrial is ever brought back more than a commercial I hope it is handled with as much care as Cobra Kai was and is.

  13. Daniel used to be on top of the world as the richest car dealer in the valley. Until his past comes back to haunt him. His empire, everything he ever built, all came crashing down due to his arrogance and his inability to leave the past behind.

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