NOOB vs. PRO BUILD BATTLE | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Minecraft Animation

Okay, Steve. I don’t want any cheating this time. Got it? Me, cheating? That’s doesn’t sound like anything I’d do at all Really? All right, So… the skeleton family wants a nice place to live. But they want it to be super eye-catching! Ah, they want to show it off to all their friends. Okay, I get it. All right, Alex time for round two. Ready to lose? Hah! In your dreams, Steve. Three Two One -and… Hey, you forgot to blow the whistle- Ha-ha. Slow poke! Oh come on! Okay. Come on gotta be quick. Place a few of these, and a couple of those, maybe a couple of them, and a fireplace- No, not the fireplace!! Grr, Steve’s in my head. Okay… um… a couple of those! Uh-oh. Alex has already started. What the?.. there’s something shining over there. Whoa, I’ve never seen this kind of ore before. Huh, I wonder what this button does? Huh, another one? Hehehe this gives me an idea. DONE! Hey, I just finished your house. Don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think you’re gonna love it! Want to come and see? Let me give you the tour. It’s got a couple of windows. Natural light is important- but not too much!! I know you like to stay in the shade. Added a couple of flowers to make it feel real homely. Oh! And what is a home without a few comfy beds to snooze on. What do you think? -I think you should turn around and feast your eyes on my house. But it’s just a tiny cube. That’s it! Mine has so much more room. Beds, windows, you name it. Uh-huh? That’s all well and good but uh, Alex all they said was they ‘wanted it to be the most eye-catching house’. Okay. We’ll see. Lets ask them which one they like more? Mine or yours. WOO. YEAH!! In your face, Alex. In your face. Um, Steve? You didn’t spawn those from my command block did you? What? Pfft- no way… Okay, but if you did I must warn you that those blocks disappear after a minute. They what now? Huh, I guess they liked my house after all? Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Hey, do you like the video? I’m sure you did because I’m in it. It was an amazing video. Why not subscribe and hit that bell icon? You’ll never miss when we next upload. Thanks-a-bunch!

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