Nobody can go conspiracying (?) against Chase and Fale! #njwtl

Nobody can go conspiracying (?) against Chase and Fale! #njwtl

Damn it! I will never give up.
Damn it. Hey, you saw what happened right? Hey, it’s not just because of luck
that we’ve come this far. Even against those guys, it was very close.
Almost had it. It’s good that Honma is making his comeback.
The rest of you guys, be ready! That’s all. Don’t think you’ll get away with us.
We’re not a match-up to overlook. Anything to ask me?
Anything? Hey, I’ll get each and every one of them.
All of them. We’ll kick all their asses, one by one. Anything to ask me?
I’ll do it. With Honma, we’ll do it. 2日休んで持ち直した
俺たちには休みが必要だったのさ 俺は昨日12時間も寝た
信じられないだろ? それから今日は汚職まみれのレッドシューズじゃなくて
まともなレフェリーだった あいつにいくら渡した? 俺はレフェリーを買収してない
実力で勝った これからはクリーンなファイトができる 陰謀なしだ 12時間も寝た だから俺たちが勝った それに明日は試合がないぞ よし明日は休んで
明後日また一勝上げるぞ 間違いない


  1. Thank God BC didn't lose to GBH. That would've been embarrassing. I would never wish this on any heel to lose to Makabe at all.

    OWENS & FALE = 2: 4: 4
    HONMA & Makabe = 3: 4: 6

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