1. The ref stoped the fight to early!!!! Valentina beat Amanda twice but the judges robbed Valentina twice!!! Amanda does have several loses on her record!!!!! Kat zangooun beat Amanda but Amanda nunes is afraid to fight her again!!!!! Valentina has a sister that fights at 135 and she would destroy Amanda nunes!!!!!!!

  2. Nunes got a lot of help from the judges in her fight with Shevchenko. Nunes did no damage to Valentina and still she was given an undeserved victory. It's clear the UFC is inflating Nunes to make huge profits.

  3. The Great Nunes Kicked her head like she kicks Soccer balls for a Goal !!

  4. Holly basically got done the way she did everybody else, nunes gave her a taste of her own medicine…

  5. I have nothing but respect for both these amazing ladies. As I previously stated regardless of who wins this fight they both leave the octagon as champions. Holly as been beat before, learned from her mistakes and returned a better fighter only to rematch and come out victorious.

    So it wasn't her night last night and I'm happy for Amanda as she has accomplished so much in the sport. In short she is what Ronda Drousey wanted to be and had everyone telling her she was when in reality she wasn't even anywhere near Amanda's league and Amanda proved that in under 2 min.

    The only thing I disagree with people is Holly got KO'd when at no point was Holly knocked out. She was still very much aware of her surrounding and as soon as she hit the canvas she attempted to get right back up but it wasn't to be. Amanda was capitalizing on it and the ref stopped it making it a TKO which is very much different than a KO which is what Ronda was when Holly foot went upside her head.

    It amazes me how it's it reported by UFC entities online as a KO when it wasn't. Now we have everyone running around inaccurately saying the same thing. It does a Injustice to the fighter when results are reported wrong. Perhaps it's done for shock appeal to amp up the viewers but it's not how it happened. Again I have nothing but respect for both these amazing fighters and because of that I'm saying this.

  6. Love that 80s synthwave sound !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5mdSLzJpDc here another good one I found.

  7. the only time a athlete loose consistency if when they stop training ..i hope Amanda keep doing her training for the next 2 years

  8. I felt like to lose to a kick by Nunes was because she was too concerned about her hands I mean how many times have Nunes won by a damn kick like never

  9. I mention this could happen in a previous comment. Truth is Holy just thrown 33 kicks to head in a row one will land, win!

  10. I was so sure that this was going to be a fixed fight, because the spread was so low when Holy should have been a 10 to 1 underdog. The only reason why she beat Rousey was timing. Any fighter in the top 25 would have beat Ronda that night. Then Holly loses to Meisha and Nunes, while Nunes becomes a bonifide number one beating everyone including both Holy & Cyborg and somehow Holy Holm is only a +300 underdog to Nunes… are you smoking crack? If fight fixing wasn't so prevalent Nunes beating Holy was such a painfully obvious bet.

    However such a good percentage of betters are hip to the fight fixing world there's reverse psychology now with betting lines. The Conor Macgregor Mayweather fight was the last fight that I remember that appeared to be such a blatant fixed fight since it was the equivalent of a ping pong champion playing tennis with the Wimbeldon champion. It was the most nonsensicle sporting event that I could ever imagine and some dumb mofos actually watched it.

  11. Nunes has just made legendary status. Holly was thinking way to much. Dam i just lost my rent money. somebody let me borrow a dollar.

  12. Holm received in the face he same kick she landed to Ronda Rousey… She tasted her own medicine. Savage!

  13. I wanted HOLLY to win but damn, Amanda is the force to be reckoned with. She head kicked Holly just like Holly did to Ronda and then it was over. Amanda is consistently upping her game. Congrats to her.

  14. Got a taste of her own fucking medicine how's it feel to have your bell rung Holme ? Bet Rousey was happy

  15. In her last fight (probably) Holly got kicked and knocked out the same way she kicked and knocked out many of her opponents.

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